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Walt Disney uses Amazon cloud technology to support the global expansion of Disney +

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Walt Disney takes Amazon cloud technology as its preferred cloud infrastructure provider, and uses Amazon cloud technology’s mature global infrastructure to improve performance and reliability in the process of its streaming media service Disney + expanding to the world

Beijing, May 7, 2021  — Amazon cloud technology announced that Walt Disney is using Amazon cloud technology to expand its online streaming video service Disney + around the world. Disney + is one of the largest online streaming video services in the world. Walt Disney takes Amazon cloud technology as its preferred public cloud infrastructure provider to support the explosive growth of Disney + service, which has rapidly exceeded 100 million users only 16 months after its launch in November 2019. With Amazon cloud technology’s fault-tolerant and high-performance infrastructure, Walt Disney has rapidly expanded Disney + to 59 countries in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Still photo of the Mandalorian by Walt Disney Company

After Walt Disney announced its intention to launch a dedicated streaming media service in August 2017, it took one year to lay the foundation for streaming media service. With the flexible and secure cloud video infrastructure supported by Amazon cloud technology, Disney + will be able to support more than 10 million new user registrations 24 hours after its launch on November 12, 2019. In order to meet the high expectations of consumers and cope with the huge global scale demand, Disney + technical experts work closely with Amazon cloud technology to balance the load, cope with the peak traffic, and meet the audience’s huge peak demand for high-quality content such as hamilton hamilton, Mulan Mulan and the Mandalorian.

Carla stratfold, vice president of global strategic customers of Amazon cloud technology, said: “Disney + brings deeply loved characters and eternal stories to audiences around the world through world-class, direct to consumer video services. Only the mature global infrastructure and unparalleled capabilities of Amazon cloud technology can deliver such reliable, scalable and performance rich services to enable the global expansion of this exciting world-class streaming media service. We look forward to continuing to provide Walt Disney with comprehensive cloud computing capabilities and expertise to help them reshape streaming entertainment for Disney fans around the world. “

About Amazon cloud technology

For more than 15 years, Amazon Web services has been a world-famous cloud platform with rich services and wide applications. Amazon cloud technology has been expanding its service portfolio to support almost any workload on the cloud. At present, it provides more than 200 full-featured services, including computing, storage, database, networking, analysis, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Internet of things, mobile, security, hybrid cloud, virtual reality and augmented reality, media, and application development In terms of deployment and management, it covers 80 zones (AZ) in 25 geographical regions, and has announced plans to build 5 new zones and 15 new zones in Australia, India, Indonesia, Spain and Switzerland. Millions of customers around the world, including fast-growing start-ups, large enterprises and leading government agencies, rely on Amazon cloud technology to strengthen its infrastructure, improve agility and reduce costs through its services. For more information about Amazon cloud technology, please visit: .

About Disney+

Disney + streaming platform is dedicated to movies and programs from Disney, Pixar, marvel, star wars and National Geographic. Star is the new integrated entertainment content brand in some international markets. As part of Disney’s media and entertainment Distribution Division, Disney + can be used on the vast majority of connected devices to provide non advertising programs, including a variety of original, full-length films, documentaries, live action and animation series, as well as short videos. It not only provides unprecedented access to Disney’s existing movie and TV entertainment treasure house, but also serves as the exclusive streaming media home for Disney Studio’s latest releases. Read more: Amazon cloud technology announces low cost storage level Amazon for Amazon EFS   Personalize personalized recommendation launched in Amazon cloud technology China Amazon and red hat announced the launch of red hat openshift container platform hosting service based on Amazon cloud technology with self-developed processor Amazon graviton2 instance landing in China Amazon cloud technology is rich in ecological diversity Amazon cloud technology launched predictive maintenance service for industrial equipment based on machine learning with self-developed processor Amazon graviton2 Amazon EC2 x2gd of research processor Amazon graviton2 can fully use Amazon cloud technology’s self-developed cloud native processor to provide cost-effective computing power for graffiti intelligence. Amazon cloud technology releases China business strategy. Zhang Wenyi announces the troika to accelerate customers’ global business expansion. New F1 insight supported by Amazon cloud technology helps racing fans understand instant decisions on the track +May not be able to threaten Netflix’s dominant position in streaming media. 7park data: 29% of Disney + users buy Mulan to promote business development in depth. Amazon cloud technology is a new China strategy. Accenture and Amazon cloud technology deepen cooperation and consolidate cloud priority strategy. Netflix: 4q19’s performance exceeds expectations, Morning consult: most Disney + users are watching Star Wars and Disney classic movies

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