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White paper on new measurement of automobile digital marketing

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Stock competition: in the foreseeable future, China’s passenger car market will be in a state of low growth for a period of time. Without the growth dividend brought by the new market space, the current automobile brands will face the situation of stock competition and zero sum game. Traditional car companies not only face the pressure of structural adjustment, but also face the new competition brought by the new forces of car manufacturing. With the increasing market concentration, Matthew effect is more prominent.

The entry of new forces: new variables have been added to the passenger car market, and the front line of competition has expanded from products, brands and services to data and user operations. Compared with traditional car companies, new car building forces with internet background and without the historical burden of channel providers naturally have the genes of digitalization and direct connection with users, which can better establish connection with users immersed in digital environment and reduce the communication cost with users through disintermediation.

The rise of users  : The relationship between automobile brands and users is no longer based on the simple supply and demand relationship of goods and services. Users have changed from the terminal receiving information to the communication node making sound at the same time. Increasingly mature users also put forward more diversified, more quality and more stringent demands for automobile brands. It is necessary for automobile brands to have a more comprehensive, in-depth and meticulous insight into the needs of users, and win the favor of users through refined operation strategies and differentiated product competitiveness.

In the face of massive data and the rapid evolution of marketing technology, the traditional information services have been unable to meet the current needs. Various means and methodologies about user operation emerge in endlessly, which increases the cost of communication and cooperation inside and outside the enterprise, causes knowledge anxiety, and also brings huge uncertainty, which further aggravates the marketing loss. Automobile brands are eager to seek a set of simple, unified, scientific and rigorous measures that can optimize the process. However, the traditional marketing funnel used in the past ten years, though simple and unified, is not scientific and rigorous enough, nor can it attribute the progressive user relationship, and can not achieve continuous optimization and change the results.

Through the co construction of chedi and customers and the data drilling of 1286 models, it is found that 5A is more suitable as a new measure of digital marketing in the automotive industry, and its method definition, application and practice in the automotive industry are realized around 5A. On the eve of the opening of the 2021 Shanghai auto show, chedi, China Association of automobile industry, Kotler Consulting Group and Deloitte Management Consulting Co., Ltd. gathered in Shanghai and jointly released the white paper on new measurement of automobile digital marketing. This paper analyzes how 5A can help automobile enterprises realize the refined management of brand position from the three dimensions of the definition, application and practice of 5A in the automobile industry, We should deal with the structural adjustment under the stock market.

Definition of 5A in automobile industry

The key of user operation is how to continuously shorten the connection between brand and user. 5A is very close to restore the relationship between the user and the car brand: from the perception of the brand, curiosity about the car, ask about all kinds of factors to consider when buying a car, think again and again, leave clues to the store to buy a car (ACT), drive the car home to share with you, and become the advocate of the car brand.

Before the 5A measurement model was applied in the automobile industry, the marketing funnel model was widely used in the industry in the past decade. The marketing funnel model is relatively simple and easy to understand, but it is not scientific and rigorous enough to optimize the process and change the results. In contrast, the 5A model has the following advantages:

5A advantage 1: scientific and rigorous, more truly restore the relationship between users and brands

The traditional marketing funnel level is a downward inclusion relationship, which can’t truly restore the user’s turnover. For example, users directly enter the interest level and reserve funds through search, and the traditional funnel will reverse the search of users in the attention level; But 5A records the deepest state of the relationship between the user and the brand. For example, search users will be directly included in the inquiry layer, and will not appear in the perception and curiosity layer. Therefore, 5A can truly restore the distance between the user and the brand, including the user’s folding behavior.

5A advantage 2: the process can be optimized, the relationship between users and brands can be tracked, the reasons for the progressive relationship can be traced, the process can be optimized, and the results can be changed

The conversion rate of each level of traditional marketing funnel is the statistical users of two adjacent layers (deep / shallow) of time static slice, not the real conversion rate of customers; The turnover rate of 5A is a real dynamic response to the progressive rate of the relationship between the start and end time of users, and it can analyze which users are easy to circulate and which communication strategies are more efficient. Thus, it can very accurately define the target population, formulate marketing strategies, and accelerate the progressive of user relationship.

5A advantage 3: pay attention to the value of the owner’s reputation and speed up the user’s decision-making

The traditional marketing funnel does not reflect the value of the owner’s reputation, that is, 5A’s supporters. Through the calculation of top 300 models, the number of supporters is positively correlated with the conversion rate, and the supporters can bring a large number of new connected users to the automobile brand.

To sum up, the 5A measurement model has achieved the following five dimensions of upgrading: transforming the traffic revenue model into the user operation model, improving the conversion efficiency of users; The static counting is transformed into dynamic counting, recording the inflow and outflow of users, as well as the flow between different levels; It can adapt to the decentralized characteristics of user behavior under the multimedia entrance by changing the level of mutual inclusion into the level of complete independence; The single path is transformed into the adaptive user discount, and the user marketing “thousands of people and thousands of faces” is realized; At the same time, it increases the measurement of word-of-mouth revenue, which is beneficial to help word-of-mouth communication enter the broken circle layer, and attract more opportunities for users to connect with the brand.

The application of 5A in automobile industry: realize the closed loop of brand diagnosis strategy formulation value measurement, and help the refined operation of brand position

Brand diagnosis based on 5A can help manufacturers more clearly understand the relationship between brands / models and users and the progressive efficiency of circulation. Specifically, the diagnosis direction can be divided into user operation diagnosis, marketing efficiency diagnosis and brand mental diagnosis.

