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Office workers are used to turning on their mobile phones at noon and eating while watching variety videos. “Sister riding the wind and breaking the waves” is Yangyang’s favorite dinner video. In the program, 30 sisters break the stereotype of a thousand people being gentle and sensible, and show the charm of contemporary women’s independence and self-confidence in front of the camera.

Recently, mango TV, which created the “phenomenal” variety show by itself, launched its second season. Sister 2, which was officially launched on January 22, brought together diva, film queen and acting artists. Yangyang is also chasing sister 2. As an old user who is familiar with mango TV, she finds that this time is not the same. “From the lens to see the facial mask, cream and other daily necessities used by the ladies and sisters, if you want to buy them, they are going to search for the same money. Now they can be bought directly in the” small awn “. Yang Yang, who has just started the same lipstick for her little sister, is very satisfied with this.

Xiaomang app is a new video content e-commerce platform launched by mango TV. For young people like Yangyang, it’s a natural thing to buy the same model of stars through grass recommendation of high-quality content. According to Xie Shaoqiang, general manager of mango TV e-commerce center, if one third of mango TV’s video users are converted to e-commerce users, its scale is expected to approach the domestic first-line e-commerce platform.

Mango TV’s confidence in Xiaomang app is inseparable from the strong technical support behind the video users accumulated for many years. Through the application of Amazon cloud service (AWS) industry-leading data storage, computing, analysis and other services, Xiaomang app has built a stable, reliable and rapidly expanding big data analysis platform to fully support Xiaomang’s e-commerce operation.

Xiaomang: the second growth curve of mango in the future

On January 1, Hunan Satellite TV released Xiaomang app, the latest strategic product of mango ecology, at the new year’s concert. It mainly provides content creation and sharing based on short video and e-commerce shopping platform featured by recommending planting grass. The products cover fashion clothing, beauty personal care, leisure food, home life, fashion toys, pet products and many other categories.

Relying on the competitive advantage of long video content of Hunan Radio and television, Xiaomang e-commerce, as a major expansion and extension of its whole industry chain, has been placed with high hopes of “the second growth curve”. Lu Haibo, deputy general manager of mango TV advertising and marketing center and deputy general manager of product technology center, and his team are responsible for the technical implementation of Xiaomang e-commerce, building the first e-commerce platform of Hunan Radio and television from 0 to 1.

As Xiaomang is carrying the new growth point of mango Series in the future, the technical team attaches great importance to the business cornerstone such as the big data platform of the project. Lu Haibo decided that “Xiaomang’s core system should adhere to self research, but self research does not mean closed. On the basis of fully absorbing industry experience, it should be business driven, adopt open source controllable technology, and create an open and flexible data platform.”

Tian Kui, head of Xiaomang technology team, added, “our design concept is to take business needs as the guide, build a flexible and fast system architecture through reasonable integration of multiple open source components, improve the response efficiency of data indicators, and help business development.”

After extensive technical research and testing, Xiaomang e-commerce chose Amazon cloud service (AWS), the world’s leading cloud service provider. Xiaomang e-commerce found that AWS’s cloud service provides comprehensive support for various open source technologies. AWS cloud native hosting service has high scalability and high availability, and supports all the mainstream open source tools in the industry, which can help Xiaomang reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

AWS cloud service helps “Xiaomang” set sail

Choose AWS to make the construction of Xiaomang e-commerce big data platform busy and orderly, fast and steady. The overall process is very smooth. The project was started in September, internal test was started in October, public test was carried out in December, and it was officially launched on January 1.

