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Here, in a classroom, children compete to use these two “pens”, as if holding this pen will become a “magic pen” Ma Liang, which can “poke” the window paper of English learning, and point words into “gold”.

For the children of Taijiang ethnic middle school in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, these two pens seem to be a kind of “temptation” and an irresistible attraction. Because they have never imagined that learning English can be so convenient.

“Beijing teacher” of “Hangzhou principal” in Dashanli, Guizhou

Cai Mao, the new principal of taijiangmin middle school, was the messenger who brought the students to know the two pens. When Cai Mao took office, he once said: “the conditions in the mountains are not good, and there are few opportunities to access intelligent learning devices. But it doesn’t mean that they have no desire or demand for this. I believe that with intelligent learning hardware, children’s English learning efficiency will be improved, their grades will make rapid progress, and there will be more opportunities to go out of the mountains and see the outside world. “

A few months ago, a new “President of Hangzhou” was appointed by Taiwan Jiangmin middle school. This school has a long history with Hangzhou. As a school supported by Hangzhou City, Taijiang Minzhong was once supported by Chen Liqun, the former president of Hangzhou. The undergraduate rate has changed from 10% to 79%. Nowadays, the well-known “poor school” has changed into a famous school in Guizhou and even in the whole country.

After taking over the banner of the old headmaster, Cai Mao found that 192 of the top 200 students in the senior high school entrance examination in Taijiang County in 2020 stayed in Taijiang. Good students need good teachers to teach. In CAI Mao’s view, the improvement of teaching staff is the key. Only by grasping this problem can we grasp the future of the people in Taiwan and Jiang.

As the new official took office three times, the vigorous and resolute Cai Mao immediately took his team of teachers to local villages and towns for home visits, focusing on the learning of English courses which were regarded as “roadblocks” by the vast majority of students in Taiwan. To this end, President Cai specially brought a special “English teacher”: he took the initiative to purchase a batch of intelligent dictionary pens, and provided two for each class in the school, so as to improve the children’s English learning efficiency and academic performance.

After learning about this, Zhou Yu, the government affairs manager of Netease Youdao company, flew to Taijiang from Beijing. He donated another batch of Youdao dictionary pens for the children and added an English reading corner in each class, so that the children here can always enjoy the help and changes brought by the artificial intelligence learning hardware.

When it comes to this new “teacher”, the teachers and students of taijiangmin middle school all appreciate its performance. Senior three student o’shasha worries a little every time she does English reading comprehension, “senior three time is too limited, if you use the dictionary to do the word search accumulation of reading, it will take a lot of time. Youdao dictionary pen has helped me improve my learning efficiency. I can query more words and allocate my learning time more reasonably. “

“Education in the mountains is of great significance and faces many difficulties. How to improve the efficiency of learning through the joint efforts of educators and technologists and through information and intelligence is the most valuable thing for children,” said Si Wenpeng, deputy director of the Education Bureau of Qiandongnan Prefecture and deputy head of Taijiang County People’s government Discipline. “

Sometimes, a pen may change a student’s life path. Youdao AI dictionary pen is not only to help mountain children “poke” the window paper of learning English, but also to sow a belief for them. We don’t want to be reborn in a short time, we just want to arouse the flame of exploring the future in the hearts of the children in the mountain area, so that they can bravely pursue their own poems and distant places.

From “learner” to “preacher”, “my poetry and distance are the present and future of students”

Under the same blue sky, on the other side of the river, Mr. Wang from Chongqing Shuren shaci primary school just came home from work. When he turned on his mobile phone, he came across a letter from Netease Ding Lei to national English teachers: to celebrate the second listing of Netease, he sent a gift to national English teachers – Youdao dictionary professional edition. It reminds her of the time when she met English and the company witnessed her change from “learner” to “preacher”.

I got the AI dictionary pen that I was thinking about, “if we search words on our mobile phone, the message will pop up and distract you. If you have foreign literature you want to read, you can put your mobile phone next to it with the dictionary pen. It’s very efficient to read an article, even if you read it in new lines, it’s not easy to be interrupted.” Wang said.

In order to express his gratitude, Mr. Wang wrote a letter to the chairman of Netease. The letter said, “I’m very moved. I think Ding Lei is an entrepreneur with educational feelings. This pen is not only convenient for me, but also for my students. Students love picture books very much. If they can’t read any words, they come to me and ask me. It’s also very convenient for me to check them with a pen, Drip spiritual food into the hearts of students. “

Maybe there is not much difference between the appearance of dictionary pen and ordinary pen, even holding the dictionary pen will have a more ceremonial feeling. Taking this opportunity, she took out the paper books that had been shelved, holding the book in her left hand and the dictionary pen in her right hand, and plunged into the stack of books after work every day. The combination of AI dictionary pens and paper books seems to be a bridge for them by teacher Wang. It makes them have a dialogue through time and space. It sounds like a voice echoing, “my poetry and distance are the present and future of students.”.

