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Good evening, friends!

Thank you for coming to the open class, let me feel this is a face-to-face communication, rather than a person face-to-face live screen.

2020 is not an easy year for many people. Including our open class, also changed to online. Although in an open class a few years ago, I said that open class should be online, with the highest efficiency, I didn’t expect that today it was forced to do so because of the epidemic.

At this time last year, we didn’t expect that this time, we have already broadcast live through the video number.

Because of the epidemic, many companies’ annual meetings have been changed to online, so at this time, my colleagues are trying to add a capability to the live broadcast of video number, that is, only the people on the white list can enter the live broadcast room to live in the enterprise, hoping to give some help to the enterprises that need to hold the annual meeting online. Looking back ten years ago, I just wanted to have a communication tool suitable for me. So we started the first version of wechat. But I never thought that wechat would be like this in ten years. In this regard, I feel very lucky. I think I must be the one chosen by God, because I can’t do it by personal efforts alone.

Let me share a set of data, to this day, every day——

1.09 billion users opened wechat and 330 million users made video calls;

780 million users entered the circle of friends and 120 million users published the circle of friends;

360 million users read official account articles, 400 million users use applets.

There are many more, including wechat payment, enterprise wechat, wechat reading, search and so on. For example, wechat payment, just like your previous wallet, has become a daily necessities. And wechat has really become “a way of life.”.

Today is an open class, and there should be many creators involved. So here, I thank all creators of WeChat platform, the creator of official account, the small program, and the video number. Because of your creation, the ecology of wechat is full of vitality. As you know, the video number has changed a lot this year. Here also want to share some ideas about video number.

The origin of video Number

Maybe in 2017, I told the official account that official account is only suitable for a few people to write long articles, but most people can not write articles. We should add a “non circle of friends” below the circle of friends. We can only send short articles or photos and videos. But then it was over. It was really a big project. Because the official account system may be completely different, it’s a new system that is more complex than the public number.

With the passage of time, video expression has become a habit of ordinary people. Take a look at some data. In the past five years, the number of video messages sent by users every day has increased 33 times, and the number of videos published in the circle of friends has increased 10 times. At this time, when we think about short content, we will think that we should not do it based on short words, but based on video content.

Video expression should be a theme in the content field in the next decade. Although we don’t know whether words or videos represent the progress of human civilization, in terms of personal expression and consumption, the era is moving towards video expression.

So in 2019, we organized a very small team to start the development of video number.

We didn’t ask the company what resources we wanted to do. We didn’t even have a meeting in the company to set up a project, so we did it quietly. I think it’s a wechat style. Basically, wechat is about setting up a small team instead of a large-scale Corps.

And I said, if we want to do it, we must make it bigger. This is not the task given by the company, because completing the task is boring, and it will deform. It should be said that we should give ourselves some challenging goals, otherwise the work will be boring.

What’s the video number?

Video number is a short content platform that everyone can create. Therefore, it is a content platform in the open field, so it can’t be created based on wechat.

So the first problem is that you need a new ID (identity). For a long time, the biggest value of wechat is everyone’s wechat ID. For example, wechat payment can be very smooth, because the wallet follows the personal ID, which is very natural. Just like you can withdraw money with only your ID card now. But the ID is in the communication and social fields, so it’s private. Therefore, wechat users can not speak to non friends publicly. Even if you have a comment, no one else can contact you. This is certainly not a problem for the social sector. But for the public domain, a new identity is needed. In fact, it is very challenging to assume two identities in one product.

And this new ID must be particularly convenient, so as not to encounter identity conflicts in various scenarios. So if it is not handled well, dual ID will make the system very complicated. For example, you need to choose which ID to comment on. But this ID is of great significance. Once we step out of this step, it means that wechat is no longer limited to the social field, but enters the field of public information.

Therefore, the meaning of video number is not so much video as “number”. Because having a public number means that everyone has a public voice identity.

For example, live broadcast is very smooth in the video number. Before the video number, we can’t do live broadcasting. At most, we can do live broadcasting within the group, which still belongs to the category of group communication. But with the ID of video number, everyone can quickly open their own live broadcast. Here, ID is the cornerstone. It can carry video content, live broadcast and small programs.

