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Satellite video shows a “large scale” downward trend From NSR

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A study by northern sky Research (NSR) confirmed that there is a clear downward trend in video related revenue of the world’s major satellite operators.

NRS’s “financial analysis of the satellite industry (10th Edition)” report first gave good news, saying: “the satellite communications industry continues to witness mixed financial results, with non video revenue growing in multiple vertical markets.”

But then came the bad news. “Video (including DTH and video distribution) revenue continues to slow down on a large scale, with the top six operators analyzed contracting by 15.1% year-on-year in 2019,” NSR said. As SES and Eutelsat continue to face the challenge of declining hot spot prices, European hot spots are still under pressure. In 2019, with Hughes selling its video business ess division to dish network, a subsidiary of the same parent company, to integrate prices, the cumulative video revenue figure will further decline, as the headwind of pay TV in the United States continues. “

“Satellite operators are trying low-cost, de commoditized products, actively exploring new markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and acquiring key hot spots to reverse the declining trend of video revenue. However, the video headwind caused by the shift of advertising revenue to social media and Internet platforms has not changed, so it is reasonable to reverse this trend. With the transformation of advertising, the pressure from Ott providers such as Netflix and traditional broadcasters has intensified this situation, and now they pay equal or higher attention to Ott revenue. “NSR added.

There are some modest signs of growth as broadcasters add HD and UHD services, the researchers said.

“With each operator developing strategies to move closer to consumers, NSR expects that the bargaining power of service providers will gradually decline, thus providing some buffer for the stability of wholesale prices. Operators will be forced to optimize products, integrate distribution efficiency, cloud and other added value, rather than compete on price. The upgrading of channels and transponders makes the transmission of HD and UHD content possible, which will promote the next wave of video growth. However, video is likely to stabilize, with a slight improvement in price and revenue growth. ” The report said.

NSR expects that as non geo and HTS systems release more value for Telecom and government customers, the backhaul, relay, gov / mil and VSAT vertical markets will continue to grow at a high speed. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is expected to recover after maneuver. The transport will recover at the end of /2022 in late 2021 and air transport will recover in 2022.

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