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Luxi technology’s 1023 inch super high definition technology layout of the whole industry chain

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With the continuous development of vr virtual reality technology, more and more people accept and recognize this emerging technology, which is widely used in education, audio-visual entertainment, aerospace and other fields. From now on, what VR lacks is not high-end equipment, but resource integration. If there is a VR device that can integrate all the popular audio and video, games and other resources, it is difficult to think of fire. The function of Luci is to integrate movie resources and provide users with resource search, 4K movie online viewing and local video playback.

Now, the portable cinema is here.

“Portable private giant screen cinema” is a summary of many people’s experience of Luci instant. The body is small and exquisite with a strong sense of technology, so it won’t be particularly exaggerated even if it is worn in public. The biggest highlight of Luci’s first headwear glasses IMERs is its light weight and large frame, with a viewing angle of 70 degrees and a screen of 1023 inches. In order to pursue a better wearing experience, Luxi technologies designed a lighter form, the host is only 180g, and all connections and power supply are completed through mobile phones or computers.

In terms of the function of movie viewing, the movie viewing effect is not to be said. It has high definition and fine picture quality. With the 1023 inch giant screen and vr virtual scene, it really feels like watching a movie in a private cinema Home is rich in resources. Whether it is 4K online movies on Android or resource search on PC, it achieves effective resource integration and solves the problem of “having a machine but no resources to see”.

Unlike ordinary VR glasses, which have a viewing angle of more than 90 degrees, they pursue the change of viewing angle, while Luxi technologies focus more on viewing effect, pursuing clarity and image quality. Luci technology’s main responsibility is to let us enjoy our own giant screen cinema. For us to ensure the image effect at the same time to ensure high-definition image.

One of the core components of Luci instant: optical lens group, which adopts monocular 4-piece all glass lenses. After several iterations and upgrades, Luci’s engineers have been familiar with the polishing of the optical lens group, which not only reduces the weight of the lens, but also achieves a 70 ° viewing angle. As we all know, the field angle determines the field of vision of optical instruments. The larger the field angle is, the larger the field of vision will be. This is also an important reason why Luci cameras can simulate the 1023 inch giant screen. Luxi technology Luci immers is a head mounted display device without built-in operating system. It can only rely on external video transmission devices to play content. In order to ensure the quality of content, it must be wired transmission and does not support wireless connection. Luci imimers does not even have a built-in power supply. It has to be powered by external devices such as mobile phones and computers.

The minimalist black metal fuselage of Luci should be able to pierce many people. It’s exquisitely shaped and light in hand. It weighs only 180g. It’s one of the lightest head displays on the market.

As a head display device, Luci timers has a brilliant performance. In terms of industrial layout, Luci absolutely has the whole strength and ambition. As a brand-new Luci, Luci launched its head mounted display, which focuses on personal entertainment terminals, as early as 18 years ago at CES International Consumer Electronics Exhibition Immers has attracted worldwide attention. In addition, the product also has some personalized design. For example, when watching video in Luci home, users can choose the front row, back row, or middle row golden viewing mode.

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