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Digital transformation or from “Elective Course” to “compulsory course”

On the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020, with the epidemic situation becoming more and more serious, the new year’s films have announced the withdrawal of files, and the major courtyard lines have closed down, and the domestic film industry has fallen into recession. Tiktok and the audience regret that the movie can not be released as scheduled. Joyful media announced the byte beating of the movie “embarrassed mother”, which was originally shown on the cinema at 630 million, and was broadcast free of charge on the new year’s day, under the byte of the watermelon video and the shaking sound.

The social isolation under the epidemic situation has pushed the importance of streaming media to a new height, and the digital transformation of film and television media companies is imminent.

In September this year, Disney’s “Mulan” was directly launched into its own streaming media Disney + in the United States; in December, Warner Bros. announced that all 17 films released in North America in 2021 would be launched on HBO max, its streaming media. The encroachment of streaming media on cinema layout reflects the future trend of digital transformation of film and television media, a special industry. If the epidemic situation is normalized, this “Elective Course” for temporary emergency purposes may become a “required course” for the industry to survive.

The change of the film and television media industry reflects the changes in all fields of China’s industry. On December 10, at the world Forum on digital transformation, professionals from various enterprises and industries agreed that “in 2020, affected by the epidemic situation, digital transformation is changing from ‘necessary’ to ‘must'”.

Breakthrough in the overall layout, knowing the forest and seeing the trees

In recent years, digitization has been mentioned many times and has become a commonplace concept. However, in the cognition of many people, digitalization is informatization. When an enterprise moves its business from offline to online, it completes the digital transformation.

In fact, the key of informatization lies in “online”, that is, all business lines are connected, and the attribute of “tool” is relatively heavy. Digital transformation involves the transformation of business, organization, thought and other levels, and informatization is only a part of digital transformation. Digitalization is not a simple tool, but a deep change starting from business.

Digital transformation involves all aspects of enterprises, and needs overall planning and layout. It is not simply to set up a digital department, but to empower digital capabilities to every department, every position and every employee of the enterprise. Only by empowering all staff can we truly realize the digital transformation.

However, the overall awareness does not mean that the enterprise must open its bow on all sides. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, the purpose of digital reform is to survive. They need to combine market environment and their own situation. When enterprises do not have the ability to lay out in many ways, we may as well start from the strong application of “small and fine”, accumulate strength and run quickly. On the road of digital transformation, enterprises should not only have the overall view of “looking at the whole forest”, but also should have the concentration of “insight into each tree”.

Still water runs deep

Great progress is always accompanied by great crisis. For enterprises, the most important thing is to keep a clear mind and turn challenges into opportunities for development. Digitization is a trend, it can not be achieved overnight, but as long as enterprises do a good job in every step of the current, step by step, steady, is an excellent enterprise in the new era.

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