Brand diagnosis: “know yourself and know the other” looking for the starting point

Brand diagnosis is the starting point of marketing, which can help the brand clearly understand the distance of the relationship with users and the progressive efficiency of circulation, and realize the brand self-awareness. Among them, the purpose of user operation diagnosis is to understand the market penetration and competitiveness, and to find the power point of user structure optimization; Marketing efficiency diagnosis aims to focus on the four scenarios of innovation, cultivation, transfer promotion and competitive product diversion, so as to accelerate the user transfer efficiency; Brand mental diagnosis can help the brand to increase the user’s preference and loyalty, and further to the 5A measurement model.

User operation diagnosis: analyze user volume and structure to diagnose user operation Health

User volume diagnosis: understand the market penetration and competitiveness of brand / model connected users, and distinguish the influence of connected users in each circle at each stage of the brand.

User structure diagnosis: compare the difference between the distribution of brand / vehicle connection user relationship and the ideal shape, and find the power point of user structure optimization. For the specific vehicle series under the same brand, there will be different recommendation forms in different catalyst ranges and different stages of product life cycle to help the brand locate the marketing crux and plan the future operation direction.

Diagnosis of marketing efficiency

There are many kinds of behaviors among 5A users, such as progressive, backward, leapfrog, turn back and so on. In a variety of user jumps, we select the most common scenarios of the change of the relationship between users and brands, including: innovation, cultivation, promotion and competition diversion.

Brand mental diagnosis

By analyzing the matching degree between the customer’s emotion and interest points and the brand value positioning, the effectiveness of product mental transmission is measured.

Strategy development: Based on the 5W1H principle to develop marketing strategy, improve the efficiency and quality of user flow

Based on the above brand diagnosis, we make clear what the current (why) problem of the brand is, and then formulate refined user operation strategies based on 5A measurement model, including who, what, how, when and where, to pass on brand benefits through the “chance encounter” of meticulous planning, Realize customer life cycle value management.

Value measurement: scientific and systematic measurement of brand marketing value

Looking at the automobile industry, the traditional marketing effect takes the amount of clues as the main measurement index, which often can not fully reflect the value of marketing. 5A measurement model systematically measures the value of marketing from user income, brand income and transformation income. Through the closer relationship between users and brands, it increases brand heat, reputation and topic, and realizes the long-term value development of brands.

Practice: solution precipitation combined with automobile marketing scene

In the era of data, the life cycle of automobile products is significantly different, and brand marketing should be more sensitive to the perception of cyclical characteristics. In practice, 5A measurement model can not only follow the product life cycle to develop adaptation strategies and solutions, but also accurately identify the target users and channels at major marketing nodes, so as to maximize the “leverage” effect. In addition, the radiation dimension of 5A measurement model is further extended to the field of e-commerce, which helps OEMs break the flow thinking and promote the collective transformation of users.

Automobile product life cycle

The 5A measurement model falls into the specific practice field. First of all, it can “suit the remedy to the case” for the whole life cycle of automobile products, explore the core demands and marketing strategies at different stages, and create a perfect brand growth curve.

For example, in the new car launch period, rapid expansion of user scale and mental construction is the key. With the idea of 5A user oriented new car launch, the launch period is divided into three stages: preheating, detonation and cognitive deepening, which realizes the construction and deepening of platform level user perception.

Taking a new car of an independent brand as an example, based on 5A, the strategy of preheating, listing and target dismantling during the extension period is implemented. After the new car of the brand is launched, the penetration rate of connected users in the level market is increased by 98.2%, the brand popularity ranking in the level market is increased from 11th to 5th, and the conversion income gain is 175%

In the mature stage, the focus of automobile brands is shifted to extend the climbing period and create growth space. In the specific application, the 5A measurement model can not only evaluate the effect of marketing content and user reviews, put forward suggestions for policy optimization, but also help brands establish brand marketing scenarios at key modification nodes. At the same time, relying on a large amount of precipitation data, 5A measurement model can also help to analyze user preferences and demand pain points, and provide data information support and marketing strategy database for new generation products.

In the recession stage, the brand hopes to extend the product life cycle, or to clear the inventory and upgrade the products. In this stage, efforts can be made to optimize product competitiveness, adjust market positioning, promote sales appropriately, and defend the diversion of competing products, so as to extend the selling time of mature products, and fill the market niche of previous generation products with brand-new products, so as to realize the cycle continuation.

Major nodes achieve full link marketing

At the major nodes, 5A measurement model can identify the factors of various dimensions, and achieve the purpose of efficient marketing. Among them, auto show, as the “flow peak” of marketing, can speed up brand communication. Under the digital trend, 5A measurement model can realize the refined user operation of online and offline integration, and promote the whole link closed-loop marketing.

Assist auto e-commerce to plan strategy layout

Based on 5A strategy, auto e-commerce can give full play to its predictive value, dismantle user operation objectives, assist media strategy planning, and deepen the hierarchical operation of target user quality guided by auto e-commerce. At the same time, in major e-commerce nodes such as car festival, 5A strategy can also help the platform promote user transformation, seize users and realize centralized transformation.


In the era of stock game, market competition is becoming more and more fierce. The brand position construction and refined operation of users will be an important lesson for automobile manufacturers in the stock age. 5A mode builds a more accurate, more timely and traceable measurement system, which adapts to the development process of accuracy of China’s automobile market. In the future, it will promote the digital transformation of the whole chain affected by the marketing end, help automobile brands to accelerate in the new track, and find certainty in the lost marketing.

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