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The following is the The CEO of dentcom was reported to have bribed GAC group’s senior employees, sexually assaulted them and insulted Chinese employees From Auto advertising industry earthquake recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

Recently, a report letter to GAC discipline inspection department and superior discipline inspection department showed that employees of Guangzhou Branch of dentcom digital reported the following behaviors in real name: Bozhi Maruyama, head of Guangzhou Branch of dentcom digital (Beijing) advertising company, and Zhang Zhexiang, CEO of DX dentcom digital

1. Collude with some personnel of GAC group and embezzle together.

Among them, Li Liang (trumpchi) of GAC group colluded with Zhang Zhexiang to enter a large number of fake delivery and designated suppliers to obtain the company’s profits. In fact, Li Liang and Zhang Zhe Xiang have a secret account. As a result of making false accounts to hide profits, the tax paid by DTT digital Guangzhou branch to Guangzhou municipal government from 2019 has been reduced by 90% compared with the past.

2. Insult Chinese people, especially bullying and insulting female employees in the workplace.

Every time Japanese come to the company, they ask Chinese employees to stand up, let all employees put down their hands to work, stand in their seats, clap, bow their heads to listen to Zhang Zhexiang and Japanese leaders’ lectures, and let Japanese people take photos and videos on the spot, completely losing the equal dignity that a Chinese should have in Japanese enterprises.

He publicly mocked the mediocrity of the current team serving GAC Toyota. He said that he wanted to replace the current team and recruit “women under the age of 30, with face and body”. He specially hired staff and asked the company’s front-line business staff to deal with GAC group’s Chinese and Japanese sides through bribery, drinking and peach trade.

According to the report letter, there are still more workplace sexual harassment and insults against Chinese female employees, which is really hard to say. The Commission for Discipline Inspection is requested to step in and collect evidence immediately.

3. Force business staff to participate in sex and bribery.

Every time we come to Guangzhou, we rent the apartments of Fuli Grand Hyatt and IELTS Pavilion, force male employees to share women with them, and repeatedly ask us to call the customers of GAC Toyota, Honda and trumpchi. But they were all rejected by us.

Here, we solemnly petition the Guangzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection, hoping that the government can immediately get involved in the affairs of dentcom, and immediately go to dentcom digital to collect evidence, seal accounts and check.

The signature of the letter includes: Wang Tao, head of GAC Toyota business unit, Yang Jingwen, former head of GAC Honda business unit, Shen Qiyu, former head of GAC trumpchi business unit, and Li Jie, Ma Chao and Fang Yixiao, heads of media.

Not long ago, the personnel “earthquake” just happened in the Guangzhou Branch of dentcom digital (hereinafter referred to as dentcom digital). According to Yijian financial report, the company’s team serving GAC Toyota received a resignation request from Zhang Zhe Xiang, CEO of dentcom digital, and his assistant Bozhi Maruyama in the early morning of January 8. Subsequently, the team members also received HR e-mail notice to sign the agreement on termination of labor contract through negotiation.

Established on August 1, 2008, Dianzhong digital (Beijing) Advertising Co., Ltd. (English Name: & C. Inc., pronounced et cetera [etc], Chinese abbreviation: Dianzhong digital), an online advertising company funded by the world advertising giant Japan Diantong group, was officially put into operation, with its headquarters in Beijing and branches in Shanghai and Guangzhou. “Dianzhong digital” will integrate market resources, creative resources and media resources to provide comprehensive services for the interactive field. The predecessor of “Dianzhong digital (Beijing) Advertising Co., Ltd.” is the digitation of Beijing Diantong Advertising Co., Ltd. since the beginning of online advertising operation in 1999, digitation of Beijing Diantong Advertising Co., Ltd. has been one of the largest online advertising agencies in China.

Dentcom digital is a long-term advertising service provider of GAC brand, and the dentcom team recently won the whole advertising case of the brand’s heavyweight new car. More reading: consumer brand report: finding the truth Silicon Valley giants’ real trouble in the past 20 years: failing to reshape the real world CCFA: in 2019, China supermarket top 100 Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been provided to dozens of countries, 50 + global speakers, 1000 + enterprise decision makers, and 10W + people to reach cdie2020! Sechand and Tencent jointly build an “advertising anti fraud laboratory” to purify the Internet advertising environment. Pay homage to the media workers in the National Day parade. Lerong CEO and his party went to lookout weekly for in-depth discussion. 1987-1997: the rise of Starbucks Coffee empire. CEO’s annual salary is hundreds of times higher than that of employees. Is their role so great? Database selection guide that CEO can understand! CDIE Summit Forum, gathering digital consensus, the first RPA + AI forum of world artificial intelligence conference, five new products of cloud expansion technology leading industry innovation

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