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Top 20 of new economy company’s talent inflow releases “talent flow and migration 2021”

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Hangzhou’s talent activity surpasses “Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen” and Hangzhou is promoted to the new media capital

The education industry is most favored by new employees in the workplace, and Internet people flock to new economic fields such as education

Talent engine of new economy

With the dual drive of stable and controllable epidemic situation and digital transformation, the supply and demand of talents is booming, which also makes the new economy industry become a place for the emergence of new career opportunities. Under the trend of the new economy, the flow of talents and the direction of opportunities have become a topic of concern for workers.

In this context, the workplace social networking platform recently released the “new economy, new choices – talent flow and migration 2021” report (hereinafter referred to as “talent flow report”). The report presents a lot of referential data: in terms of career choice, parents’ influence on the post-90s’ and post-90s’ and post-90s’ and post-90s’ and Post-70s’ views on career choice is higher than that of post-80s’ and Post-70s’ views; in 2021, employees’ mentality of career choice will be more stable and seek “gold”. On the one hand, the tolerance of “job hopping with salary cut” is increasing; on the other hand, middle and grass-roots workers regard “salary income” as the most important factor for job hunting, while “equity / option” as the least important factor; “stability” is the third most important factor for grass-roots workers. From the perspective of talent activity in the field of new economy, the talent activity of games, artificial intelligence and new education and training is higher; compared with that of traditional industries such as new financial technology, communication and new energy vehicles, the talent activity is lower.

Wang Qian, co-founder of pulse, said that the “talent flow report” released this time strives to explore the driving factors of talent activity and flow in the form of data, gain insight into the talent and people behind the data, and provide valuable information and ideas for the opportunity selection of employees in the “year of 2021 recovery”. In addition, as a workplace social platform, a large number of real workplace information generated by real employees are gathered. We hope that through mutual help and sharing of interactive workplace community atmosphere, we can help employees understand the target enterprise in advance, so as to make a more in-depth and comprehensive comparison and make better career choices in job hopping and career selection.

It is reported that in the “ask employees” section, which contains interactive contents such as the inside information of big factories, real salary disclosure, and how to choose offers, the number of user questions in the first week of March increased by about 1.5 times compared with the fourth week of February. A lot of information that people in the workplace are interested in attracts much attention — how to compare the rank systems of different Internet companies? What’s the future of the team culture and business development of the company you are about to join? What is the salary range for the rank? The answers from the internal staff enable the employees who plan to join in the work to make more long-term and thoughtful decisions in the questions of whether to jump or where to jump.

Grassroots employees feel that equity is not good, and they pay more attention to “the money they get”

“Self” is the pronoun of generation Z, but this kind of “endorsement” does not seem to be fully tenable in career choice. As for the influence of choosing industries, the post-85 generation has the highest proportion of listening to “self”, followed by the post-95 generation. However, the post-90 generation, who has just entered their infancy, has a lower proportion of following self.

At the same time, if the horizontal comparison of parents and family members’ influence on career choice, after 95, it reached 35%, which was most affected by parents. On the contrary, the Post-70s and post-80s are less influenced by their parents.

What factors will you consider when choosing your next job The problem is that the middle and basic level workers put “salary income” in the first place, while the “equity / option” is ranked last. This is somewhat surprising. Bijing, whenever the news of an Internet company’s listing comes out, the news that its employees get rich overnight will become the talk in the market. The chicken soup of “choice is more important than effort” makes the employees look forward to joining an enterprise with “money prospect”. But from a practical point of view, when people in the workplace make career choices, they still rank the future money of “equity / options” behind the real money they have.

The data shows that the more grass-roots employees feel that options are not important. In the view of pulse career experts, on the one hand, it is because grass-roots employees are less likely to obtain equity / options; on the other hand, it may also indicate that employees do not have high expectations for the future listing of Internet companies, and they can’t wait for the harvest time of the listing More importantly, it shows the low-risk preference of grass-roots employees. For example, in the face of the choice of “high base salary” and “high bonus”, 67.8% of the grassroots employees choose “high base salary”. It is further proved that “money in hand” is more attractive than “unknown money”.