I remember that there was a plan at that time, each person who entered the video number should create a video number ID, and use this ID to browse and comment on the content. I’m not right. Visitors should have wechat identity instead of forcing everyone to open a new identity to read and comment. Fortunately, I chose such a path at that time, otherwise there would be no subsequent social recommendation system. In fact, product iteration is composed of countless such choices. Another important significance of ID is for institutions.

We all know that in the PC era, every organization has an official website. In fact, wechat has been looking for an alternative to the “official website” in the PC era. When we are public numbers, we hope that the official account is an official account of an institution, such as an enterprise. When we do small programs, we hope that small programs are official websites. Now, we want the video number to be the official website of each organization. This is reasonable. The official website needs to evolve. Therefore, the future video number will undertake a lot of service content of an organization, not limited to video. For example, the service of an enterprise can be displayed under the video number by means of a small program.

So I joked that if one day we can see the QR code of the advertiser’s video number under every billboard, it means that the video number has become the official website we want.

In fact, the first version only built such an ID system. Similar to the official account, but much lower than the official account threshold, ordinary WeChat users can instantly open it.

In terms of content performance, it’s just a simple information flow, mixed with the following content, friends’ anonymous like content, and system recommended content.

But the effect is not good. Because it is grayscale, the amount is not large, so it can not attract a large number of creators to contribute content, so the recommended content is also general.

But even so, we still hope that the quality of the recommendation can be improved. We set up three teams to do recommendation algorithm, each team has more than ten engineers. We hope to find the optimal solution by different methods. It should be said that our precipitation in the field of algorithms should still be very deep. Behind souyisou is a search technology team of hundreds of engineers. At the same time, our own speech recognition and machine translation are all of the first-class standards in China. By the way, it has been said that our speech recognition uses third-party technology. In fact, we have never used third-party technology. We have always developed it ourselves. Now the voice recognition in wechat translates more than 500 million voice items every day.

Although the search team has strong algorithm technicians, I still transferred them from the search team to the video Number team to work. Because small closed-loop teams can iterate quickly.

The recommendation team works very hard, but it’s very difficult to roll in the first few months. It seems to be stuck in a deadlock, that is, if the content is not good-looking, there will be no views, resulting in no one contributing content, so the recommendation system can’t push good content, and then there will be no good content to watch.

In May, we made one of the most significant changes to the video number. Because after several months of grayscale, it shows that under the existing content, machine based recommendation is not feasible. Compared with the content of friends like, although friends like anonymously at that time, compared with the content of machine recommendation, I found that the machine recommendation is far less wonderful than the manual (or friends) recommendation. In this case, we should give priority to social recommendation with real name like, supplemented by machine recommendation.

The reason I gave at that time was that most of the books we read were recommended by people around us, rather than books recommended by online bookstores. It’s not a pity that you don’t read a few machine recommended content, but it’s a pity that you miss the content that your friends are reading. This is the reason why video numbers can be recommended through social networking.

So in May, the most frequent two weeks of change began, and a version was updated almost every two days. Then released a new gray version based on friends like, finally saw the rising data, the retention of users is very high.

So the number of users of the June video has reached a certain level. In fact, the number is not important, but for a product in the form of content, a certain level of users means that the problem of life and death has been solved, that is, the circulation of traffic.

This is a typical wechat style product approach, that is, to find the leverage point of things through the product rather than the operation method, and to make things work through the product ability.

With this user base, we can start to improve the basic functions, such as the live broadcast ability. If you don’t cross the line of life and death, no matter how versatile you are, it’s useless.

Here, social recommendation played a role. At that time, the proportion of machine recommendation was very small and the retention was very low. We almost gave up machine recommendation. However, it is not that machine recommendation is useless, but that it can only work when the content is rich. In June, when the new version of social recommendation was still under development, I wrote an assertion on the blackboard: one day, the consumption ratio of video playback, attention, friend recommendation and machine recommendation should be 1:2:10. That is, a person should watch an average of 10 watched videos, 20 liked videos by friends, and 100 videos recommended by the system.

At that time, it was explained as follows:

There are two kinds of content: one is the knowledge information that you need to use your brain to understand, which is learning; the other is the consumer information that you don’t need to use your brain to think in the comfort zone, which is entertainment. Friend praise is that your friends force you to obtain knowledge information that you may not be interested in, which belongs to the learning category; machine recommendation is that the system makes you feel comfortable browsing the consumer information that you like, which belongs to the entertainment category. Pay attention to both kinds of information.