The three key elements of e-commerce operation are users, goods and platforms. The construction of big data analysis platform of Xiaomang e-commerce mainly covers the following work. First, establish an overall business index system to help Xiaomang e-commerce quickly grasp the current situation of the platform. By systemizing the data of interest / search, attraction / evaluation, screening / purchase, expectation / tracking, consultation / return, loyalty / recommendation and other links, we can break the isolated island of data and analyze the differentiation of user experience, so as to make business insight into the value of various data and provide reference for Xiaomang to formulate accurate market strategies. Secondly, the platform analysis model is used to analyze the business, to assist Xiaomang e-commerce to optimize the process and explore business growth points. According to different data characteristics, such as user behavior data of client and data in operation, the user search is optimized, the automatic user portrait label is generated by machine learning, and the end-to-end data processing system is used for model training to realize personalized recommendation and improve the efficiency of consumer purchase decision-making. Finally, the real-time business data anomaly monitoring platform is established to help Xiao mang find problems in time, and monitor the system itself. According to the visual presentation of system performance and fault reports, the system fault is automatically diagnosed, predicted and avoided.

The big data platform of Xiaomang e-commerce mainly adopts Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon glacier, Amazon EMR and other computing, storage and data analysis services to form a perfect data processing infrastructure with strong scalability and optimize the cost by using hierarchical storage. These services are verified by millions of customers all over the world by AWS, with very high stability and availability, enabling Xiaomang e-commerce big data analysis platform to run without worry, and supporting the expansion of business departments.

Liu Botao, chief platform architect of Xiaomang data, said with full confidence, “the architecture design of Xiaomang data platform follows the principles of simplicity, transparency and flexibility, so that we can balance business and technology and choose the most suitable technical solution for us. Our data platform architecture based on AWS is stable and can be expanded rapidly and upgraded seamlessly to cope with complex and changeable business scenarios in the future. “

Looking back on the choice of AWS this time, Liu Botao said that Xiaomang e-commerce was deeply impressed by many aspects of AWS. Amazon EMR is designed according to the advanced concept of separation of computing and storage. Computing and storage can be expanded separately. On the basis of meeting our cost control requirements, Amazon EMR achieves excellent performance. All AWS services are well integrated with open source components, especially Amazon S3, which is the de facto standard in object storage products. Almost all open source components support the data interface of Amazon S3, so that Xiaomang e-commerce can easily integrate various open source components. In addition, Xiaomang e-commerce also uses Amazon S3’s latest and industry-leading data strong consistency function, which can reduce the waiting time for reading and writing in the data analysis process, not only improves the processing efficiency, but also saves the cost because it no longer needs the coordination of consistency view products. The highly customer-centric approach of AWS service team has also been appreciated by Xiaomang e-commerce. In the development process, Xiaomang e-commerce found a technical defect in an open source component. The AWS technical team quickly provided a solution, which made Xiaomang e-commerce technical team get twice the result with half the effort.

With the popularity of sister 2, Xiaomang e-commerce is expected to trigger a new round of “grass planting” trend with the deep implantation of variety content and the flow of artists. Xiaomang e-commerce, which comprehensively applies AWS’s leading big data analysis technology, will be busy but not chaotic, busy and orderly, busy and happy. Read more: AWS China releases financial management services to enable customers to use cloud services more cost effectively It is estimated that there will be more than 50 technical forums and more than 6000 professionals participating in the conference to create the most advanced AWS technology summit in China. BMW Group will join hands with AWS to drive the innovation of the automotive industry with data. Amazon cloud service (AWS) will officially launch two new file storage services in China, and live 40 million tom cat game family every day Build “senseless” user experience with AWS Cloud Service Star Alliance, the world’s largest aviation alliance, fully uses AWS to migrate all data, platforms and key business applications to AWS Amazon cloud service (AWS) machine learning service Amazon sagemaker makes great efforts to help Toyota Internet China’s Internet of vehicles service to be fully launched. AWS announced the launch of a new regional platform in Hong Kong At present, Amazon Athena has provided 64 zones in 21 regions of the world. Amazon Athena is officially launched in AWS China (Ningxia). AWS has released five machine learning services for industry. Amazon cloud service (AWS) and formula 1 jointly announced six new racing performance statistics in 2020 season. According to AWS, Amazon basketball quantum computing service is officially launched. AWS has released six new racing performance statistics for Amazon Apple MacOS instance of EC2 Amazon cloud service (AWS) officially launched Amazon sagemaker in Ningxia and Beijing of China

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