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In recent years, China’s e-commerce continues to grow rapidly, and its scale, quality and efficiency are in the forefront of the world, which has become a new driving force for the development of global e-commerce. In 2019, the scale of e-commerce transactions in China will continue to expand and maintain a high-speed growth trend. E-commerce transaction volume was 34.6381 trillion yuan, and online retail sales was 10.63 trillion yuan, up 16.5% year-on-year. The proportion of total retail sales of consumer goods rose to 20.7%; in 2019, the revenue scale of China’s e-commerce logistics industry exceeded 700 billion yuan, and the number of e-commerce and logistics employees in China reached 57.2565 million. In 2019, the contribution rate of online retail sales to the total retail sales of social consumer goods will reach 45.6%, and it is estimated that the number of express packages will exceed 60 billion by the end of 2020.

Artificial intelligence, big data, small program and other technologies are widely used, and the modes of live e-commerce, social e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse are deepened and innovated, The trend of e-commerce driving the integration of online and offline development is more obvious. E-commerce has made positive contributions in promoting consumption, stabilizing foreign trade, helping the poor, expanding employment, and driving the digital transformation of industries. It has become an important driving force for stabilizing economic growth and high-quality development.

From the perspective of the international market, China has established bilateral e-commerce cooperation mechanisms with 22 countries in five continents, and “Silk Road e-commerce” has become a new channel for trade cooperation, which has led to the development of digital economy of partner countries, and has attracted more and more attention on the world stage.

E-commerce is the most important part of digital retail. In 2020, affected by the impact of the new crown epidemic, digital retail will usher in rapid development, and a large number of offline activities will be transferred to online, which will accelerate the transformation of traditional retail to digital retail mode, and promote the transformation of e-commerce logistics to intelligent and informatization. At the same time, the rapid development of fresh e-commerce has become an important force of social and economic development. During the epidemic period, orders of major fresh food platforms increased significantly year-on-year, and the turnover increased by more than 200%. In order to firmly implement the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, adhere to the new development concept, deeply promote the digital, networked and intelligent development, accelerate the application of digital technology and the development of strategic emerging industries such as 5g, Internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, e-commerce logistics, fresh e-commerce and cold chain logistics, green packaging and other digital technology applications and strategic emerging industries( Beijing) e-commerce logistics technology research institute decided to hold “the 10th Annual Conference of digital retail and e-commerce logistics entrepreneurs and annual meeting of fresh e-commerce industry” in Beijing, China from December 17 to 18, 2020.

The 10th Annual Conference of digital retail and e-commerce logistics entrepreneurs, formerly the annual conference of Chinese e-commerce and logistics entrepreneurs, has been successfully held for nine consecutive sessions. All previous annual conferences have won good industry reputation and social repercussions with ultra-high guest specifications, conference scale and extensive media dissemination. It is the most influential industry conference in the field of digital retail and logistics, and an important ideological feast to promote the development of digital retail and e-commerce logistics in China. This annual meeting is characterized by “intelligent innovation and smart gathering ecology” ”Focusing on the latest market trends in digital retail, e-commerce logistics, technology-based green recycling packaging and other industry segments, the epidemic situation has brought special development opportunities for fresh food platform, and put forward new tests for food supply, safety, freshness preservation, traceability and distribution effectiveness.

During the same period, a sub Forum on “cold chain sailing, circular packaging” will be held to explore new models of fresh e-commerce and cold chain logistics industry, and explore the most cutting-edge business models. It aims to build an ecological platform of digital e-commerce and intelligent logistics supply chain in all aspects, and realize the common prosperity of Commerce and logistics enterprises. At the same time, we will also hold an industry standard consultation meeting on “fresh e-commerce logistics packaging specification”.

Here, we sincerely invite you to take the time to participate in the grand event!

1、 Conference organization

China Business Association

Organizer: Commerce and logistics branch of China Federation of Commerce

China Enterprise Alliance (Beijing) e-commerce logistics technology research institute

Organizer: China Enterprise Alliance (Beijing) e-commerce logistics technology research institute

2、 Time and place: Beijing Hilton Doubletree Hotel, December 17-18, 2020

3、 Participants

Leaders of government agencies, industry associations, e-commerce and logistics industry chain related enterprises chairman, President, general manager, deputy general manager, director, supervisor, manager and academic experts.

4、 Conference arrangements

09:30-22:00, December 17, registration and exhibition arrangement

13: 00-18:00 consultation meeting on industry standard of fresh e-commerce logistics packaging

8:30-18:00, December 18

18: 30-21:00 Thanks & Awards Dinner

Topic 1: Digital retail

Topic 2: smart Logistics

Topic 3: informatization construction of agricultural product supply chain

Topic 4: Science and technology preservation packaging

Topic 5: fresh e-commerce and cold chain logistics

5、 Research direction

(1) Digital retail industry development policy and trend analysis.

(2) Digital retail (digital transformation, trend, strategy, brand retail digital business solutions, China’s digital retail best practice cases, digital retail and supply chain logistics)

(3) Informatization construction of agricultural product supply chain (national policy, informatization of agricultural product supply chain, cost reduction and efficiency increase of supply chain, and improvement of agricultural product circulation efficiency)

(4) Smart logistics (intelligent transportation, intelligent warehousing, intelligent distribution)

(5) Special topic of science and technology preservation packaging (exploration and practice of fresh-keeping packaging of domestic key enterprises, application of fresh-keeping recycling packaging, packaging materials and technological innovation, and how to build the whole society reverse logistics recycling system)

(6) Fresh e-commerce and cold chain logistics (business model innovation, fresh digital supply chain practice, cost control, preservation technology innovation)

6、 Award setting (Note: this award selection activity is jointly organized by China Enterprise Alliance (Beijing) e-commerce logistics technology research institute and industry experts)

(1) since novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in 2020, the retail and logistics enterprises have taken the initiative to act as generously, giving generously and offering love, providing transportation service guarantee for the prevention and control of the epidemic. In recognition of the outstanding contributions made by retail logistics enterprises during the period of epidemic prevention and control, this award is specially set up)

(2) Excellent service provider of domestic life logistics in 2020

(3) China’s top 10 logistics service providers (transportation, distribution, warehousing, etc.) in 2020

(4) China Digital retail technology innovation enterprise in 2020

(5) China smart logistics technology innovation and application Gold Award in 2020

(6) China’s cross border e-commerce logistics innovation enterprise in 2020

(7) China (Digital retail, logistics platform, urban logistics, instant distribution, green distribution, logistics supply chain, fresh e-commerce, cold chain logistics, green packaging) in 2020

(8) China (Digital retail, urban logistics, instant logistics, green distribution, fresh e-commerce, logistics supply chain, logistics technology and equipment, cold chain logistics, green packaging) customer satisfaction Gold Award in 2020

(9) China’s green logistics brand service providers in 2020 (green transportation, green warehousing, green distribution, green packaging)

(10) Digital retail and e-commerce logistics innovator in 2020

(11) Person of the year in 2020 for e-commerce green packaging

(12) 2020 cold chain fresh keeping packaging innovation award

(13) Excellent fresh e-commerce logistics service provider in 2020

(14) Gold Award for innovation of fresh retail safety and preservation service in 2020

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