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Take precautions! ——Invitation from the 2nd autocs 2021 smart car information security conference

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2020 is a year when the automobile information security standards will be fully implemented. The promulgation of international standards and regulations means that vehicle information security has become the “fourth security” after active security, passive security and functional security. ISO / SAE 21434 and wp.29 make information security a regulatory requirement for vehicle manufacturers. Therefore, McKinsey predicts that the automotive information security market will increase significantly from US $4.9 billion in 2020 to US $9.7 billion in 2030. However, for the automobile industry, which is used to resolving complex challenges and standardized response, information security is still an abnormal phenomenon. How to keep ahead in the face of information threats? ——Take precautions!

Information security executives, engineers, threat detection experts, risk management experts and other professionals are invited to the 2021 intelligent vehicle information security conference (autocs). Our solution focused conference is designed to help your organization prepare for the deployment of the ISO / SAE 21434 standard. Autocs 2021 provides a platform for cooperation among industry, academia and government on information security threats, vulnerabilities and risk mitigation / Countermeasures of modern automobile; provides an opportunity for information exchange and social networking, and also a platform for determining research needs. Good ecological construction of automobile information security depends on the sincere cooperation of the whole industry chain. Let’s link up the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry chain, upgrade the automobile information security to a new level of hierarchical “active defense in depth”, and jointly solve the problems faced by the industry.

Scale of the conference

The agenda will focus on:

How to deal with the risk of information security and privacy? For example: how to strengthen the construction of enterprise information security, driving factors and obstacles; automobile information security case sharing. For example: the attack and defense idea of DDoS in the case of Tesla, the threat example of future mobile travel, etc.; the attack and defense practice of automobile information security; how to deploy the protection of vehicle information security in an all-round way? For example: threat analysis and risk assessment, the whole life cycle of the Internet of vehicles security closed loop, testing, operating system, etc.; how to fully deploy the protection of in vehicle information security? For example: e / E architecture change, can bus information security analysis, Ethernet, data security and privacy protection, digital car key, Ota, firewall, etc.; how to deploy cloud information security protection in an all-round way? For example: the traceability of data access and use behavior, the operation and maintenance control of database, etc;

Some speakers

Some of the participants came from

Position coverage

Chairman, vice chairman, President, vice president, chief information security officer, chief technology officer, technical officer, general manager of information security, person in charge of electronic appliances, person in charge of remote control unit, project manager, automotive electronic marketing manager, product manager, information security compliance manager, vehicle information security manager, network security engineer, architect, network security researcher Penetration test engineer, deputy director of R & D center, operation and Maintenance Director, director of on-board Internet infotainment system, industrial control safety consultant, diagnosis Engineer in charge, application support engineer, chief engineer, gateway engineer, commodity Planning Engineer, software engineer, Internet security architect, etc.

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