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The following is the Yilu app opens door-to-door appointment channel for nucleic acid detection team, covering 10 cities in China in the first phase recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Medical health, Industry information.

Enterprises can also make an appointment online for new nucleic acid detection!

Affected by the epidemic, nucleic acid testing has become a new “just need” for this Spring Festival. However, for many enterprises, the individual appointment of nucleic acid detection in different time and place not only affects the work efficiency, increases the management cost, but also is not conducive to the enterprise’s epidemic prevention work.

In response to the above pain points, on January 25, Ali health opened an appointment channel for the new crown nucleic acid detection team in Yilu app. The first phase covers 10 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hefei, Ningbo, Chengdu, Nanjing and Tianjin, providing on-site nucleic acid detection services for teams with more than 20 people.

Enterprises and related groups with the need of new crown nucleic acid testing can open Yilu app, search “team nucleic acid” or “enterprise nucleic acid” on the home page, enter the special page, select the city, fill in the door-to-door sampling address, there will be professional customer service to arrange team testing service, and batch electronic testing reports will be sent by email within 8 hours after testing.

It is reported that the team nucleic acid test appointment in various cities have a certain degree of price concessions, effectively reduce the burden of enterprises and employees. In the future, Yilu will gradually expand its service scope to provide convenience for enterprises in more cities.

In addition, individual users with the need of new crown nucleic acid testing can also enter the “national nucleic acid testing map” zone through the “nucleic acid testing” button on the home page of Yilu app to check the nucleic acid testing institutions nearby, make an appointment for home-based nucleic acid testing, or inquire about their own testing reports, and understand the local policy of returning home. Read more: up 286.48%! What is Ali’s confidence in turning losses into profits? Quark joins hands with Yilu to upgrade medical search “content + service” and goes deep into industrial ecology. Giant figure in big health industry: the pattern has been set, but business innovation has just begun. Ali health: 2019 white paper on eating habits and oral health (download attached) Ali health: 2018 environmental, social and Governance Report (download attached) Ali health: 2017 annual health consumption report Post-90s become the main group of health consumers Ali health: during the air red warning period, the average daily sales volume of masks is 9.3 times as much as usual Ali health: 2015 China sex consumption report Ali health: 2015 China sex consumption report Ali health: 2016 China Health New Year map Ali health: 2014 Beijing people bought the most masks Research shows: 80% of the Chinese patients interviewed begin to receive Internet diagnosis and treatment, Ipsos: impact of the epidemic on China’s pharmaceutical and medical device industry

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