Because you already know what it will be, but it won’t be very attractive, so it’s 1. Friend Zan looks tired, but you can’t miss it, so it’s 2. The system recommendation, in line with the lazy principle, is the information that most people are more likely to consume and get comfort, so it is 10.

But our current market data is not this ratio. Now the total VV generated by friend like is twice that recommended by the machine.

So I asked my data colleagues to make statistics, and only take the users who have paid attention to it. At present, there are very few concerned users, which are active users, so they represent the behavior of active users in the future. The data of the last few days shows that the average VV generated by users with attention in three tabs is about 1:2:9. I was very surprised when I got the result. It’s just a rough estimate, not that the prediction is particularly accurate, but that our habit of doing things is that if we do this, we should first infer a result, and then use the data to verify, in order to test whether the direction is right.

I estimate that in the future, this 9 will become bigger. Because it’s about content richness.

At this point, some people may say that when the machine recommends that this 9 become larger and larger, it is not in line with the requirements of running out. It has nothing to do with the length of time, it has something to do with efficiency. We never pay attention to the length of time users stay in wechat. That’s not our goal. When a user wants to see content, whether it’s an article or a video, if he spends a lot of time watching it, it only means that there is a lot of content worth watching in wechat, rather than deliberately consuming his time.

What is video

In the process, we also solved another problem, that is, what is video. When it comes to video, you will think of the video files in the mobile phone photo album. Just like a circle of friends, you can only upload videos of albums. We really hope that the videos in our circle of friends are more videos taken by users themselves through this way.

But the video files will disappear.

From windows to Apple mobile phone users will encounter a problem, where the previous files and folders go. In IOS, there is no concept of file. The file is defined by each application. This is the application of the file, that is, the file can not exist without the application, once separated, it is meaningless and unexplained data.

This is a good idea.

The original video is just data, it can’t relate to other information, such as creator, audience, comments, etc. It also needs to exist locally. If the data is lost, it will be lost.

Therefore, the future video should be a kind of structured data. It exists in the cloud, has all the creator information, has the audience’s interactive information, and can be easily shared.

The value of content, such as text and video, lies in being seen, that is, shared. And sharing, if you still need to copy the whole raw data, is very backward. Sharing should be just a link delivery.

This will make me reflect. Will I always use this original way to upload videos in my circle of friends?

So in June, we need to share the content of the video number with our friends. We have a problem. Should it look like a link or a local video? In fact, it is classified. It should be classified as an article link or a video file. My answer is that the structured video in the cloud is the video, and the local video file is the bare data, which should be eliminated. So the video of the video number in your circle of friends is no different from the current local video.

Here, the video number is the carrier of structured video content. I believe that in the future, more and more videos circulating in wechat will exist in the form of video numbers rather than video files.

This change has been reflected in the official account system. The official account is the carrier of an article. It makes articles valuable because they are shared. Moreover, the official account defines the form of the article, which is that all users can read and interact with a relatively consistent experience when reading different articles. In my opinion, this is a big experience improvement for the reading experience in the web age.

Whether it’s articles or videos, the value of their existence lies in being seen or shared. Obviously, articles and videos need a carrier to spread.

If you can understand the value of the official account for articles, you can use the same way to understand the value of video numbers for video sharing.

The meaning of the carrier is also reflected in that we don’t do content ourselves, and we won’t buy content. We don’t pay attention to the specific content. We only carry and deliver the content.

Long video and short video

We also had problems with more than a minute of video. Naturally, people will think that long video and short video are two kinds of things, so they should be designed into two different content objects. There is a version in the middle that has a special long video column in the video number, and even the comments and likes of long video and short video are separated.

But if we think about it carefully, we should not make such a distinction in the micro signal system. The difference between long and short videos is that the consumption scenes are different. Short video is suitable for continuous consumption of fragment time, while long video is suitable for viewing for a long period of time.

For the video number, the way to simplify this problem is to regard the video less than one minute as a short video, and the first minute of the video more than one minute as the summary or introduction of the video. I call it the cover. In this way, the video number does not distinguish between long video and short video, but it is compatible with the experience of short video.

