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The new mixed staff team is becoming the new normal From Palo Alto networks

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The beginning of the new year is traditionally a time to look back affectionately at the past year and try to predict what might happen this year. However, 2020 is full of challenges in many aspects, which makes it difficult to look back affectionately. However, I’ve always been grateful for one area – the technology that allows many of us to go back to work at home.

There was no parallel in history. COVID-19, which has been restricted to the enterprise park, can suddenly realize telecommuting. The epidemic has also accelerated the pace of digital transformation, requiring it and network security teams to ensure that the infrastructure and resources necessary for their work are safe and available. And these changes are not temporary.

Public opinion surveys again and again have confirmed that permanent changes have taken place in the way we work and operate. In fact, according to a recent Pew Research poll, 90% of respondents “don’t want to go back to the office full-time, even if it’s safe to do so.”. Even the vast majority of it decision makers hope that telecommuting “can be maintained for a long time or permanently”.

Hybrid workforce has now become the new normal, forcing enterprises to restructure their network and security infrastructure, not only to make enterprise resources available 24 hours a day, but also to provide the best user experience for their remote workforce. However, the traditional system in the rush to support all these new remote employees and new business methods, exposed great limitations. At the beginning of the design, these systems never considered rapid expansion, nor did they consider providing consistent security and the best experience without location restrictions.

It is not suitable for the new hybrid workforce that traditional systems and single point product solutions are pieced together to meet the needs of different places. We need a new model to safely support today’s growing remote workforce. No matter where users are or what applications they visit, this mode can provide consistent security and the best experience. To describe this pattern, Gartner coined the term SASE (secure access service edge) to align network and security with emerging business and employee needs.

Palo Alto networks prism access and prism sd-wan have brought changes to network security, providing the most comprehensive cloud native SASE platform in the industry, enabling enterprises to easily support the dynamic security access needs of their mixed employees. Prism access takes advantage of our industry-leading security features and almost unlimited public cloud scale of Amazon Web services and Google cloud platform to provide users with connections in more than 100 locations in 76 countries / regions, and can quickly and automatically add more features as the number of users changes.

We have spent more than ten years to improve our single channel security processing architecture and cloud delivery security services, and our more than 75000 enterprise customers know and love these services. We have achieved ultra fast security processing in our own cloud, and the SLA of security processing is 10 times higher than that of our nearest competitors.

We are proud to provide support to large global enterprises to meet the needs of COVID-19 to expand their remote access capabilities, such as PWC. They extend the size of their remote staff to 225 thousand without interruption of business, and Schlumberger passed Prisma Access increased the number of remote users from 25 thousand to 85 thousand in a matter of days. Flex had very few remote employees before COVID-19, and suddenly had to ensure the safety of 20 thousand remote workers within a few days to ensure that production operations were not disturbed.

The sudden and unexpected demand to support a large number of remote employees has brought great pressure to the security infrastructure that has not been optimized for rapid expansion. At Palo Alto networks, we have meticulously built an architecture that can provide comprehensive security and access services from a single platform, with the scale and flexibility customers need. COVID-19 is a great challenge for all SASE suppliers. We are glad to support our customers at this moment.

Previously, Okta pointed out in their home office research report that when COVID-19 came, the remote access solution of Palo Alto Networks platform was the fastest growing. But in the final analysis, prism access is a service. Like all services, what we value more is the actual effect it brings to customers.

Mr. Chen Wenjun, President of Palo Alto networks in Greater China

How do you think you are ready for the next solarwinds attack? Not really, Palo Alto Networks:Twitter Enterprise usage increases by 250% in half a year? Softlayer, a cloud service provider: acquired by IBM for about US $2 billion global webindex: as of November 2014, wechat has more than 3 million users in the United States. Siemens (China) uses Amazon cloud service (AWS) to build a new smart home system. Top secret hacker group Tao of the national security Agency (NSA): specializing in foreign intelligence AWS, a Chinese start-up for cancer diagnosis, announced the launch of new regions in Hong Kong. At present, it has provided 64 zones in 21 regions around the world. Google: cloud computing business will surpass advertising business in the next five years. Spiceworks: 239 network security start-ups attracted more than $1.4 billion in venture capital in 2013

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