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Oppo marketing releases 2021 marketing plan

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Since 1970, marketing has changed from mass media era to mobile era, and advertisers’ understanding of users has become more accurate. Now, with the rapid development of 5g technology, when a variety of intelligent devices can interact and get through, IOT will become a very important contact. Marketing ushers in the era of integration, and advertisers’ understanding of users will be more comprehensive and profound.

The advent of the era of integrated marketing is accompanied by two core trends: first, the terminal media represented by oppo has been on the digital media ecological map, which has attracted more and more attention from the industry; second, since 2017, advertisers have continued to increase their marketing budget on the terminal media, which means that the terminal media is becoming a new traffic entrance of considerable scale. In this context, oppo marketing released “2021 oppo marketing general case” for the first time, which reinterprets the core marketing value of terminal media in the era of integration, and delivers the platform’s understanding of users and integrated marketing methods, so as to help advertisers understand the marketing secrets of the new era and boost the efficient growth of business value.

1、 New advantages of terminal media in the era of industry convergence

Why does terminal media have great potential? According to the survey data of Ming Lue science and technology, the number of users using individual apps is gradually increasing, and the duration is shorter, and 49% of users install apps for less than half a year, which means that the audience’s catalyst behavior is more fragmented, and the relationship between the audience and individual apps is becoming shallow. The terminal media from the underlying hardware to the upper application can get through the marketing resources and complete the deeper user communication. So as to bring a closer way of user touch for the brand.

In addition, the survey also shows that the overall length of time users use mobile phones is increasing year by year, and the user replacement cycle is longer: smart phones average 2.4 years, smart TV about 5-8 years. The extended meaning behind this is that the relationship between users and terminal devices is deeper and more stable, and can provide stable business value for the brand through more extended links.

2、 Oppo builds unique media resources of integrated marketing services to connect brands with hundreds of millions of users

As one of the terminal media, oppo has long been committed to providing the ultimate user experience for global users and fully meeting their comprehensive needs for life, entertainment, work and study by building a matrix ecosystem of software and hardware integration.

Relying on the comprehensive and powerful diversified ecology, oppo marketing, as a media platform, provides unique integrated marketing solutions for all customers through the integration ability of multi terminal and multi scene. From traffic supply, to media resources, and then to marketing services, oppo marketing builds a comprehensive commercial link to help customers achieve rapid growth of commercial value.

At the flow level, with the continuous rise of shipment volume, the share of stock users is expanding, which has laid a very strong foundation for the brand to reach more users and complete the business growth.

At the resource level, oppo Marketing covers online, offline and alliance quality media. Among them, the global monthly activities of coloros have reached nearly 400 million, the average daily requests of the alliance have exceeded 4 billion, and the global stores of oppo have exceeded 400000. Oppo marketing can meet the business growth needs of different customers in different fields. (for full resource introduction, please scan the QR code at the end of the article to download the full version of the marketing plan)

The combination of resources and services can maximize the commercial value. Oppo marketing is committed to building a consulting service relationship with advertisers, iterating and optimizing from five aspects of operation, product technology, audit, support and empowerment, so as to provide the most intimate and ultimate marketing service experience.

3、 Fast integrated marketing methodology: blessing and unlocking full link integrated growth means

In the era of integration, the core marketing demands of advertisers will focus on four dimensions

How to find target users? How to communicate? How to improve the efficiency of commercial cash flow? How to cultivate customer loyalty? The essence of these problems all point to the four key words of positioning, access, transformation and operation. Based on the understanding of the new era and the in-depth thinking of advertisers’ demands, oppo marketing puts forward the fast integrated marketing methodology. Under the trend of peak traffic and more intense fluctuation of user behavior, based on the unique ability of the terminal, it helps advertisers find the best path for business growth and boost the overall leap of business value.

The first step of the scene resources, seize the user’s attention, let the information transmission without delay

Oppo has the ability to wake up users first. Through the multi lock screen, information screen, open screen and other users to light up the screen, the 0 screen can reach the users first and help the brand establish the connection. At the same time, through the terminal native services, including smart SMS, calls, weather and other first communication scenarios, to create the first heart moment of the brand.

The data engine of the system layer breaks the fault between apps and accurately positions the brand

Oppo marketing has unique system bottom ability, which deeply understands users’ cross app behavior intention, and provides scene decision algorithm and tools based on the understanding of users, so as to help advertisers make more intelligent marketing decisions. At the same time, in the whole link launch process, all marketing data and assets will further play their value through aarc model to provide efficient operation and maintenance guidance for re marketing.

Stable transformation ability, continuous manufacturing brand influence, conveying user value

Improving the double effect of transformation and mining the user value is an indispensable part of realizing the marketing goal. Through the construction of full scene resources and native content ecological matrix, it helps to influence users stably and continuously, and provides the basis for obtaining marketing value. In addition, oppo marketing also creates a value transformation center to promote the two-way coordination of brand and effect from two levels of magnitude guarantee and effect guarantee.

Terminal unique operation strategy, build private closed loop, break through the ceiling of business growth

User data and understanding are important assets of a brand. In the oppo terminal ecosystem, a large number of users communicate and rely on intelligent devices and media, forming a diverse and rich relationship network. Oppo marketing helps the brand understand and operate users, complete the precipitation of private domain traffic, establish a companion relationship with users, and achieve long-term growth of the brand by attracting users’ attention, accumulating users’ assets in the one-stop account service system o enterprise number, storing loyal fans for the brand, and continuously providing transformation services such as native message channel, intelligent SMS and fast application.

4、 Customized marketing solutions release brand value

The marketing pain points and demands of different industries are very diverse and subdivided. From insight into the pain points, to user positioning, and then to value amplification to promote transformation, oppo marketing constructs marketing solutions for different industries, helping customers optimize marketing links, continuously precipitate brand assets, and complete the marketing closed loop from water storage, transformation to operation.

Integrating resources, methods, values and services, oppo marketing is committed to building a new blue ocean of business growth for advertisers through integrated marketing services in the second half of digital marketing. It continues to tap unique marketing opportunities based on the terminal by connecting user value, so as to help marketing enter a new field of value growth in the future of constantly changing technology.

Scan the QR code below to obtain the “2021 oppo marketing case”

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