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In the past 2020, affected by the market changes, the digital marketing industry is in a new node of change. On the one hand, the general trend of digital operation, enterprises comprehensively promote the digital transformation, strengthen the layout and investment of digital marketing, and tap new opportunities for business growth; on the other hand, the digital marketing environment is accelerating change, “short video + live” has become a new growth point, and the quality of advertising is increasing Creative short video, e-commerce marketing, live with goods and other new marketing models emerge in endlessly. In the face of the dramatic changes in the new ecology of digital marketing, the industry’s demand for professional marketing talents is growing, and the ability of talents also has new requirements. As a one-stop digital marketing training and certification platform of giant engine, giant university has been committed to providing marketing professionals for the industry and boosting business growth with knowledge.

Talking about the development trend of marketing industry to help enterprises build compound talents

According to statistics, there are 900 million Chinese Internet users, including 700 million short video users and 500 million live broadcast users. With the rapid growth of short video live broadcast users, advertisers and agents quickly join in the wave. The tiktok enterprise has a tiktok number of 5 million, and the 1 million 200 thousand enterprise number is on the pitch, which has increased by 400% over the end of 2019. So, short video has become an important position in brand marketing. However, the fast changing audience preferences and the constantly upgrading creative play have diversified the demand for short video creativity, content operation, live broadcast and product efficiency, and also will be short for the agents. The demand and standard of frequency marketing talents have been pushed to a new height, and excellent short video creative talents have become scarce resources.

Under the trend, promoting marketing knowledge popularization and talent training has become an important topic for the development of the industry. Based on this, huge universities join hands with huge tiktok agents and universities to establish the first talent alliance of marketing industry, the digital marketing alliance, which is in the synergy of product quality, content marketing, short video creation and voice business. To cultivate digital marketing talents. In the first stage, juchuang alliance has completed directional training for six agents, covering a total of 550 people. The average completion rate of online self-learning is as high as 93%. At the same time, the preliminary exploration has also caused extensive heated discussion in the industry, and consultation and cooperation have come one after another. Under the high degree of discussion, the total exposure of the first stage of communication has exceeded 39.6 million. Based on the common pain points, the new mode of large amount of University talent co cultivation is gradually running through in the industry verification.

The whole link organizational growth system promotes the growth of talent ecology

With the rapid development of the industry, it has become a consensus to build a learning organization. Enterprises need to comprehensively change from cognition to action, establish a more forward-looking knowledge system, and cultivate more complex marketing talents, so as to have a better foothold in the market. The juchuang alliance of jujujue university provides growth empowerment plan for enterprises, which can open up the whole link from front-line employees, middle and grass-roots managers to senior managers. For agents in each stage of the growth of massive ecological business, massive university provides different training solutions, such as live special training camp, open class, study tour, offline co creation, etc., to meet the knowledge demands of the organization, build a high-speed hub of organizational talents with a full link organizational growth system, and help long-term business growth. At the same time, “juchuang alliance” of a large number of universities also provides agents with the rights and interests of University Enterprise Co Creation Association, and “industry university research” innovation cooperation not only provides effective methods for agent personnel training and reserve, but also maximizes the gap between university students’ ability and market demand, solves the problem of university employment to a certain extent, and achieves the goal of matching enterprise talent demand with university talent employment Win win situation, commercial value and social benefits are highly unified.

Write in the end: when the digital marketing ecological changes are in progress, only keep learning all the time and have insight into the changes can we cope with the great changes of the times. Jujue university is also accelerating the launch of innovative projects, cooperating with all parties in the industry, aiming at knowledge sharing, and striving to explore a new mode of talent co cultivation with sustainable circulation, which will promote the successful experience of precipitation to more ecological roles, promote the construction of marketing talent system, realize the symbiosis and win-win of partners, and provide sustainable energy for the overall development of the industry. Read more: Li Kaifu: 7 kinds of talents needed by modern enterprises University: how to increase the volume of information flow competitive advertising? Operation improvement Part 3: research results of China’s marketing industry trend in 2014 DMA: the impact of coronavirus on data and marketing industry in May 2020 CCFA: in 2019, products such as colloidal gold detection kit and infrared thermometer of new coronavirus antibody of top 100 Lepu medical supermarket in China have been supplied to demand Gen in several ten countries : manufacturers expand digital conversion to sales and marketing reports qixinbao of Hehe information has passed the “trusted cloud” enterprise SaaS service evaluation certification. Zhongke cloud Valley joins hands with Amazon cloud service (AWS) Layout of global industrial Internet platform paituo network Yang Jiehong: how to view the development of network security channel in 2021 top level planning to operation of smart city Unfair competition wins the lawsuit “: Tencent music has settled with BiliBili, and Tencent music announced that it will acquire 100% equity of louren Tingshu for 2.7 billion yuan, and the latter will maintain its independent operation

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