Ding Lei is an entrepreneur with educational feelings. He once said that education is a slow undertaking. Integration of education and technology is a necessary option, but it is not an easy one. He hopes Youdao dictionary pen can bring progress to English teachers’ professional teaching. “It will be priceless for us to hear more professional opinions from you who are closest to language teaching. Please also continue to witness Youdao’s love and determination for education with a small pen

When he learned that Youdao dictionary pen was carrying out the entrance project, Mr. Wang contacted the two principals of the school and won them the chance to enter the school free of charge.

“It won’t let you do a troublesome thing”

For senior three students, time is as clear as the sand of the hourglass. Looking at their back struggling to study through the classroom glass is like recording their life with the lens. These moments superimposed with the “youth filter” are the best proof of youth without regret.

Li from Huizhou, Guangdong Province, as a senior three student, Xiao Li said that learning is very hard, usually hand in by mobile phone, so poor in English that he once lost the confidence to learn this subject well. In order to achieve better results in the college entrance examination, Li can be described as “doing everything possible”.

By chance, Xiao Li saw the dictionary pen on the Internet, which is an “artifact” for learning English. Because he was a loyal user of Youdao dictionary long ago, he was more confident about Netease’s products. After repeated comparison, Xiao Li finally chose the dictionary pen of Netease Youdao.

After receiving the dictionary pen, Xiao Li was very surprised to use it, and even lent it to the students at the next table for dozens of times. He gave a high evaluation of the hardware to help students efficiently look up words: “at last, we don’t have to be afraid to learn English any more. The vocabulary in the dictionary is very rich. The most important thing is that we can use it without Internet in school, and the recognition is fast and accurate…” And you don’t think it’s troublesome, it won’t make you do a troublesome thing

The latest monthly exam, Xiao Li from 60 points to 100 points, he can finally no longer be afraid of learning English.

Of course, the decline of psychological burden is only part of the factors. The most important thing in learning English is the daily accumulation bit by bit. Artificial intelligence dictionary pen is a good tool for learning because of its fast and accurate word search speed, no need of Internet and large vocabulary.

Every inch has its strength. Careful Xiao Li found a little bug in the process of using Youdao dictionary pen. When using the dictionary pen, Xiao Li found that a small number of words in his collection were missing, and there were some problems when querying the notional and functional words in classical Chinese. After discovering the problem, Xiao Li immediately sent an email to Netease Youdao, putting forward his doubts.

After receiving Xiao Li’s feedback letter, the product manager of Netease Youdao responded quickly and made a new upgrade for the product.

Perhaps it was this experience that gave Xiao Li the idea to engage in R & D work. As it happens, Xiao Li is studying science in Shenzhen now. Maybe in the future, Youdao dictionary pen will have his brilliant pen.

The future is that you stand on this side of the vast sea, looking at the other side of the sea, full of curiosity, looking forward to the yearning for the other side of the sea, it is the lack of understanding and yearning for the future, so you have the courage to pursue the future.

In addition to daily learning, this AI dictionary pen can also be a “speaking teacher” for students after class. Its AI speaking scoring function can timely correct students’ pronunciation and intonation errors and improve their speaking skills. At the same time, based on the built-in Netease Youdao dictionary, Chinese English Dictionary and many other professional thesaurus, there are not only bilingual word explanations, but also professional examples, near antonyms and so on, which can also scan the text for a second to get translation without network.

Professor Ma Hongqi, Deputy Dean and doctoral supervisor of School of foreign languages of Nankai University, said that the learning intelligent hardware represented by Netease Youdao dictionary pen plays a very important role in helping English learners understand the original text more easily and make language learning easier and more efficient. “At the same time, as a cutting-edge AI learning hardware, the addition of Youdao dictionary pen is also a detail of building a smart campus.”

Since December 2019, Netease Youdao has started to implement the “smart campus” enrollment plan. Now, this plan has been implemented for one year. More than 120 primary and secondary schools across the country have actively introduced Youdao dictionary pens, which means that nearly 2 million people are using this artificial intelligence “wanghong” product for free.

Whether headmasters, teachers or entrepreneurs, we see the common goal of educators and technologists on the road of learning, that is, to use information and intelligent learning equipment to improve children’s learning efficiency, to benefit children through AI learning products, to highlight their interest in learning, to sow seeds of hope, and to help them to run to their own poetry and distance. More reading: Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold test kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries CCFA: Top 100 supermarkets in China in 2019 demand Gen: manufacturers expand digital conversion to sales and marketing report since 1999, CTO’s salary has increased by nearly 140%. Auto advertising industry earthquake: digital CEO of dentcom is reported to bribe senior executives of GAC group Sexual abuse employees insult Chinese employees, massive engine and GroupM jointly release festival marketing report: new decade, new festival, new future China Institute of information technology: China’s 5g mobile phone shipment in 2020 is 163 million, accounting for 52.9% of the total, privacy violated? Employees driven out of the company by pinduoduo or monitored by technology Hisense TV upgraded to “ecological screen” Warren Buffett’s famous saying: 10 never out of date career suggestions Vanke community business operation logic 2020 China real estate industry chain strategic integrity supplier research report the 10th annual meeting of digital retail and e-commerce logistics entrepreneurs and fresh e-commerce industry annual meeting concluded successfully in Beijing Closing ceremony of 2020 international science and Technology Innovation Festival and global digital conference

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