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The dialogue of the views of the bigwigs — the carbon neutral route of the digital economy From Activity Notice

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Digital economy is a new driving force for sustainable development in the context of global changes. Thanks to multiple favorable policies, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao big bay district is ushering in a new upsurge of digital economy development.

In order to seize the opportunities given by industry digitization and digital industrialization, implement the national strategic plan of digital economy and new infrastructure, and promote the high-speed and healthy development of IDC industry as the digital cornerstone, it is under the guidance of relevant departments of Shenzhen municipal government, sponsored by data center committee of China Communications Industry Association and Shenzhen Digital Economy Industry Promotion Association, The first bay area digital economy industry development forum and idcc2021 Shenzhen station, CO organized by Guangdong data center industry alliance and China IDC industry annual ceremony organizing committee, will be held at Shenzhen Zhongzhou Marriott Hotel from April 29 to 30.

Since the end of last year, carbon peaking and carbon neutralization have become hot words. At this year’s NPC and CPPCC sessions, the government put forward the “3060 goal” — to achieve the peak of carbon by 2020 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Xiao Yaqing, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that in 2021, action plans and road maps for key industries to achieve carbon peak will be formulated. The proportion of digital economy in GDP is growing day by day, and energy supports the development of digital economy. How to practice carbon neutrality in digital economy is of great significance for China to achieve the “3060” goal. On the whole, it can be divided into two levels: the first is how the digital economy related industries achieve their own carbon neutrality, and the second is how the digital economy industries and enterprises help traditional fields and industries to achieve carbon neutrality.

The first bay area digital economy industry development forum and idcc2021 Shenzhen station set up a round table dialogue on “digital economy carbon neutral route” at the main forum on 29th. The round table moderator Zhang Binghua, general manager of Baidu system department, invited Zhang Jing, director of industrial energy of Shenzhen Bureau of statistics, relevant leaders of Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, and general manager of information center of Shenzhen Gas Group Co., Ltd Zou Song, deputy general manager of Shenzhen smart city big data center Co., Ltd., Sun Bin, chief operating officer of Zhujian intelligence, representatives of Shugen Internet enterprises and representatives from energy-saving technology enterprises jointly discussed the carbon neutral route of digital economy and shared their exploration practice in carbon neutral.

The dialogue will focus on:

Carbon emission statistical accounting and supervision

Development and application of green and clean energy

Exploration and planning of carbon neutralization in various industries

Data center stock optimization and green energy saving

How can industrial Internet and AI help carbon neutralization

Application and development trend of green energy saving technology


Many experts and senior executives from the industry gathered at the conference, and some guests attended the conference

Lin Qingmin, vice president of Kehua Hengsheng

Wang Yujie, chairman / CEO of Nanxing Equipment Co., Ltd. (the only one in Guangdong)

Yang Peifeng, director and vice president of aofei data

Zou Song, deputy general manager of Shenzhen smart city big data center Co., Ltd

Xu Rui, director, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Beijing Zhongke Heying Data Technology Co., Ltd

Wang Jianxin, general manager of operation and maintenance center of Beijing Zhongke Heying Data Technology Co., Ltd

Zhang Guanghe, chief engineer of digital energy of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd

Xu Jun, senior vice president of dataport

Liang Yan, senior vice president of Wanguo data

Zeng Chao, executive deputy general manager of Three Gorges big data company

Li Li, President of Runze Technology

Yin Feiping, vice president of technology of Hisense

Zhang Jing, general manager of information center of Shenzhen Gas Group

Ning Qi, CEO of halo cloud

Fan Qiang, vice president of Electronic Engineering Institute of electronic engineering design and Research Institute of CAAP

Li Xinxin, vice president of e-hualu

Dong Wanqing, director of the general clearing center of the people’s Bank of China

Li Anbo, vice president of Shanghai primary network information service Co., Ltd

Fang Hongkuan, chief engineer of ZTE

Yang Kaiyin, marketing director of ZTE

Scan the QR code below immediately or click “read the original text” to sign up for the conference and listen to the dialogue of “digital economy carbon neutral route” on the spot!

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Schedule of idcc2021 Shenzhen station  •

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