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Recently, Xiaobu assistant 2.0 was officially launched, and achieved significant upgrading in the whole scene ecosystem, smart education aggregation and multi-dimensional emotional connection. At the same time, oppo officially changed the name of “breeno voice” to “Xiaobu assistant” when the 2.0 version was launched. It is reported that Xiaobu assistant will continue to maintain the functions and data of the original application after the name change, so as to bring a more coherent and humanized experience to the majority of oppo users.

Full scene ecosystem

More efficient function: personalized empowerment to meet the needs of the scene

Through the intelligent collaboration of the whole scene, the small cloth assistant can bring the flexible response and execution ability of multi device and cross scene for users. Kwai Bu assistant city supports tiktok limited information enquiries in travel, and supports the lottery ticket results in life, and related search of constellation, constellation, constellation, lucky fortune and so on. In entertainment and entertainment, direct entertainment to short entertainments (fast hand, jitter) and live entertainment (tiger teeth, fighting fish) and other APP heads of entertainment has become the first one. Voice assistant to achieve the above capabilities. Not only that, it also supports listening to songs and recognizing music, so that beautiful music will not be missed.

Wisdom education convergence

Dialogue more freely: intelligent upgrading and knowledge integration

Xiaobu assistant is also a good assistant of intelligent learning, which can meet the needs of users to acquire various knowledge. When searching idiom knowledge, Xiaobu assistant is not only an interpreter, but also can accurately find out the corresponding pinyin, synonym, antonym, sentence making and other more comprehensive knowledge. At the same time, it also supports the answer to some educational questions, such as what are the three primary colors of light, what is the leverage principle, etc., so that users can get to the knowledge treasure house with one click without tedious search steps.

Multi dimensional emotional connection

Wake up to understand you better: emotional interaction, interpretation of interesting and intimate

With more accurate semantic analysis, Xiaobu assistant can easily realize emotional interaction and become a close friend who understands users better. It can realize interactive communication with users in appropriate scenarios and conduct skill recommendation, guidance and implementation. For example, when you say “Happy New Year”, the assistant will reply, “Happy New Year! What do you want?” When you say the wish, it will continue to reply, “I heard that seeing fireworks will make your wish come true. I wish you a happy day!” And light up the special effects of fireworks.

Opening ability improvement of cloth assistant

IOT ecological layout

With the development of AI, 5g and other technologies, the form of intelligent hardware will be more abundant in the future. As the most important voice interaction center in oppo IOT ecology, Xiaobu assistant has gradually formed its own IOT ecology, realizing the connection from single mobile terminal to multi scene intelligent terminal. At present, it has covered 19 smart home devices. In the future, Xiaobu assistant will continue to work with many developers / partners to build voice IOT ecology.

For developers, Xiaobu assistant provides a voice skill platform of “one-time development, multi terminal touch”. Developers only need to check the device types to be supported during skill development, and then they can automatically synchronize the developed skills to different IOT devices. This kind of more perfect and mature one-stop access service will greatly reduce the service access time of developers and improve the service distribution efficiency.

Taking “the most beautiful weather” as an example, after developers access one-stop service, oppo users can use “most beautiful weather” applications on mobile phones, watches, TV and other devices through the small cloth assistant, which greatly improves the development efficiency. In the future, Xiaobu assistant will constantly improve its own technology upgrading and provide more abundant voice skills. Developers will also bring more considerable service transformation for their own applications by virtue of their strong voice interaction support.

As of press release, the 2nd anniversary birthday party of Xiao Bu’s assistant is in full swing. The birthday party includes the cultivation plan of Xiaobu, the activity of making a list of cultural relics, and the theme of returning to H5 from the winter solstice to the end of spring. Now participate in the birthday party (participation range: Xiaobu assistant client version 5.12.0 to 6.0.0 or above 7.3.0), and also have the opportunity to win oppo smart TV R1 55 inch, oppo watch ECG version smart watch, Kindle and other rich prizes. Read more: CCFA: China’s top 100 supermarket demand Gen: manufacturers expand digital conversion to sales and marketing report Sano 2017 report Releases Smart wearable device experience upgrade Apple leads wearable devices into mobile telemedicine six years later, the decisive battle may be in India Heart rate identification vs fingerprint identification, which one is stronger? Traditional TV stations are gradually marginalizing the future of digital medicine: can mobile phones become your doctor? Top 10 technology products that disappeared in 2014 wearable devices have the opportunity to integrate into 6 major industries The future is very prosperous. The annual salary of CEO is hundreds of times higher than that of employees. Do they play such a big role? How can Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and Li Ning grow across the S-shaped curve

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