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Make it easier to settle claims, and Thailand life insurance access to wechat payment of medical electronic invoice

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In the process of medical treatment, in the face of a large number of medical documents, have you ever encountered such problems as too many people in the billing window, waiting for a long time, forgetting to issue invoices, losing paper invoices, and having to go back and forth to the hospital many times in order to settle insurance claims?

As we all know, after the purchase of medical insurance and the production of physiological claims, the diagnosis, cases and corresponding invoice materials are needed to complete the final claim process. In the past, people had to queue up to pay and get paper invoices after they went to the hospital. With the Ministry of Finance promoting the reform of electronic invoice management of medical charges, many hospital payment windows no longer issue paper invoices, but use electronic invoices. In order to facilitate users to collect, save and transfer, wechat payment linkage hospital launched the function of “convenient collection of electronic invoice”.

In line with the trend of hospital digital upgrading and adhering to the tenet of “simplifying the claim service process and making it easier to settle claims”, Hetai life insurance recently officially launched the function of “online claim settlement with medical electronic invoice”. Users can apply for online claim settlement through the wechat app of “Hetai micro claim settlement”. When uploading the claim settlement information, they can choose to pull the issued medical electronic invoice directly from the wechat card package to realize automatic synchronization. This service can effectively shorten the claim settlement time and improve the service experience, which is also the first attempt of wechat payment medical electronic invoice in the insurance business.

At present, wechat payment has launched medical electronic invoice service in more than 1000 public hospitals in 25 provinces. Users can automatically issue and receive invoices after paying medical fees in WeChat, and can also be issued through the official account of hospitals, small programs in hospitals or scanning codes under the line, etc., and can be kept in WeChat card packages. Users can view their medical e-invoice in “wechat → mine → card package → ticket → invoice”; they can also use wechat search or drop-down search applet “wechat invoice assistant” on wechat dialog list page to view. This not only saves the cumbersome queuing of invoice, reduces the invoice loss, damage and other problems, but also connects with the insurance company’s claim settlement, and simplifies the user’s claim settlement process.

As the first insurance company to cooperate with wechat payment for medical electronic invoice, Hetai life took the lead in connecting wechat card package and online claim settlement system. As an innovative life insurance company focusing on creating Internet features, Hetai life insurance has established a full online insurance service. To play the role of one-stop service platform, Hetai life promised to complete the acceptance and approval of small claims with complete information and no more than 5000 yuan within 3 hours. In 2020, the overall settlement time of small claims cases of Hetai life insurance is one hour, and the customer service satisfaction is 99.39%. The access of Hetai life insurance to wechat medical electronic invoice function not only helps to improve the customer’s claim settlement experience, reduce the risk of cross infection of paper invoice issued on site during the epidemic period, but also further refines the improvement of online claim settlement efficiency of insurance companies.

It is believed that in the near future, with the continuous penetration of digital transformation in various industries and processes, more medical data of users can be issued, collected and reimbursed like electronic invoice. Through opening up all links from hospital treatment to commercial insurance claims, the era of “one-stop direct claims” for medical and health may not be far away.

Hotai life online claim service process:

1, click on the “WeChat service”, “the service center” to “claim settlement service”, or click the “WeChat service” official account “life insurance” to click “my service” to “claim service”, and open “official account of the claim”.

2. Online claim service, fill in the application information;

3. To upload claim materials, when uploading the “original medical expense receipt (invoice) and expense list”, you can directly click “card package acquisition” to upload the medical electronic invoice that already exists in the card package. More reading: Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries CCFA: Top 100 supermarkets in China in 2019 demand Gen: manufacturers expand digital conversion to sales and marketing report futurecar Week’s fourth China Summit on driverless and intelligent cockpit will be held in Shanghai in May. Magic mirror Market Intelligence: analysis of online frozen food market from 2019 to 2020. Huawei’s cloud business structure readjustment: Zhang Ping’an is the president of Huawei’s cloud, cancels cloud computing, BG server, storage and other businesses, and belongs to ICT product solutions| How to seize the flow of game advertisers, create popular money? Guoji data: in March 2021, the 10th robot industry conference of toudian beauty and personal care brand will open soon. Five highlights will be the first to see the financial report of jiakesi pharmaceutical: in 2020, the annual revenue will be 486 million yuan, and the R & D investment will exceed 230 million yuan. Amazon EC2 equipped with self-developed processor Amazon graviton2 X2gd is fully available. Except for hengchi 1 to complete the winter test, what did Evergrande do in 2020 when it didn’t sell a car? Evergrande Auto’s intraday decline expanded and fell by more than 13%. Looking at the title of the soft article, we can see how prosperous the new energy vehicles are. Focus on technology research and development, help inclusive education. Chen Fei, Tencent smart retail: “all in education technology”: 2021 will be the key year for building an effective private brand

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