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New search index function for massive arithmetic, accurately grasp the direction of users’ active attention to content

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When content marketing becomes an important way for brands to communicate and connect with users, how to grasp the hot trend in real time in the context of content? How to get a more accurate insight into users’ attention to content?

With the development of users’ behavior habit of “looking while searching”, the precise guiding role of search in the content ecology began to highlight. The trend of users’ search behavior on the content platform not only reflects the change of users’ attention to the content, but also affects the real measurement of the marketing effect of search advertising and content planting.

In order to better help individuals or brands to analyze tiktok hot spots, key events development trends and brand heat contrast, a huge amount of arithmetic adds a brand new search index module based on the original function of arithmetic index. From the “comprehensive index” which reflects the overall content popularity to the “search index” analysis which reflects the user’s active search content popularity, it helps the data analysis to be more detailed and further broaden the perspective of insight.

New online search index function

Focus tracking active attention behavior

In the mobile scene, good-looking and interesting multiple content can always arouse people’s desire for active search. In the jitter and headlines today, search has a high frequency of use. People can search for relevant content in the search column tiktok, and search for content through “guess you want to search” or “real-time hot list”. Expand the interest content. The new search index module focuses on the trend of the heat change of this series of behaviors.

When users use tiktok index to find specific event keywords, they will not only present the composite index composed of relevant internal capacity, user search, viewing, comment, etc., but also present an independent search index curve below. In contrast, the composite index is more inclined to reflect the overall volume and popularity of events in the whole network to a certain extent, while the search index can better reflect the audience’s active attention to events.

Combined with hot word association analysis, search index can be used to explore the important “push hand” behind the hot events that people pay attention to. By closely following the hot content, it can guide the creation of relevant content, and maximize the communication impact and content marketing value.

Multidimensional comparative analysis of hot word data

Create a content search vane

If the search index can present the most popular aspect of an event or content, combined with other data insight functions of arithmetical index and arithmetical list, it can more completely show the hot development trend of events and content, and more clearly interpret the reasons behind its voice changes.

For example, in the second season of “the voice of heaven”, the song “gale blow”, which was sung by Wang Heye and Liu Xijun on the stage, has conquered countless netizens with its retro melody and style, which has led to a surge in ratings of the current program. At the same time, the two lead singers have become the focus of popularity in the spotlight. It’s not difficult to see from the arithmetical index variety index list that after the current program was broadcast, “voice of heaven” successfully topped the list in the second season.

Because the tiktok tiktok is the highest in the second quarter of the season when it broadcasts, it proves that the variety itself has strong content influence. But by capturing the trembling index of Wang Heye and Liu Xijun in the first stage, it can be seen that a strong wind blowing in the blaze and fire has successfully promoted the two tiktok’s heat rapidly rising, and compared with the synthetic sound of shaking. The active behavior of users is more focused on the stars, and the search index of “Liu Xijun” is higher.

If we only look at the composite index, it is difficult to find out people’s preference for a star or singer behind the hot content or event. At this time, the search index can make up for the “small details” in the “big event”, so as to attribute the important factors that constitute the content volume, and guide the creators to make more targeted content that fans like.

Search is one of the expression carriers of user’s initiative and demand, and it is an important way to measure user’s demand. Through the expansion of search index ability, massive arithmetic can provide users and industries with more rich dimensional data reference, and solve users’ more subdivided content insight needs. As a high-frequency demand naturally generated by user groups when browsing content on the platform, search behavior reflects their more specific content preferences. Search index can also play an important role as a content weathervane for the measurement demand of marketing level such as search advertising and star map talent grass planting. It is believed that with the continuous improvement and strengthening of its own functions, juliangsuan will become a powerful assistant for people’s data insight, helping users, talents and brands to keep up with the popular content and easily grasp the hot trend. Read more: the annual inventory of “the voice of the big trend” of the giant arithmetic: 30 discoveries show you the big trend of 2021, the giant arithmetic mobile terminal goes online, Insight into hot spots and wind directions at any time & New Weekly: 2020 top ten new consumers huge engine: 2020 new middle class consumption and media behavior trend report huge calculation: June 2019 user portrait of Pipi shrimp (with download) huge calculation: 2021 number of cities Changsha (with download) huge calculation: 2021 automobile live Broadcast Industry Research Report (with download) huge calculation: 2020 City food index report (download attached) huge amount calculation: Top 10 new consumption opportunities in 2020 huge amount calculation: consumption and media behavior trend report of new middle class in 2020 (download attached) white paper of 2020 huge amount engine maternal and infant industry 19 years 11.11 tiktok find the festival panoramic data insight report (download) huge amount of calculation: 2019 Android brand main product series replacement retention rate TOP 10

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