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The trade desk, the world’s leading advertising technology company ™ NASDAQ: TTD announced the appointment of Benson Ho as senior vice president of North Asia on January 21. He will report to Tim Sims, chief revenue officer of Cuiyi, and be responsible for Cuiyi’s operation and growth strategy in North Asia, which covers Greater China, South Korea and Japan.

Benson ho

Benson has extensive leadership experience in Asian media. He used to be the chief data strategy officer of Tencent marketing solution, and Tencent was also one of the early important traffic partners of Cuiyi in China. Prior to that, Benson was the chief consultant and process expert of amnet, the global program buying platform of Dentsu aegis network. He has also held executive positions at sizmek, GroupM and Digitas, advertising platforms.

“Asia is one of the key strategic markets for cuiqi,” said Tim Sims, chief revenue officer of cuiqi. We believe that Benson’s participation will accelerate our growth in this region. Benson’s extensive experience and expertise in data driven advertising, as well as working with key partners and advertisers, will bring us valuable value in the Asian market. I’m looking forward to working with Benson to push cuiqi to the next stage of growth in Asia. “

“I’m very happy to be a part of Cuiyi and contribute to the company’s further growth in North Asia,” Benson said. At the turning point of the advertising industry, it is an excellent time for advertisers to learn from global best practices and establish contact with consumers through new ways of localization. I am very excited to join the team to provide unique solutions and professional services for global advertisers at this time. In recent years, the demand of local enterprises for going to sea business has begun to grow. With the advantage of accurately launching the track, cuiqi will continue to help local advertisers achieve the goal of going to sea and accurately reach overseas audiences. “

About Cui Yi

The trade desk ™) Is an advertising technology company that provides the buyer with Omni channel program advertising purchase service. Through the self-service cloud platform of Cuiyi, advertising buyers can establish, manage and optimize various forms and terminals of digital advertising activities. The platform of cuiqi combines the main data, traffic resources and media resources to ensure the maximum coverage and decision-making ability. At the same time, Cuiyi’s platform can support customized function development through enterprise API. Headquartered in Ventura, California, USA, Cuiyi has offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more details, please visit the official website of Cuiyi China Or pay attention to WeChat official account (ID:thetradedesk_) cn)。

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