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Trustdata released its first quarter report, Sina News Mau rose 26.9%, entering the top two of the industry for the first time

The following is the Trustdata released its first quarter report, Sina News Mau rose 26.9%, entering the top two of the industry for the first time recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

Recently, trustdata, a well-known big data organization in China, released the 2021 Q1 China Mobile Internet industry development analysis report (hereinafter referred to as the report). The report shows that users’ demand for information is growing vigorously, and Sina News is growing brightly. The average daily usage time of users is more than 40 minutes, up 27.9% year on year; Mau increased by 26.9% year on year, ranking in the top two of the industry for the first time.

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With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the empowerment of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, the news and information industry is moving from barbaric growth to intensive cultivation. The former rough content operation mode has been unable to meet the personalized reading needs of users. Although the whole industry is still looking for a way out in the information ecology with complex and fragmented content, some platforms have begun to explore and try to operate delicately, and have achieved initial results. For example, Sina News began to create a “Sina hot list” last year to provide users with a convenient “list” hot consumption window of the whole network.

For users, getting hot news pays more attention to timeliness and value. For this reason, “Sina hot list” relies on Sina’s unique “eagle eye system” to quickly detect and collect multi-source information lists, including microblogs. According to the attribution of elements such as heat value, it integrates again and refreshes every 10 minutes to ensure the fresh supply of hot content. In addition to machine collection, “Sina hot list” also improves the ranking priority of hot news released by authoritative media through strategy intervention and manual editing of entries, and makes the semantics of each hot news more complete, so as to further improve the readability and extensibility of hot news on the list, and make hot events more comprehensive and intuitive. After users click on each hot entry, they can see the matching rich information flow components, and they can easily consume the whole process of hot spots.

Up to now, “Sina hot list” has achieved full coverage of current affairs, people’s livelihood, finance, science and technology, entertainment, sports, games and other fields, meeting the personalized and vertical information needs of different users. In particular, through the continuous output of PGC + UGC high-quality content, the weight of entertainment and non news topics should be appropriately reduced, and the balance between public issues and minority interests should be taken into account. With high-quality and valuable incremental information, users’ consumption of hot news information should be promoted to deep value reading.

With the continuous improvement of products, “Sina hot list” has become one of the key products of Sina News. Thanks to users’ recognition of “Sina hot list”, Sina News Mau and users’ long-term data have both increased, ranking in the top two of the industry for the first time. In addition, Sina News continues to penetrate into groups with strong consumption power. High quality users account for an increasingly prominent proportion in consumer areas such as business office, cross-border e-commerce, finance and automobileā€œ “High net worth” has become a prominent feature of Sina News users.

Adhere to the content quality line, and strive to upgrade the information consumption service and experience. Sina News officials said that it is not only necessary to let more netizens pay attention to value information, but also to win the public’s value recognition. Sina News will continue to explore in depth in the direction of professionalism, quality and innovation, so as to help users enjoy the convenience of efficient reading authority and comprehensive information, as well as the ability to pursue truth and deep thinking in the era of information overload. More reading: demand Gen: manufacturers expand digital conversion to sales and marketing report CCFA: Top 100 Chinese convenience stores list in 2021! Idcc2021 Shenzhen station Conference Guide release (with complete agenda) [countdown 1 day] OFweek invites you to participate in this automotive electronic technology event! Zhaoyang Lenovo Zhaoyang helps every important moment with its hard core strength, Five new products of cloud expansion technology lead industry innovation questm obile:2020 The digital insight report on the rise of new domestic products boosts the rise of “new domestic products”. How to play with the flow closed-loop micro signal and add friends who can’t transfer money? This rumor is a bit off the mark. Medtrend: after masks and ventilators, Xinguan is short of dialysis products!

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