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Report on consumption trend of silk stockings From Taobao: a visit to the Fashion Institute

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With the rise of temperature, silk stockings entered the peak season of sales, and the sales volume in March and April accounted for more than 1 / 3 of the whole year. On April 14, Taobao released the report on the consumption trend of silk stockings. The report shows that in recent years, young consumers’ personalized demand for silk stockings has become more and more obvious, and the variety of silk stockings has doubled. There were explosive growth in the number of silk socks, two stockings, stockings, liquid stockings and so on. In addition, sales of health care stockings such as varicose stockings, foot massage stockings, hot stockings, toe socks and other health products sold more than 10 times over the same period.

This year, the spring festival began seven to 15 days earlier than usual. According to the report, Taobao Search reached 240 million person times in March, and the number of silk stockings orders increased 133% year on year. Among the buyers, the post-90s, post-95s and post-00s accounted for half of the total.

In the past two years, the consumer group of silk stockings has become younger because factories and businesses in the industrial belt pay attention to product innovation. Wu Tong, the e-commerce director of Zhejiang Yiwu baonasi hosiery factory, told reporters that they have developed a new “tiaodi hosiery” which is deeply loved by young people and sold 30000 pairs a month. According to the consumption trend, we have also created a variety of popular products such as small socks, pineapple socks and foot socks, which can sell 20 million pairs on Taobao every year.

The report shows that the outbreak of personalized demand has triggered explosive growth in the sales of small silk stockings. Apart from disco socks, animated themes such as “two times stockings”, “tiger up the mountain” and colorful flowery stockings, as well as spray type liquid stockings, are welcomed by young female consumers. Data show that in the past two years, the number of silk stockings on Taobao has doubled.

Another obvious change this year is that the “heavy pressure silk stockings” which are thin and tight are no longer the first choice of consumers, but the “light pressure silk stockings” which are loose and comfortable. According to the report, among the silk stockings sold most on Taobao, the average pressure value of the lower leg is 12 PA (HPA), 30% lower than eight years ago.

This year’s young women pay more attention to health than comfort. According to the report, the sales volume of health care stockings such as varicose stockings, foot massage stockings, warm “hot stockings” and “split toe stockings” to avoid cross infection of beriberi showed double-digit growth year on year.

“From the point of view of the consumption characteristics of women’s silk stockings, it has changed from” pleasing people “to” pleasing oneself. ” Zhao Jianbing, general manager of Zhejiang socks industry Co., Ltd., analyzes that under his leadership, this 30-year-old factory, which produces silk socks, develops new products rapidly and iteratively to cater to young consumers.

Six years ago, domestic media revealed that Chinese white-collar workers were snapping up silk stockings in Japan. Zhao Jianbing told reporters that at that time, some head factories in the domestic stockings industry had already had mature production lines, many of which were OEM and OEM products for Japanese high-end silk stockings brands, and domestic silk stockings did not form consumer mentality. “Taobao tmall and other e-commerce platforms have cultivated many domestic brands of silk stockings, which meet the personalized consumption needs of young people. They are fashionable and affordable. At present, they have formed a good mind among consumers. Today’s domestic brand silk stockings, bearing the mission of domestic consumption upgrading, are also exported to all parts of the world.

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