As for long videos, I hope that video numbers will gradually accumulate more and more long videos and become a cloud warehouse for long videos. One day, maybe we will provide a retrieval or recommendation portal, so that users can find rich long video content.

This is also very imaginative in the future.

The relationship between video number and individual

The original intention of video number is to make it easy for everyone to express the content publicly through video. But people who make products know that it is the most difficult for users to publish content and express it. At this stage, we have not done so many people in the video number to publish their daily life. But we have a move that gives us hope. We launched the function of associating our video number content with our wechat business card. We found that the results are much better than expected. Up to now, many people have displayed their video numbers on their business cards, and they are still growing. It’s a good trend.

Here is a very interesting topic. Sometimes people think wechat is very conservative. In fact, it’s not conservative, but a lot of things are wrong or should not be done. For example, we can hang the content of the video number on the business card. Why didn’t we do a function like this to show some of our selected photos and videos? We have discussed it many times internally, because a lot of people have set up their circle of friends for three days, and we can see more and more. Sometimes we can hardly see anything when we open our business cards. Why not provide them with a function to put some selected photos there, so that friends can see at least some of them when they come in.

We didn’t want to do this function before because once you do, you may just put the best photo in your history there and never modify it. This time, we are willing to do this because if you are related to the content of your video number, it will be alive, because you will keep updating the content of your video number, instead of saying that I will choose some of the best photos in history as beautiful decorations and never change.

After all, the video number wants everyone to express, not just the performances of wanghong and big v.

Ways of information presentation

Information presentation has always been the most basic part of Internet products, and it is also the most controversial. Here, it refers to the presentation form of information list. Common, such as waterfall flow, popular information flow, and full screen. The difference between them is how many items are appropriate to put on a screen. Full screen is just one piece of content per screen.

Based on my own experience, I sum up the selection of these styles as a rough rule, that is——

The number of items in a screen should be inversely proportional to the hit rate.

Hit rate refers to the proportion of the number of content that users may be interested in. For example, in 10 emails, only one is what I want to see, and the hit rate is 10%.

Take the circle of friends as an example, because you don’t want to see every friend’s content, so the hit rate is not high. If you change it to full screen, it will be a disaster. At the same time, if you add more and more friends, the hit rate will decrease, so you can’t increase the display area of each content. If we want to increase the display area, we must improve the hit rate. However, it is difficult to improve the hit rate of the circle of friends, because the hit rate of the circle of friends depends on the relationship between the friend and you, not the content he sends, and it is difficult for us to know which friend you are more interested in.

The more people tend to focus on content, the lower the hit rate. So when the official account is revised, the number of contents in the screen is reduced. Although the number of clicks is reduced, people who pay more attention will complain because the difficulty of selection increases. But for those who pay less attention, the amount of reading is on the rise, because if they only pay attention to a few numbers, the hit rate is already high. Later, we added the display of frequent reading number at the top of the subscription number, which actually improved the hit rate.

In the first half of the year, the content richness of the platform was not enough, and the hit rate was very low. So at that time, half screen information flow was appropriate. More than one item was displayed on one screen, and users had a choice. At that time, if you directly on the full screen, you may die very quickly. In the second half of the year, the content began to enrich and the hit rate began to improve. And full screen for a single video display effect of course will be better than half screen, we began to gray switch to full screen mode.

Here’s an interesting piece of data. We switch the focus and machine recommended grayscale to full screen, and compare it with users without grayscale full screen. It is found that after full screen, the per capita vv (video view) of paying attention to tabs decreases, and the number of recommended tabs increases. It should be deduced that the hit rate of the attention tab is not high enough, which makes it slightly difficult to select after full screen.

We sort the contents of the attention in the official account, and in the video numbers, we sort the contents of the concerns through the algorithm, in order to improve the hit rate. Especially after the full screen, because the user’s choice is zero, the algorithm is needed to sort.

live broadcast

In the history of the Internet, the expression of individuals in the open field has been evolving. At the earliest time, you need to be able to write HTML to make web pages. Later there was a blog, followed by a short text like microblog. Now it’s pictures and short videos. The direction of evolution is to be more able to be produced and consumed by ordinary people. So it will be shorter and more fragmented. So I’m thinking, what kind of content form can be more accepted by more people than short video.

