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Uipath acquires cloud elements to extend API based automation

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Uipath, an RPA enterprise software company, recently announced that it has acquired cloud elements, which has a groundbreaking API integration platform. Through this acquisition, uipath continues to lead innovation in the automation market, which is considered to be the first supplier to provide enterprise level user interface (UI) and API based automation functions on a single platform. This means that uipath customers can flexibly use the best combination of UI and API based automation to achieve process automation.

Daniel, the founder and CEO of uipath, says that it’s much easier to deploy some of the more expensive and time-consuming activities. The acquisition of cloud elements is just an example of how we are building a flexible and scalable enterprise class platform to help our customers become fully automated. “

“Enterprise automation requires enterprise connectivity,” says Mark geene, co-founder and CEO of cloud elements. Combining our API integration and management capabilities with uipath’s powerful products can enhance enterprise connectivity and expand the scope and efficiency of global enterprise automation projects. “

In order to achieve the greatest advantage of automation, enterprises usually need a unified, multi-functional automation method based on UI and API. Today, the industry’s leading UI and ERP based applications can be integrated with native iPTH API. The acquisition accelerates uipath’s ability to help customers achieve full API based automation.

Acceleration: cloud elements brings more than 200 new native integrations to uipath, and implements new functions, such as the ability to trigger automatic processes according to the occurrence of events. In addition, extensive and standardized integration methods help customers develop automated processes faster, further enhancing the powerful time value proposition that uipath brings to enterprises.

Flexibility: uipath customers can flexibly use the best automation combination based on UI and API to realize process automation. Cloud elements implements platform wide native integration, which is accessible at every stage of the automation life cycle, and enables all users, from IT professionals to RPA developers to civilian developers, to make use of a wide range of automation component libraries.

Governance: the cloud elements function expands enterprise governance based on API automated processes, ensuring that standard practices around API use can be implemented and enforced.

Uipath has long advocated an open ecosystem, which is more important today than ever. Ted kummert, executive vice president of product and engineering at uipath, said, “we have invested in API integration for some time, building native integration with commonly used enterprise systems. As our customers use uipath platform more and more, it is expected to expand these integration requirements quickly. Cooperating with a mature API integration platform company, we have accelerated our plan in the field of API based integration and brought relevant professional knowledge. This means that uipath customers now have the flexibility to use both UI and API automation functions for seamless automation. “

Cloud elements has a wide customer base, including SAP, capital one, DocuSign, icims, FIS, axway, paysimple, teampay, dun & Bradstreet and Xerox.


Cooley LLP acted as uipath’s legal adviser in connection with the transaction. Growthpoint technology partners, LLC is the financial adviser of cloud elements, and bartlit Beck LLP is its legal adviser. More reading: Top 10 APIs affecting the Internet industry – data information graph analysis: seven key information graphs for building successful APIs: the rise of e-commerce shopping API “RPA is one of the fastest growing segments in the enterprise software market. With the continuous improvement of the competition threshold, more and more manufacturers enter the market.” Domestic RPA is recognized by the world again, and cloud expansion becomes the first mainstream RPA manufacturer recommended by Forrester and Gartner at the same time. Download RPA report | Craig, chief analyst of Forrester, interprets how RPA builds a people-oriented enterprise. Mashery: the future of API Channel – data information chart 2019-2021 global RPA software revenue scale (attached with the original data sheet) China Insurance Asset Management Association: 2018-2020 China’s insurance asset management industry financial technology development report (download) RPA report: the contribution of cosmetics industry to European social economy: ProgrammableWeb: data show that the global API volume is increasing rapidly, focusing on industrial interconnection +5G The Fifth China (Guangdong) International “Internet plus” Expo led the “wisdom” to create the era big data processing start-ups Zoomdata was awarded $4 million 100 thousand The Trade Desk (second Trade), the earnings retention rate of the second quarter still remained above the 95%AI open source dataset Top 39: NLP, voice and other 6 categories.

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