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Sixiang unlimited directional issuance of about 700000 shares of common stock, to obtain no more than $30 million in income

The following is the Sixiang unlimited directional issuance of about 700000 shares of common stock, to obtain no more than $30 million in income recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

A few days ago, listed companies in the US stock market are enjoying unlimited opportunities´╝ł SJ.US ´╝ëAnnounced that 713444 ordinary shares will be issued to white lion capital LLC. According to the common stock purchase agreement signed with white lion capital LLC on February 23, under the specified trading conditions, the company can issue common stock with a commitment amount of no more than US $30 million to the latter within six months of the agreed period.

Under the agreement, white lion capital may sell all or part of the shares in this offering at a fixed price, current market price or negotiated price. The company will not receive any proceeds from its subsequent share sale, but will receive no more than $30 million from the purchase agreement. The company plans to use the net income to expand working capital, support beelive’s international operations and other general corporate purposes.

In 2018 and 2019, the company’s total revenue was RMB 740 million and RMB 910 million respectively, and its net profit was RMB 110 million and RMB 150 million respectively. In the nine months to September 30, 2020, the total revenue of the company is 770 million yuan and the net profit is 220 million yuan.

At the close of March 9, the company’s share price was $9.69, or 1.04%. More reading: enjoy unlimited CEO He Xiaowu: webcast boost rural revitalization and agricultural heritage protection real-time social network analysis of big data analysis Dataminr start-ups Dataminr $30 million financing Wang Chuan: three angles to see when the Silicon Valley bubble will burst when Chitika:Mavericks released 24 hours later, North America OS X 5.5% network traffic Chitika:2012 August “mountain lion” released in January The system covers 10% of users. Ten changes brought by mobile technology to healthcare industry. Advertising industry can’t play mobile advertising. Digital Imperialism: a form of cultural invasion in the Internet era. Forbes: top of the world’s highest income DJ list in 2013 10ihs: global sales of seven luxury car brands have increased by 154% in the past five years. Tencent start up: a cup of Kanto cooking, bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to convenience stores. Tencent cloud analysis: 2014 “mobile game local tyrant” data report: Beijing becomes the hometown of mobile game tycoons. Anaplan: 33 million US dollars financing, customer growth of 400% in 2012. Internet thinking: This is a renaissance! Garter: it is estimated that the Internet of things devices will reach 26 billion in 2020

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