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Massive arithmetic mobile terminal online, insight into hot wind direction anytime and anywhere

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In the era of mobile Internet, no matter industry practitioners, content creators, or advertisers, they all feel that good ideas are short-lived and marketing hot spots are fleeting. Hot spots are closely linked with traffic, and the popularity of content may explode the influence circle at any time. In such a short video communication context, how can we achieve second level reaction to topic events, accurately understand its transmission path and law, and easily unlock the “pop code” of content hot spots without a lot of investment?

As an official open data insight platform for massive computing engine, since it was officially launched last year, massive computing has been using multiple scene coverage and accurate insight ability to help the industry accurately insight into content consumption trends and stimulate content creation value.

On March 25, a large amount of arithmetic was officially launched on the mobile terminal, and the two tools of arithmetic list and arithmetic index were opened to the public. Now just open the mobile terminal, you can carry out multi-dimensional data insight and analysis of hot people, events, film and television comprehensive content anytime and anywhere, grasp the trend of brand popularity in real time, and plan strategies.

Based on the two cores of “viewpoint + data”: mobile content trend compass launched

Content marketing is inseparable from the insight into hot events and hot creations. To achieve comprehensive insight, it now relies heavily on the volume and quality of data. Tiktok relies on the consumption scenarios such as jitter, headlines, watermelon videos, etc. These gross and active interest behaviors and marketing data of highly active users provide a strong basis for developing multi-dimensional insights.

The huge amount of arithmetic PC has created four sections, namely, insight, arithmetic report, arithmetic list and arithmetic index, which can not only output the cutting-edge insights and opinions of content trend, industry research and advertising strategy, but also effectively meet the multi-dimensional data insight needs of enterprises, marketing practitioners and creators through open data analysis tools.

Among them, activism creates an ideological leadership think tank by introducing internal and external experts and other professionals, and continuously outputs practical experience, forward-looking insights and unique insights in marketing fields such as consumers, creativity and strategy. Arithmetical report provides authoritative data research reports for the industry by introducing external partners such as data research institutions, consulting companies, universities / business schools, advertising agencies, and well-known enterprises.

The huge amount of arithmetic mobile terminal perfectly inherits the two high-quality genes of the original PC version of “viewpoint + data”, and opens up the two tools of arithmetic list and arithmetic index. On the basis of deeply restoring the rich functions of the PC version, it further expands the mobile application scenarios and breaks the space restrictions. To analyze hot tiktok and the movie’s vibrato sound propagation path, you just need to mount a huge amount of mobile version, and you can instantly finish your fingertips. The dynamic and arithmetic reports are also under construction.

Arithmetic index, real-time insight into the latest heat trend

“Heat” has become an important dimension to measure brand and content influence. How can we quickly query the trend of brand or content keywords in the tiktok / headlines today, and see the trend and the underlying reasons? The core function of arithmetical index is to understand the heat trend and the content and population behind the trend.

In tiktok mobile terminals, the arithmetic index will dynamically show the real-time hot spots and soaring hot spots. Tiktok can master the jitter hotspots for the first time and analyze the hot spots in the first place, including the recent trend of hot spots, the hot short videos and the hot spots, the crowd portrait of hot spots, the trend of the hot spots and the reasons behind them, so that the once hot spot has become more and more popular. There is evidence to rely on.

Arithmetical index can also be used to search the heat trend of hot words and hot spots. Just input keywords, arithmetical index can simplify the complex and abstract data information into a visual chart, showing the comprehensive voice change trend of this hot word, providing important data reference for the voice status of marketing activities on the platform.

In addition, the arithmetic index also supports the correlation analysis of the multi tiktok hot words index, such as jitter and headlines. While grasping the heat trend of keywords, it can also dig out more related information at high frequency and the trend of heat changes in these high related contents, so that the “hot pursuit” can be extended from “point” to “face”, and no potential of a burst point will be missed. Shares “.

Through in-depth insight of users who have watched and interacted with hot content, arithmetic index can clearly depict the user portraits of relevant content consumer groups, and help brand layout make more targeted content marketing decisions.

Arithmetic list, dynamic inventory, multidimensional data ranking

At present, the arithmetic list has two major lists, namely “brand” and “film and television comprehensive”. Based on the content volume and user interaction data of brands, various content categories and talents on the content platform, the comprehensive influence of them on the content platform is measured, so as to provide an objective and fair ranking reference for the industry.

Tiktok brand lists the 9 industry index ranking of automobiles, mobile phone, beauty, luxury, food and beverage, household appliances, clothing, shoes and hats, mother and baby, and daily chemicals, and reflects the competition status of the brand in the industry. Through the comparative analysis of the thermal properties of the products, competing products in the shaking or headline platforms, it guides the brand to make reasonable marketing layout.

With the tiktok content of the movie, the TV industry and the popularity of the show can be seen in the movie and TV show. The marketing practitioners can also query the master list’s influence on the account number, video frequency, video topic volume and search volume in the time span, and at any time, make the data to see the “chase the opera”.

Data insight should be comprehensive and “on call”. With the advantages of multiple functions and convenient and flexible use, the massive arithmetic mobile terminal becomes the “staff officer” on your hand.

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