In terms of turnover incentives, money and work content are the main reasons, especially for the middle and basic level employees. In addition to the lack of money, “too much overtime” is the main incentive for employees to leave. This attitude is particularly obvious among grass-roots employees. “Too much overtime” accounts for 40.2% of the turnover incentives, while only 11.6% of the senior managers choose this option. The most important inducement is that there are problems in corporate values and corporate culture. The reason of “not recognizing the boss or leader” as the reason of resignation increases slightly with the increase of position level.

The rise of education and the competition of new energy automobile industry

Affected by epidemic factors, spring recruitment in 2020 will become a low level of talent activity. According to the data of talent flow report, in 2020, it Internet is still in the top position in talent activity ranking. At the same time, transportation, logistics, automobile and other industries are also in the top of talent activity ranking in 2020, or due to the acceleration of intelligent and digital transformation, many job seekers smell new opportunities.

According to the report data, the talent activity of typical industries reaches the peak in Q3, especially in the IT Internet industry. However, from the perspective of employment competition (the statistical caliber of “employment competition” is: the number of people / jobs with strong willingness to apply for jobs), the annual employment competition of it Internet and automobile industry continues to ease, and the employment competition of Q4 is lower than that of Q3.

The education industry will rise rapidly in 2020. Together with the IT / Internet industry, it will become the industry that new employees want to work in.

The activity of new economy talents ranked top in e-commerce, new life services and new education and training

According to the talent flow report, e-commerce, new life services and new education and training have become the three “talent introduction highlands” in the major new economy fields in 2020. Besides the pure Internet, enterprise services are also more attractive to talents than the once popular financial technology fields.

Game, artificial intelligence and new education will become the hot areas in 2020, and the talent activity will continue to rise. However, from the perspective of employment competition, the competition degree of game industry is only 1.7, while that of artificial intelligence is 4.38. In contrast, traditional industries, such as communications and new energy vehicles, have a deeper impact, with lower talent activity and greater employment competition.

Hangzhou surpasses Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and its talent activity is second only to Beijing

Digital transformation and the development of new economy bring new opportunities for industries in many fields, such as new education, artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware and so on. It also brings new possibilities for the regional flow of talents. The competition for talents between cities is surging.

In 2020, Hangzhou ranks second in China in terms of talent activity, surpassing Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and second only to Beijing. However, compared with the talent supply-demand ratio, we can find that Hangzhou’s supply-demand ratio also ranks second in the country, indicating that the city presents a situation of booming supply and demand and low employment pressure.

From the perspective of urban employment competition, it is a general trend for talents to gather and develop in the metropolitan area of urban agglomeration. However, the differences of career opportunities between the core cities in the metropolitan area represented by Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou and the surrounding cities are still significant. In the central and western cities, the employment competition degree of Chengdu and Wuhan is less than that of the non core cities in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration. Among the top ten cities with the lowest degree of employment competition, Fuzhou and Xiamen are listed in Fujian Province, and the pressure of employment competition is less than that of many cities in the Pearl River Delta.

New economy brings more new opportunities to non first tier cities, and city classification is no longer the only standard to measure the future potential of cities. The cities in the Yangtze River economic belt have a brilliant performance in the stock of new economic talents. In 2020, the Yangtze River Economic Belt will account for six of the top ten cities in the stock of new economic talents in China. In addition to Shanghai and Hangzhou, it also includes Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing, Chongqing and other non first tier cities. In Chengdu and Wuhan, the number of new economic talents is slightly ahead of Nanjing.

Relying on the local industrial accumulation and location advantages, some new first and second tier cities are leading the wave in some new economic fields — Wuhan and Chengdu are rising in the field of education and training; Qingdao, Foshan and other cities are also developing rapidly in the field of intelligent hardware relying on the original industrial advantages of home appliance manufacturing; relying on the active advantages of e-commerce and cultural industry, Hangzhou is becoming the second largest city after Beijing China new media talent gathered in the second city.