I think the live broadcast has this opportunity. Live production is easier than short video production, because shooting a short video requires content preparation. Live broadcast, however, does not need to prepare content, it is daily chat. This is a huge difference, which directly reduces the threshold of live broadcasting. This is a relaxed expression, ordinary people can also produce, friends are more willing to consume.

Although live broadcasting has been developed for many years, people’s cognition of live broadcasting is still in the field of goods delivery, which is considered as the form of content, that is, the form of personal expression.

Therefore, live broadcasting may become a personal expression that many people are using in the future.

Make a vision of the future. After a long time, everyone’s wechat business card should be alive, which means that if I open your business card, if you just wear a live glasses, I can see what you see directly. This may be the ultimate form of personal live broadcasting.

Not long ago, there was a live broadcast of a meteor shower, which was watched by more than 1 million people, a bit beyond our expectation. Because we didn’t do any centralized traffic distribution to push it, it naturally attracted 1 million people. Here, it’s social recommendation that plays a role, spreading people through circle of friends, group chat, etc. Of course, in the entrance of video number and live broadcast, we still use machine recommendation to recommend suitable live broadcast to users. When there are more live broadcasts, in addition to your friends, we also hope that the system can tell you which live broadcast is worth seeing. This is a bigger test for our machine recommendation. But social recommendation will still be a very important way of transmission.

In fact, we don’t have a live portal yet. The next version may be available. We now have a live broadcast and people nearby. Adjust it. It may be called live broadcast and people nearby.

We are also enriching the capabilities of live e-commerce, including small programs that can be linked to third parties in live broadcasting.

The Spring Festival is coming, we are used to sending red envelopes in the group to grab red envelopes to pay New Year’s greetings. But in fact, the traditional offline New Year greeting is a face-to-face behavior. In fact, live broadcast can better simulate the traditional way of new year’s greetings. So we did a little bit of live broadcasting here this year. We hope that some people will pay New Year’s greetings through live broadcasting this Spring Festival. That’s especially good.

About creators

Many people will be concerned about what kind of support the platform will give to creators. As mentioned above, we hope to be the carrier of video, and let the video number become the official website of individuals and institutions. The role of the platform here is to connect, not to do content. But the difference from the previous official website is that the content of the official website in the wechat system can be circulated by itself. So you don’t have to worry too much. No one visits the official website. I just said that wechat contains a lot of things that products may not be able to try. For example, for information access, we may have attention relationship to obtain, search, recommendation, system recommendation and social transmission, so we don’t have to worry too much about that no one will read our content here.

At the beginning, we invited some stars to come in, and the stars would say if there was a signing fee. Our answer is, we want you to come in, because you should run your own fans, and eventually you’ll make a profit, but you won’t come out on the platform to buy content.

So video number here, we did not spend a cent to buy content. I don’t want to do that in the future. It’s not to save money, but when we don’t spend money to buy content, creators are willing to come in, which shows that creators can get rewards by their own efforts, and that we have established an ecosystem that can operate on its own. At the same time, I believe that the creativity of ordinary people is huge. On the contrary, the content purchased may not necessarily move people.

In the history of wechat, we have not emphasized strong operation, which is also the reason. Systems and rules will be much more efficient than operations. As we can see now, wechat payment has a very large coverage, but the number of wechat payment is not very large. For an industry that needs offline contact, there may be only one or two people in charge of the whole industry in each industry.

The slogan of the official account can be used on video numbers, and small individuals also have their own brands. In fact, it’s also very suitable for you to put it on the video number now.

Some interesting experimental projects

We also have some interesting experimental projects in progress. As mentioned earlier, making a product is actually a process of verifying an idea. If you suddenly have an idea in your head, it may be very unreliable, but it seems interesting. And then continue to think deeply, if you can choose many times, and finally can be realized, you will realize the fun of making products.

I often have some whimsical ideas. For example, what happens if you can take a picture of a person’s head, if you can throw a bomb at your chatting friend and scare him off on the screen, if you can see the picture in front of other people listening to a song when you listen to a song, if you can see other people with insomnia when you lose sleep, and then count sheep together.

