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I. background and significance of the study

The use of music scene is very wide, in addition to individual users to enjoy learning, but also widely used in advertising, film and television, games, short video, live broadcast and other scenes.

For musicians, especially music producers, their music works are not only used for the personal appreciation of ordinary users, but also the commercial scene is an important way to realize the value of their works.

But at present, the observation and analysis of music are mainly focused on the personal listening and appreciation of pop music, and less attention is paid to commercial music.

Occasionally, research reports on commercial music mainly focus on macro dimensions such as market and industry analysis of commercial music. There is a lack of further understanding of the specific use of commercial music at present.

Therefore, based on the rich copyright content and a large number of authorized data of hifive and its AGM in the field of commercial music, this paper analyzes the use of commercial music, in order to provide some reference for the creation of musicians, the use of music demanders, and people who have further understanding of the industry.

At the same time, the use of commercial music is closely related to the public’s awareness of copyright. Therefore, in this report, we will briefly introduce the current use of commercial music based on relevant data, in order to enhance people’s awareness of music copyright and the use of legitimate music.

The object and scope of the study

Different from personal appreciation and learning, the use of commercial music mainly lies in “commercial”, which needs to obtain the commercial license from the music copyright owner according to its commercial project;

However, due to the wide range of authorized groups and use scenarios of music, there are great differences in authorization methods for different use scenarios. For example, there may be differences in authorization methods for the use of music in offline public playing environment and video production.

In order to standardize the dimensions of research, the research object and data of this paper are mainly based on the relevant data of the offline copyright music trading platform of hifive – quduoduo.

Therefore, although some offline use scenarios are covered, they may not be comprehensive and accurate, which should be noted when reading this report. Legitimate use of commercial music

I. awareness of music copyright

Different from personal appreciation and learning, a typical feature of commercial music is that the use of music requires relevant authorization.

With the strengthening of national policies, music copyright authorization has formed a consensus in the industry.

But the sustainable development of the industry, in addition to national policies and industry consensus, also depends on the copyright awareness of the society. But from the relevant search big data shows, still need long-term publicity and penetration.

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