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Wechat payment launched a new “May 4th” game, and you can get the same amount of free cash coupon for answering questions!

The following is the Wechat payment launched a new “May 4th” game, and you can get the same amount of free cash coupon for answering questions! recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Industry information.

“Werewolf kill”, “super girl”, “I have I”… Do you remember those memories about youth? On May 4, wechat payment launched the “youth Q & a” activity. Enter the “wechat payment has a discount” small program, you can invite friends to PK “youth value”, after a round of answer, both parties can get the free voucher of wechat payment withdrawal.

During the period from May 4 to 5, users can enter the “wechat payment with discount” small program and invite friends to answer online PK. If you answer correctly, you will score. If you answer wrong, you will not be deducted. If you answer quickly and answer correctly continuously, you will be rewarded with a special score. If you answer the last question correctly, you will have a chance to get a high score! After answering all 8 questions, according to the score of the game, I and my friends can get the same amount of free coupon!

It is reported that the activity question bank of “youth question and answer” contains pop culture of young people in music, film and television, games and other fields, helping them dream of “Youth”. During the period from May 4 to 5, users can invite friends to answer questions unlimited times and get a free coupon for withdrawal every day. Read more: Shenzhen Nanshan District 25 million grand prize goes online, wechat payment can get double discounts, and wechat payment launched the “knowledge star” public welfare plan, Four supporting policies for inclusive rural primary school children’s education wechat payment “small shop” released to accelerate the economic recovery of Wuhan small and medium-sized micro businesses Baopo creates a “perfect planet” public welfare game, green travel, participation in marine environment protection, wechat payment releases the latest big data of economic recovery of small stores, reveals the top ten active cities of “night economy” 8.8 Smart Life Day: wechat payment announces the launch of small business programs, helps small stores ride the wind and waves, increases the digital support for small and medium-sized enterprises, Wechat payment “top 500 enterprises” public welfare activities help Chinese small stores, Guangdong trade unions unite with wechat payment to create a new online mode of “send cool” and cut moon cakes to collect gold coins! Wechat payment launched a new way to play the Mid Autumn Festival interaction, cutting out multiple good gifts online. Wechat payment’s national day consumption data came out: ticket transaction increased by more than 80%, hotel industry transaction increased by more than 70%. Wechat payment released campus group meal solution, promoted group meal industry upgrading, and promoted transaction of more than 7.2 million yuan! Wechat payment announced the first day data of Wuhan consumption voucher verification

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