Even if you give a canvas and each person goes up to draw a point, if 10 million people take turns to draw a point one by one, will it form a pattern in the end? What does it mean if 10 million people draw a pattern without organization?

All of these are very interesting things. So making products is by no means boring. Although most of the ideas will not work, but a few can work, it is very good.

Here, I will briefly describe several functions of the new version of wechat. All the functions are not sure to be popular before they are verified by users, but as long as there is no problem with the direction of thinking, they can be improved continuously. Some functions will also experience grayscale, perfect just put out. So don’t expect too much. Here are some thoughts on these interesting functions.

One is expression.

Expression is a basic element of expression. When it comes to the basic elements of expression, it reminds me to take a shot. A lot of people don’t like being photographed, and a lot of people are embarrassed when they make the wrong touch. But there are still 120 million people who set up the tail patting, and tens of millions of people use it every day. Taking a shot is also a basic element of expression, and different from all other ways, it is a simulation of human behavior in real life, using the simplest body action to complete a message transmission. At an internal meeting, I joked that people’s lives will become more and more online in the future, and people will miss this ancient way of interaction between people.

Back to the expression.

People’s expressions reflect the increasing intensity of their emotions. So much so that it has to “crack” often.

My thoughts may be more violent than the split. One day, I told my development classmates to do a function for me. When I throw a bomb, the other’s screen will crack. Of course, it’s the split of animation effect, but it’s very realistic.

It’s OK to realize it, but when it’s really used as an expression function, it will encounter many obstacles.

I said looking for basic elements, that is, the expression must be underlying, not a special one.

In the end, we did.

One is state.

Now when you open a friend’s wechat business card, you can’t see anything except his name and picture. Many people in the circle of friends have set up a time limit. But things shouldn’t be like this. Every business card should be alive. Business card is our online life. It should reflect our real state.

We tried to express a person’s state dynamically by video before, but it’s very difficult to express it by video in this place, because it’s really a big pressure to take a video for all friends to see, so video dynamic is not successful. There are about one million people sending video dynamic every day, and we will upgrade it. After the upgrade, we hope to go to the other side of the video. In the past, I said that it was very difficult for everyone to send text. In fact, there was a premise. It was very difficult to send a paragraph of text for many people to read. In fact, it was not difficult to say a word casually. The state was to say such a thing casually. So we will go to the other side of the video and express our state by saying a word or writing a few words.

And, at some point, there must be other people in the same state as you, and you will want to see them. People who are playing the same game, people who are in the same coffee bar, people who are traveling in the same scenic spot, and even people who are in the same mood.

I’ve always believed that the essence of social networking is to find the same kind.

State, is used to show people, it is best to show people of the same kind.

So this time, we organize states based on simple words.

I don’t know what the result will be. For social products, it is difficult to predict the reaction of social functions to the user group because it is the result of group interaction. However, such an attempt should be made. Because the needs of individual state expression are not met. Even if it’s a simple “I’m very depressed today”, you won’t send a circle of friends, and you won’t talk to your friends. Then, there’s always a place to speak.


Another new attempt is about listening to songs. One of the audience here talked to me about how to see a song. Songs are not for listening, but for watching. Since the advent of the Internet and mobile Internet, I feel that many people listen less to music. They only listen to music when driving, because at any other time, you would rather watch videos. Wechat actually contains a lot of information, but what I’m not satisfied with is that the experience of listening to songs in wechat is not very good. For example, I don’t understand why all players are connected by a record player, because when I was in middle school, I had one in my family, and I went to buy records myself, but I think it should be big Some users will not have experienced that era, so why do they want to see the unknown items, a turntable in there. What should we see when listening to music? Many people say that we shouldn’t see anything when listening to music, but we should just listen to it. But I hope we can see something when listening to music, because we have a little imagination when listening to music. The reason why we want to listen when driving is because your eyes can see a lot of things, which makes your imagination more active than usual. If these things, there are many people who listen to the same song. For example, you can imagine that when you listen to this song here, another person is in another scene, and there are many similar people. If you connect the pictures in front of them, there are always some people whose pictures are very similar to you. They can move you, so from this point, I’d like to start They made a visual display of the experience of listening to songs.

