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Yichatong technology and Baidu netdisk start cooperation to open up the data cloud management capability of vehicle terminal

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Digitalization is the general trend of automobile industry reform. In order to meet the growing demand of automobile manufacturers and users for convenient data transmission, safety protection and personalized management, ECAT technology started cooperation with during the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in 2021. The two sides will jointly build data upload, download, synchronization and sharing functions of on-board terminal based on cloud storage capacity, so as to realize cloud access and cloud management of on-board terminal data.

Based on the cooperation between the two sides, the cloud storage function of Baidu’s network disk will be carried on the vehicles using the intelligent network connection system of ECAT technology in the future, so as to comprehensively upgrade the data storage capacity and security of the on-board system. At the same time, users can use this function to realize the interchange of various types of files such as pictures and videos on the car end, mobile phone end and computer end, and experience the convenience of seamless interconnection of car, home and office data. Shen Ziyu, CEO of ECAT technology, said: “it is the general trend for the development of the automotive industry to open up the cloud. The powerful data storage capacity of cloud is an essential element for the excellent experience of vehicle intelligent cockpit. Through the cooperation with Baidu net disk, we have realized the seamless connection between personal terminals such as users’ car machines, mobile phones, computers and the cloud. In the future, we will continue to deepen cooperation and enable a better travel experience in the future by integrating the technological advantages of both sides. “

The cooperation between yichatong technology and Baidu network disk shows the industry a new mode of automobile terminal Internet service: the “cloud” of automobile terminal’s increasingly huge data can not only guarantee the most basic data backup function, meet the requirements of high availability, high performance and high security of business, but also meet the needs of each port user for data storage, synchronization and sharing, It provides an effective support for the car experience in a wider range of intelligent Internet scenarios in the future.

Yichaton technology is committed to building an industry-leading intelligent network ecological open platform, enabling car enterprises to create a more intelligent and safe travel experience. In July 2019, ECAT technology and Baidu Apollo reached a strategic cooperation to launch in-depth technical cooperation in the field of intelligent travel; In October last year, ECAT technology completed round a financing of 1.3 billion yuan, led by Baidu. In the future, with the further deepening of cooperation, yichatong technology will join hands with Baidu to continuously bring richer and more personalized intelligent Internet experience to users and help the innovation and development of intelligent automobile industry.

About ECAT Technology:

Yichatong technology is an automobile intelligent technology company established in 2016, which is co founded by Mr. Li Shufu, a famous Chinese automobile entrepreneur, and Mr. Shen Ziyu. With more than 1700 employees, the company has set up branches and R & D centers in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Dalian and Gothenburg, Sweden. Yichaton technology not only focuses on core technology products such as car chips, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, high-precision maps, big data and cloud platform of Internet of vehicles, but also devotes itself to continuously building an industry-leading ecological open platform of intelligent Internet connection, enabling car enterprises to create a more intelligent and safe travel experience. At present, the ICAT technology intelligent networking system has more than 2.5 million users worldwide. In 2020 and 2021, ECAT technology has also obtained strategic investment from Baidu, Haina Asia venture capital fund, China State owned capital venture capital fund, and Yangtze River Economic Driving networking industry fund. Read more: ECAT technology will set up a joint venture with Volvo cars in Gothenburg to jointly develop a new generation of vehicle intelligent operating system applicable to the world. ECAT technology will obtain more than US $200 million in a + round financing to accelerate the global layout and drive the internationalization strategy Infrared thermometer and other products have been supplied to dozens of countries CCFA: Top 100 supermarkets in China in 2019, Goal top 2 walnut programming recognized by national high-tech enterprises, continue to invest in AI technology to promote high-quality education, inclusive, break the dawn, establish a new model and compete with others New F1 insight supported by Amazon cloud technology understands the tiktok decision of racing fans on the track: two major consumer track, the skin care, the food and drink, the track, the Kwai live 3.29-4.4, fruit set data: 21 years Q1 brand media marketing analysis report of the skin care brand, Amazon and red hat announced the launch of the Red Hat OpenShift container platform hosting services based on Amazon cloud technology, together with Tencent to create a new benchmark for intelligent retail in the intelligent business field.

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