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Yang Tao, chairman of the open atom open source foundation, attended the digital China software open source sub forum and delivered a speech

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“The digital economy, represented by the information industry, is an important driving force to lead the high-quality development of the economy, facing more opportunities and challenges. Therefore, we should build a controllable open-source ecology from the height, depth, breadth and other dimensions.” Yang Tao, chairman of the open atom open source foundation, said at the software open source ecological sub forum of the fourth digital China Construction Summit on April 25.

Yang Tao, chairman of open source foundation

The sub forum with the theme of “co construction, CO governance, sharing, prosperity and open source ecology” is the first large-scale high-end event with the theme of open source software held by the competent authorities in China, and also the first forum with the theme of open source ecology at the digital China Construction Summit. Leaders of relevant departments, academicians and experts, open source institutions, well-known enterprises and top developers and other open source ecological parties gathered together to share the achievements of China’s open source ecological construction, make suggestions and suggestions on the cultivation of China’s software open source ecology, and discuss new ideas for the high-quality development of China’s open source software.

“Open source software, with the concept of openness, equality, cooperation and sharing, is building an innovative software R & D model of research and use, and is reshaping a new pattern of software industry ecology.” Yang Tao said at the forum, “in order to ensure and promote the high-quality development of new economy and new industries, it is necessary to innovate development means and models, and build a development system of multiple coordination, CO governance and sharing between the government, the market, and social organizations.”

Yang Tao said: in terms of high-level construction, we need to take major open source projects as the traction, promote theoretical improvement by project practice, deepen major open source projects, and start professional open source theory and technology research; Incubate leading open source architecture to guide the orderly and efficient development of open source industry ecology and supply chain; With commercial success, China’s open source industry has gained a leading advantage in the new era.

In depth construction, we need to give full play to the advantages of the system, strengthen basic research, and continue to innovate. Aiming at the development needs of China’s advanced information industry and equipment manufacturing industry; On the basis of software open source, support the open source development of instruction set and IP, and support the open source of chip design supply chain; We will spare no effort to build an advanced open source technology system for chip manufacturing and package testing.

In terms of breadth construction, we need to be open and inclusive, mutual benefit and sharing, and international cooperation. Based on China and facing the world, we should promote the linkage of open source projects, open source communities and open source developers in a directional and rhythmic way.

The forum was full of people

At present, the foundation has ten incubation projects, including super chain donated by Baidu, openharmony donated by Huawei, tkestack and tencentos tiny donated by Tencent, pika donated by 360, ubml donated by Inspur and Yunxi database, And the Internet of things embedded operating system Alios things.

“We should implement the open source foundation’s” 1 + 3 + n “strategy, expand the open source ecology in a three-dimensional way, and jointly build, CO govern, and share a prosperous open source ecology.” Yang Tao said that more enterprises, institutions and developers are expected to join the open atom open source foundation to promote the co construction of global knowledge map, global open source ecology and global infrastructure, share the achievements of advanced projects, advanced science and technology and intellectual property rights, and co govern global digital agreements, global digital standards and global digital framework.

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