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The 14th China International Battery Technology Exchange / Exhibition (cibf2020), sponsored by China chemical and physical power industry association, was originally planned to be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from May 25 to 27, 2020. Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading all over the world. In order to maximize the protection of exhibitors, spectators and partners’ health and safety, and ensure the exhibitors’ exhibiting effects at home and abroad, we carefully announce that the fourteenth China International Pool Technology Exchange / exhibition is postponed to -21 March 19, 2021 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is referred to as cibf2021. Cibf2021 exhibition location, exhibitor’s booth number and area, and advertising space reserved will remain unchanged. At the same time: the 5th China energy storage technology and Application Exhibition and the 3rd China Mobile Power Supply Exhibition.

Cibf2021 has an exhibition area of 99000 square meters, 5000 + booths and 1380 + exhibitors. Cibf2021 exhibition will focus on the global power battery, energy storage battery, 3C battery, various battery materials, manufacturing equipment, power and energy storage system solutions, especially the series of achievements of China in the field of power battery and new energy energy storage for various passenger cars, new energy buses and logistics vehicles in recent two years. Cibf2021 technology exchange conference will continue to focus on “power battery and energy storage battery”, focusing on the latest development of power battery, energy storage battery and various materials. It is expected that 1500 + people will attend the conference.

Cibf2021 will provide a platform for domestic and foreign users, purchasers and dealers to display and trade with its international stage, products of the whole industry chain of battery industry, professional audience groups and diversified display means, and once again become a Chinese grand event of the world battery industry.

In 2020, Europe will start to assess the full life cycle carbon emission policy. Countries have made clear the timetable for banning the sale of fuel vehicles one after another. Major car companies have made clear the transformation of electric vehicles and released competitive models. Many countries have decided to extend subsidies. Driven by these factors, the sales of electric vehicles in Europe continue to surge, reaching 881000 from January to October, a 2.1-fold increase over the same period, surpassing China and becoming the world’s largest market.

Facing the huge market space in Europe, Chinese, Japanese and Korean battery companies are building large battery factories in Europe to compete for the growing European market. More and more Chinese lithium battery materials enterprises are going out to Europe to build production bases and provide local customers with nearby supporting services.

What kind of problems will enterprises face under the policy framework of assessing life cycle carbon emissions in Europe? How to plan human resources? How to design the factory efficiently? What are the policy supports? What are the market trends?

The “China International Battery Industry Cooperation summit” will be held in Shenzhen from March 19 to 20, 2021, with the theme of “integrating the European market, focusing on the new carbon emission regulations”. Through the analysis and comparison of policies and regulations in Europe, the planning of human resources, the optimization of plant design and the explanation of the current situation and trend of the new energy vehicle market, the battery industry chain will be better integrated with the local life in Europe Develop business quickly and healthily according to the market environment.

1、 Meeting basic information

Conference name: China International Battery Industry Cooperation Summit

Theme of the conference: “integrating European market, focusing on new carbon emission regulations”

Meeting time: March 19-20, 2021

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China


China chemical and physical power industry association


Shanghai Maishi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

Support unit: (to be invited)

European Association of automobile manufacturers (ACEA)

German automobile industry association (VDA)

Polish investment and Trade Office in China

German federal agency for foreign trade and investment

Business investment office, Consulate General of Shanghai, France

German Federation of machinery and equipment manufacturers

Cooperative media: (to be invited)

2、 Conference features

Opening for the first time

China EU battery manufacturing and application dialogue platform

Focus on new life cycle carbon emission regulations

Seek the optimal solution of traceability and control

300 + industry representatives

Conference focusing on international cooperation in battery industry

20 + celebrities

Interpret the market of Frontier policies and regulations for you

500 square meters exhibition area

Show you the new materials, new products and new trends of batteries

Continuous exposure of Europe

European market oriented communication continued to be exposed before, during and after the conference

10 + closed door meeting

In depth discussion and accurate docking

3、 Hot topic

Market analysis of power battery application in Europe

Interpretation of the impact of the new European battery regulations on the battery industry

Construction planning of European factories

The important role of human resource management in the construction of factories in Europe

Battery recycling is an important way to reduce carbon emissions in Europe

How to collect data and model in battery recycling in Europe

Consideration on the differences of battery recycling business models between China and Europe

4、 Setting the agenda

5、 Participating enterprises (to be invited)

Volkswagen, PSA, Weilai automobile, Xiaopeng automobile, Aichi automobile, BYD automobile, SAIC Datong, Yutong Bus, Jinlong bus, Zhongtong bus, Futian bus, Ankai bus, lkab, Ningde times, Funeng technology, Carnegie new energy, menguli power, Weihong power, Yuanjing AESC, Fengfan company, Wanxiang 123, dofluoro, Jiewei power, GuoXuan high tech, Yiyi Weili energy, Penghui energy, Xingheng power, beehive energy, dangsheng technology, mingguan new material, rongbai technology, Kunlun Chemical, Tianci materials, Xiangtan electrochemical, Suzhou Liden, greenbeauty, Huayou cobalt, new zeubon, Enjie, Meidu Haichuang, AOZHONG electronics, Xiangtan electrochemical, BAMO technology, Mingji materials, Fujian Shanshan, Siemens, Pioneer intelligence, Yinghe technology Jiyang intelligent, Hongbao Technology

6、 Notice for registration

Conference registration fee: 3000 yuan / person

The registered representative shall have the following rights:

1. Materials and attendance cards provided by the meeting;

2. Drinks and snacks provided during the meeting break;

3. Two day buffet lunch provided by the conference;

4. Participate in the conference discussion and activities organized by the conference;

5. Some reports or summaries after the meeting.

The cost includes the cost of attending the meeting, meeting materials, etc., but does not include the cost of accommodation and transportation. Please take care of the accommodation and transportation by yourself.

Please bring your business card with you when you check in. After you sign in, you can get your attendance card and conference materials. Please bring your attendance card with you during the conference and activities.

7、 Conference sponsorship

In order to jointly hold this conference, enterprises, scientific research institutes, especially large battery / material enterprises, equipment / instrument and peripheral service enterprises are welcome to participate in this conference.

Please contact the Organizing Committee for specific matters such as summit sponsorship, advertisement in the journal and advertisement on the exhibition board.

8、 Contact information of organizing committee

1. Registration

Contact person: Yu Jimin

E-mail:yujimin o [email protected]

Tel: 022-239595313920991365

China chemical and physical power industry association

Contact person: Li Jiao

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. + 86-21-60900354

Shanghai Maishi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

2. Conference sponsorship

Contact person: Cheng Liwen

E-mail [email protected]

Tel: 022-2395926915922250061

China chemical and physical power industry association

Contact person: Shi Jingjie

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel. + 86-21-60908312

Shanghai Maishi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

China chemical and physical power industry association

January 12, 2020

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