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“Qinzhidao” in the digital era — Research Report on 2021 massive engine vehicle live broadcast industry

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In 2020, the epidemic situation will bring new growth opportunities to the online marketing of the automobile industry, and the live broadcast will enrich the ecological prosperity of the content position. In order to fully tap the long-term value of auto live broadcasting, Guangdong Provincial auto marketing and juliangsuan jointly released the “qinzhidao” in the digital era – Research Report on 2021 juliangsuan auto live broadcasting industry, aiming to explore the attitude changes of consumers, manufacturers and dealers towards live broadcasting, and provide live broadcasting methodology for auto manufacturers to lay out auto live broadcasting ecology in the future, Help automobile manufacturers build their own “qinzhidao”.

Talk about Tao by numbers

Insight into the current situation of automobile live broadcasting

All the way bullish: the auto live broadcasting industry is in the stage of scale growth, and the incremental mining is promising.

Data source: massive arithmetic

Frequency polarization: due to the strong demand for cars, people who are ready to buy cars always pay close attention to the live broadcast, and those who wait and see and those who don’t plan to buy cars are more likely to watch.

Three “main” confrontation: the host / talent / sales anchor as the driving force, the host has both authority and freshness, become an important opinion leader.

News everywhere: people with cars trust authority and agree with their favorite brands; people with gasoline cars consider product strength and policies; people with new energy are in a swing and ask for all kinds of information.

On the way of doing

Change of three parties’ mentality in live broadcast

Audience change: behavior change: from watching outside the door to watching on the spot, the live viewing time is growing; Identity change: the enthusiasm of interactive participation has increased sharply, and the voice speaker has transited to the sound reinforcement; Opportunity change: watch golden for 30 minutes, hoping to get comprehensive information of automobile in a short time.

Data source: massive arithmetic

Data source: the survey report of 2021 automobile live broadcast

Change of manufacturers: change of attitude: from passivity to initiative; Content change: from single sales discount to rich feeling plot line; Focus change: from star / KOL to personal setting; System transformation: from key operation of brand official number to incubation of self media window matrix; Strategic change: from project system to independent live broadcasting center.

Data source: auto sales data – Passenger Association, live broadcast / anchor number – massive calculation

The change of distributors: mode change – the effect of live broadcast is ups and downs, with mixed feelings, actively exploring the correct mode; Change of customer sentiment: skillfully use local advantages, scientifically classify fans, maintain stable relationship and promote sales.

Talk about the way with potential

Live broadcast ecological prosperity stimulates six changes

First, the demand for watching and broadcasting has changed. The live broadcast matches the diversified needs of target groups. The content of short video car live broadcast takes into account the vertical media function, truthfully evaluates the car, explains and tests the car, but also retains the strong functions of the traffic platform, such as the live broadcast of new car launch and auto show.

Second, the transformation of marketing relationship chain. Live broadcast is not a separate link, but a key link to get through the upstream and downstream marketing of live broadcast.

Third, the change of content supply. The live broadcast of automobile cooperates with manufacturers and dealers to create content and establish communication matrix.

Fourth, talent structure reform. Enterprises need to cultivate anchors from within, such as gold medal sales, fixed Koc, to improve the live broadcast retention rate.

Fifthly, the change of functional sections. Establish and clarify the structure and responsibilities of each functional department.

Sixth, the operation system reform. The live broadcast needs visual data to duplicate the effect. At the same time, the live broadcast needs to manage the network public opinion, guide the user’s public opinion, and establish and maintain the brand image.

On Methodology

Auto live ecological “qinzhidao”

Kangzhuang flat of auto live “qinzhidao” comes from the fine polishing of every link before, during and after the live broadcast.

Before the live broadcast, from the positioning of live broadcast account to the construction of “1 + N + K + X” account matrix model, we should do a good job in the systematic live broadcast training for dealers, equip a systematic team, and arrange the technology / equipment in the live broadcast room, so as to ensure that the whole live broadcast process is carried out in an orderly way. At the same time, we need to carry out long-term planning and supporting marketing for live broadcast, so as to give full play to the long-term communication of live broadcast for marketing.

Source: experience of Guangdong Province automobile marketing live broadcast

Source: experience of Guangdong Province automobile marketing live broadcast

In the live broadcast, we should pay attention to the golden 30 minute content planning, and reasonably arrange the selection, content and rhythm planning within 30 minutes. The live content 28 method divides every 30 minutes into a live unit, 20% repeatedly mentions important information such as product selling points and policies, and 80% watch brand-new content. In addition, the anchor combination, interactive mechanism, multi-dimensional data replication and other multi plate cooperative operations.

Source: experience of Guangdong Province automobile marketing live broadcast

After the live broadcast, the customer groups are reached by two levels. According to the flow conversion funnel, the reasons for the loss of fans in different stages are analyzed, and the targeted delivery optimization and improvement are carried out. The live broadcast materials are extended and distributed to form high-quality materials for secondary publicity. According to the live broadcast comments, the targeted product selling point optimization and policy adjustment direction are sorted and output. Finally, do a good job of community diversion for customers obtained by live broadcast, and continue to cultivate community users.


Auto live “qinzhidao” brings three values: 1. Shorten the path, more efficient communication; 2. The marketing system is more perfect; 3. The relationship between upstream and downstream of marketing is closer. The release of “auto live broadcast, qinzhidao in the digital era” hopes that major auto manufacturers can obtain valuable content from it, build their own “qinzhidao”, take off under the wind, make long-term layout, realize the harvest of private traffic, feed back the public domain, improve brand value, and achieve both quality and efficiency! More reading: behavioral economics in free games: one small change brings 10 times the pricing strategy of pay conversion. smart TV application data in the second half of 2014. CCFA: colloidal gold test kit for antibody to new coronavirus of top 100 Lepu medical in China supermarket in 2019 AdMob & app Annie: the survey shows that 33% of domestic users only download the free application dip technology to attend the 2021 China light industry information conference data intelligent reconstruction industry digital future baby tree released the white paper on the investigation of Chinese autistic families: key words “Little known” [countdown 1 day] OFweek invites you to participate in this grand event of automotive electronic technology! Zhaoyang Lenovo Zhaoyang helps every important moment with its hard core strength Ministry of industry and information technology: Main Indicators of software and information technology service industry from January to November 2020 provincial table notice on holding cibf2021 China International Battery Industry Cooperation Summit? Qiniuyun X city science and technology has found the answer. In the eye of the storm, where is the tourist’s military strategist?

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