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Toshiba is going to become an overseas brand with the best understanding of Chinese families

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Toshiba TV, which was the top seller in Japan last month, began to increase its weight in the Chinese market. On April 22, at the Shanghai big screen summit, Toshiba TV announced that it would carry the jumeihao AI system in the Chinese market. With the help of jumeihao technology’s deep cultivation in content ecology, service ecology and technology ecology, it would provide Chinese families with high-quality and high-end full scene cloud services.

As Japan’s “father of color TV”, Toshiba adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship and takes Seiko and innovation as its product concept, making “Toshiba, Toshiba, Toshiba of the new era” the memory of a generation. According to the third-party survey data, in March 2021, Toshiba TV’s share reached 20.5%, surpassing sharp, which has been dominating Japan for 17 years, and becoming the champion of Japan’s color TV market. This year, Toshiba TV will continue to make efforts in China. While focusing on high-end fields of sound and picture quality, Toshiba TV will greatly improve its intelligent level, with both hardware and software.

Based on the construction of AI cloud platform and big data capability, jumeikan technology will give Toshiba TV a new aura. Based on the Chinese home user experience, Toshiba TV’s one click direct, minimalist interaction and other functions, as well as the industry’s first full scene AI image search product, 24 dialect interaction, watching and chatting and other video social functions, will bring a more suitable experience for Chinese users.

Based on the long-term research and deep technical cultivation of Chinese families, juhaokan has formed a full scene service ecosystem with family entertainment, online education, big screen games and telecommuting as the core. Together with Netflix, aitenyou and other top content providers in the world, Toshiba brand is enabled by AI cloud brain, making Toshiba the overseas brand that understands Chinese families best. Read more: how to develop and deploy AI systems to make them more reliable Fairness and stability (attached with the original data sheet) reveal Alibaba cloud AI: the “infrastructure” in the AI era Google CEO: Google’s biggest threat is its own success Google reveals its own translation system: how to use AI technology to improve translation quality people’s Bank of China: survey report of urban depositors in the first quarter of 2019 GMIC online Pro held in September New technology trend! Ali Damo Institute released AI earth, which can accurately analyze remote sensing satellite, UAV and other image information. The first RPA + AI forum of the world artificial intelligence conference, five new products of cloud expansion technology, led the industry innovation. Jinjing, the “drama elite”, joined Hisense traffic workshop, AI is being held in Guangdong to focus on the industrial Internet +5G. The Fifth China (International) Internet plus Expo in China leads the “intelligent” era. The brother AI released the strongest AI chip with light 800. Qiniuyun x Chengshi technology finds the answer: takingdata T11 2019 data intelligence technology summit holds AI, which will become an industry subverter. Zhongke Chuangda joins hands with Amazon cloud service (AWS) to accelerate AI deployment in smart industry. ADC system is fully integrated. Amazon sagemaker bucks the market and invests AI technology to grind algorithm recommendation engine. Qutoutiao 2020q1 R & D investment is as high as 281 million yuan

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