But this is particularly difficult, because the technology has not yet reached that stage. Our eyeballs all have a camera that can be sent to the cloud in real time. Sooner or later, it will reach that stage. So at present, this step can only be achieved through other product methods. That is to say, some enthusiastic users may be willing to say that I can turn a song into a beautifully made thing like MV, which can be shared with more people.

Floating window

I don’t really like floating windows. Because it’s like a dogskin plaster. This is one of the reasons why most web browsing experiences are not good in the PC era. In order to solve the problem that it takes a long time to read an article and constantly process wechat messages, we have the floating window function. But it’s not perfect.

A lot of times, an article or a long video will be read many times. If you have to drag it to the floating window every time, it is also very cumbersome. Now, wechat provides a list of unfinished content, which can be retrieved at any time. Especially for long videos, you need to be able to cut them away at any time, and then find them quickly. Live broadcasting is also needed.


Another new product under development that can be mentioned is the input method being developed by the team. We often receive complaints, saying that if we just chat on wechat, we see the advertisement of this thing in other apps. Is wechat selling my chat records to advertisers. Not really. We never analyze users’ chat records, even if we lose a lot of advertising revenue.

So when our technical team, that is, the team of machine semantic understanding, says that we can do better by making our own input method, I certainly agree. Because at least, in terms of security, we can do well enough.

Our goal is not to get many users at once. Because the input method is the entrance of the text expression, and the input method is bound to become more and more intelligent, new input forms may appear, so it is worth investing in.


Many people say that the iteration speed of video number is very fast. In fact, in the first two years of wechat, we were all at this speed. Later, we were sometimes fast and sometimes slow. In fact, I think that making products should be fast. What I often say is that if a problem can’t be solved in three days, it can’t be solved in three months. Therefore, we should either find a solution within three days or give up and look for a new path instead of spending it there.

Sun Tzu’s art of war said that marching and fighting should be “as fast as the forest and as fast as the wind”. It’s the same with products. If you don’t think clearly, it’s better to do nothing. If you want to do it, you need to iterate very quickly.

So far, the video Number team has only one or two hundred people, including three algorithm teams, front and back development, product operation, etc. It’s very wechat style. Internet products are about creativity, not numbers. If a team of 100 people can’t produce a product, it can’t produce a product for 1000 people, or even worse, because the internal friction of 1000 people is too great.

About products

If we have to use two words to describe wechat for ten years, I think one is connection and the other is simplicity. The connection is beautiful. Because the operation of the world depends on the connection of all things. For products, making connections means making the underlying facilities of services, because the results that can evolve based on connections are the most abundant.

Many social products may also be connected, but it stops at people. WeChat has a larger connection. Official account and small program goals are connected. Connecting people and content, people and services, including WeChat payment, can also be considered as a currency connection. The goal of video number is also connected. The focus is not on the content, but on the connection at the bottom, which is very important. That’s why we talk about “decentralization”, because connection and centralization are somewhat exclusive.

Simple again.

I use simplicity as a synonym for beauty, practicality, rationality and elegance.

Simplicity is beautiful. From a physical formula to a daily necessities, it is often better to be simple. There are a thousand ways to achieve the same goal, but only the simplest way is the most beautiful. It is precisely because there are a thousand methods, so it is very difficult to be really simple.

In the past, I make complaints about the products and see that the more complex the products become, the more complex I can say, “how many functions do you need to add to a product to become a garbage product?” It’s not that adding functions will make the product bad, but that unnecessary functions are added, or the way of adding functions is wrong.

In the past decade, wechat has added many functions. I’m very glad that wechat today is almost as simple as wechat ten years ago. Although there are many more functions than ten years ago, these functions are already the simplest way to use, so the added complexity will be small.

Simple is easy to use. Especially when a product has a billion people using it.

Sometimes I think that many users don’t really care whether the product is simple or not. There may still be a lot of people using the products that are poorly made. But we will still pursue simplicity, because there are always some people who will agree with the beauty behind this simplicity.

Although wechat has been a product with such a large number of users for 10 years, I still hope that it can always maintain its own style, like a small and beautiful product, with its own soul, aesthetics, creativity and concept. Not just the slave of numbers. In this way, my team and I will be proud of our work and feel meaningful. This is my last summary of wechat ten years today.

That’s all for my sharing today.

Thank you for watching the live broadcast. I hope I didn’t waste your time. bye.

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