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Tencent smart retail and Jingdong Logistics jointly launched Jingteng cloud warehouse to build a new platform for retail ecological upgrading

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On April 17, the 2021 Jingdong yuncang ecological partnership conference was held at Jingdong headquarters in Beijing. At the meeting, Jingdong Logistics and Tencent smart retail jointly announced the launch of “Jingteng yuncang” to build a new platform, new business and new growth with Tencent smart retail as the online private field and Jingdong Logistics yuncang’s goods and logistics services as the supply chain field.

Jingteng yuncang will integrate the advantages of Jingdong Logistics in terms of cloud warehouse technology, logistics middle platform capability and supply chain industry standards, as well as Tencent’s global digital contact and intelligent retail production and research technology. It will enable the partners with dual brands and provide a one-stop solution of system + brand empowerment + business flow, Build a full link smart retail center with customer experience as the center.

This is a new attempt of Tencent smart retail to build a more efficient business field for business owners by taking advantage of its own advantages, helping brands win over social e-commerce and enabling the long-term development of Omni channel brands.

Based on the technology of Jingdong Logistics, Jingteng cloud warehouse will focus on the authoritative control of Jingteng certification system and warehousing operation, build industry benchmark and formulate unified standards in the industry. The tagging management advantages of Tencent smart retail will also play a role in maintaining ecological health, and will join hands with Tencent advertising to fully assist the development of partners.

The list of popular products from Tencent smart retail and Jingdong Logistics Technology will also be opened to partners one after another to help position the business wind vane. Limited time open Jingteng small program will optimize the performance experience. Jingteng cloud warehouse has also packaged diversified private domain operation tools of Tencent smart retail to help brand business take off in an all-round way.

Based on these capabilities, the launch of Jingteng yuncang will solve many logistics and supply chain pain points, such as unreasonable sub warehouse setting of direct e-commerce, slow delivery and performance, high logistics cost, hard to find hot money, hard to find brand, and high capital pressure.

At the launch and signing ceremony of Jingteng yuncang, fan Yijin, vice president of Tencent smart retail business, said: “the birth of Jingteng yuncang is a brand new business model created by connecting data, tools and systems from the perspective of consumer demand experience and enterprise operation efficiency. With industry operation supervision and industry health indicators to create double brand endorsement, and set platform exclusive products and resource advantages to create a core growth cycle. Let partners achieve logistics performance in a low-cost and efficient way. “

Li xiuran, vice general manager of Tencent smart retail business, said that Jingteng yuncang is the product of Tencent smart retail’s combination of the private domain operation methodology and digital tools deposited in the past few years with the advantages of Jingdong Logistics in the supply chain. Hope to help partners do business better.

(fan Yijin, vice president of Tencent smart retail business)

It is reported that Jingteng yuncang has provided the basic version and the standard version in terms of membership specifications, so that each ecological partner can benefit, and help all customers quickly enter the ecology and get in touch with their vision and system.

Strong alliance, create value together. The joint venture of Tencent smart retail and Jingdong Logistics to create Jingteng cloud warehouse is a valuable exploration in smart retail. In the future, Tencent smart retail will also open more innovative cooperation with its partners to help ecological partners improve the digital system in the increasingly prosperous environment of private domain ecology, so that more enterprises can achieve effective business growth. Read more: Fashion e-commerce platform fafaqi flash show landed in Chengdu, Tencent smart retail helped Chaozhou people break the circle, Tencent smart retail and Bain released the “white paper 2021 on private domain of smart retail”, jointly creating the “water wheel of private domain growth”, Tencent smart retail appeared in 2020 China International Retail Innovation conference, Tencent smart retail “Penguin lucky box” hit again, “Public domain + private domain combination boxing” helps new Tencent smart retail in spring and summer Infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries, We are social & houtsuite: the number of Internet users in the world reaches 4.66 billion, and Chinese people surf the Internet for 5 hours and 22 minutes every day. Yilu app opens the door-to-door nucleic acid testing team appointment channel. The first phase covers 10 cities in China. Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of commerce uses wechat to pay for “small businesses” More than 6000 supermarket stores in Shijiazhuang have been promoted to be online

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