“Huangpu Military Academy” of Tal education and training

Alibaba is the new economy company with the largest inflow of talents in 2020, followed by Alibaba. And the Kwai is in the third place. Relatively speaking, Tencent’s popularity is slightly inferior, ranking fourth. Byte beat continues to expand, becoming the preferred place for all kinds of Internet companies to change jobs, but at the same time, it also exports talents to various head companies.

Alibaba, pinduoduo, Jingdong and other top e-commerce talents are flowing to byte beat. In the new life service field, the first choice for employees of meituan, didi and shell is also byte beat. Baidu continues to be an important talent exporter for leading Internet companies.

Driven by the rapid development of online education industry, in 2020, career opportunities will emerge in the field of online education. Many online education enterprises, such as who to learn from, homework help, ape guidance, etc., will be listed in the list. Talents from new economy companies will net flow into the top 20, while tal, an old education institution, will become the “Huangpu Military Academy” in the field of new education and training, providing talents to all.

Open a long-term “long-term doctrine” in the workplace

Talent flow is not only the source of economic vitality, but also the path of personal achievement of career dream. For the “golden three silver four” recruitment season in 2021, the report on talent flow and migration 2021 has the following suggestions:

First of all, before job hopping, understand the real workplace information in advance to avoid short-term and simple decision-making. With the help of the experience of “insiders” and “past people”, we can realize the cognitive dimension upgrading and break the circle link, which helps the workplace to seek “gold” in stability, and have a better money path and prospect through “long-term” decision-making.

Secondly, we need to have a more long-term view of career choice. For new employees, we need to see their way out in five years’ time, and have patience to make medium and long-term plans. For the 30-year-old or even 35 year-old workers, when they are employed, they should focus on the cultural adaptability and business model of the enterprise. When they are engaged in a long-term valuable job, the current accumulation will be more meaningful.

In addition, salary is the most easy standard to judge, but it is also easy to get lost. We should not simply consider big cities and salary standards as the only two rigid needs. We should choose industries based on our own ability and characteristics to find areas with high matching degree. We can’t simply use the dichotomy of “traditional industry” or “Internet industry” to make career choice. We should see the development law of different new economic fields and the industrial layout characteristics of different cities, so as to select the right opportunities for the future.

It is worth mentioning that with the arrival of the peak of job recruitment, the activity of “asking employees” has increased greatly. Its questions and interactive content gathered a lot of information about the work of large factories, real salary disclosure, how to choose an offer, and so on. For example: “how to choose a few offers?” “The Internet can’t do the management, where is the way out in the future?” “Al company P7 gave 45k, what level?” “How many rounds does it take for a job interview?” And so on. In the “ask employees” section, you can get answers from the company’s internal employees, which can provide valuable decision-making reference for the job hopping season in 2021. Read more: pulse Institute: 2021 talent flow and migration report pulse release statement response to online “B station Sue unfair competition win”: reconciled with BiliBili pulse data Institute: annual report of China’s workplace flow trend 2021 pulse release 2021 spring recruitment talent flow big data: artificial intelligence adults are the most active new economic field Game, new life service, intelligent hardware and other new economic fields are the best to find a job: 2014 entrepreneur network survey report (with information chart) pulse: 2018 spring popular recruitment position pulse & CTR & GroupM: 2019 China workplace social report China Institute of Information Technology & Pulse: 2018 digital economy talent flow report (with download) pulse: 2019 graduate growth Guide (with download) car Zhibao & Pulse: analysis report on car changing needs of working people (attached with download) pulse: top ten most popular positions in spring 2017 pulse: three views of working women Pulse & safe doctor: 65% of Chinese working women health survey in 2017 have psychological problems pulse: contemporary working people’s marriage pulse: 2020 talent attraction report (attached with download)

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