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Recently, the industry authority China information and Communication Research Institute announced that qixinbao Enterprise Edition, a product of Hehe information, has passed the trusted cloud enterprise SaaS service evaluation certification.

Established in 2013, the trusted cloud assessment system is the only authoritative certification system for the credibility of cloud services in China. Over the years, it has been unanimously recognized by the regulatory authorities and Chinese scale manufacturers. In this open enterprise SaaS evaluation, only six platforms including qixinbao Enterprise Edition, Tencent wetest platform and haoshitong cloud conference passed the evaluation.

According to the data, Shanghai shengteng Data Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai hehe Information Technology Co., Ltd., was registered in Jing’an District of Shanghai in August 2017. “Qixinbao” is the company’s enterprise information query tool. Qixinbao app was launched in 2015, and its main audience is professional users in Pan financial, pan legal, pan business, government and other industries. Qixinbao collects more than 100 billion pieces of real-time dynamic enterprise big data from 230 million enterprises in China, and provides more than 1000 data dimensions including industry and commerce, equity, judicial litigation, integrity and dishonesty, public opinion, assets, etc., providing users with data services under the scenarios of enterprise query, business due diligence, risk management, intelligent marketing, enterprise services, etc. Qixinbao SaaS version can also conduct in-depth data mining, providing customers with a variety of data query, mining and intelligent analysis services, such as enterprise association map, public opinion monitoring (emotional and semantic analysis), risk monitoring (abnormal operation, judicial litigation, etc.), trademark and patent information, in-depth report (credit report, investment and employment report, equity structure report), etc.

As an important carrier of information technology, qixinbao has strived for many years to reach the advanced level of various service standards in the industry. In this assessment, qixinbao enterprise edition has passed more than 20 assessments in three categories, including data storage persistence, data destructibility, data migration, data confidentiality, data right to know, data reviewability and business function Capability, business availability, service measurement accuracy, accident response mechanism and customer successful service ability. All indicators meet the requirements of trusted cloud services.

The SaaS version of qixinbao provides users with the dual guarantee of high availability of service and data, which is inseparable from the innovative and excellent architecture design used at the beginning of the service. Each user is set as an “independent tenant”, which not only ensures the data isolation between “tenants”, but also protects the security of user data. The platform has good scalability and flexibility. At the same time, it can automatically upgrade and expand according to the real-time operation index. It has a 7 × 24-hour all-weather operation and maintenance response mechanism. It has perfect fault monitoring and rapid recovery capabilities, and ensures the smooth user experience in an all-round way.

The technical director of qixinbao said that the successful passing of the authoritative evaluation of “trusted cloud” is another powerful proof of qixinbao’s reliability and leadership. Qixinbao has reached cooperation with many world-class well-known enterprises such as Bank of China, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Mobile, China Resources Power, Shanghai Volkswagen and Sumitomo Mitsui. The long-term goal of qixinbao is to follow the data value mining path of “data information business intelligence value”, base on the traditional risk control system, help cooperative enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve risk control, gain customers efficiently, and provide good user experience.


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