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The epidemic is sporadic. In order to meet the community living needs of Shijiazhuang citizens during the epidemic period, Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of Commerce, together with Tencent, has pushed wechat payment business applet to help the comprehensive online of community shops in the epidemic area and ensure the supply of residents’ means of living.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to block the transmission channel of the epidemic, Shijiazhuang’s commodity supply changed from offline to online. However, the current online mode can not meet the needs of people’s normal life in terms of sales and distribution. To this end, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued a digital store opening plan for small and medium-sized businesses, relying on wechat online ecology, using data cloud services, decentralization and other modern scientific and technological means to fully online the supermarket stores.

After the release of the plan, supermarkets in the epidemic areas actively participated in the response. The data shows that through the online ecological ability of wechat, more than 6000 community stores in Shijiazhuang have realized online, and the proportion of online sales has rapidly increased to 50%, truly realizing the full coverage of online ordering, offline distribution and online shopping communities.

It is understood that wechat payment’s previous online “business applet” supports online operation, takeout, publishing store dynamics and marketing activities, and is a powerful tool for small and medium-sized businesses to become online. The access process of “business applet” is simple. When businesses apply for “business applet”, they just need to open the “collection ledger” applet, click the top left corner of the top to complete the business information according to the prompts, and then they can get the exclusive business applet store.

Not only the access process is simple, but also the “business small program” provides the functions of scanning code to place an order quickly and online fast payment, which is convenient for the residents to consume online. In addition, in addition to real-time viewing the collection records of the day, businesses can also generate business statements to help small businesses better operate their own stores through data analysis, and help small and medium-sized businesses in epidemic areas recover economically. More reading: People’s Bank of China: survey report on urban depositors in the first quarter of 2019 ant financial services consumer lending scale exceeds 600 billion yuan 2020 the second international summit on digital transformation of China’s manufacturing industry will be held in Shanghai Yinli 2014 Barnes & noble, the largest physical bookstore in the United States, will close one third of its stores Alibaba cloud escorts Google App I / O conference to outline the Empire: the world’s hegemony, who else! Maxhub, the first chairman of the working group of the International Astronomical Union of Chinese scientists, launched an efficient conference platform in Beijing to open the era of conference platform. Black technology is coming. Yingxiaobao will accurately position the audience within 100 meters. Minsheng Securities: “her economy” rises. After watching, you are worthy of China’s female loser. Do you want to counter attack? Give you an economic theory support! you’re welcome! State Post Office: China Express development index report in the fourth quarter of 2017 “cyberpunk 2077” PC version has been unlocked, the peak number of online people has exceeded 700000, second hand marketing science and Technology Institute: screen entertainment, promising

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