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Zhaoyang Lenovo at the critical moment

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The curtain of the 2021 NPC and CPPCC has come to an end. The sonorous and powerful “voices of the NPC and CPPCC” such as the draft long-term goal outline for 2035 and the government work report are becoming important guidelines for leading all sectors of society to strive forward at the new historical starting point.

This year, Lenovo Zhaoyang, as the “2021 special notebook for the people’s network of the two sessions”, took root in the front line of news reports during the two sessions, and fully supported the all media reporters of the people’s network to deliver the most real, precious and powerful “good voice of China” to the world for the first time, so as to achieve the mission.

As the first notebook computer brand independently developed by Chinese people, Lenovo Zhaoyang has been striving for innovation and upgrading around customer demand for 25 years. Today, the enterprising Lenovo Zhaoyang notebook has become the synonym of the commercial lightweight all-around notebook. With its light, comprehensive and reliable hard core strength, it is committed to providing a solid guarantee for every critical moment.

Lenovo Zhaoyang helps people’s network reporters to listen to and report on the motions of Representatives

The picture shows members of the National Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) interviewed through Lenovo Zhaoyang

In the people’s network all media command center, the rear position of the two sessions’ reports, Lenovo Zhaoyang accompanied the people’s network reporter team to carry out all aspects of the two sessions’ reports, and missed any important moment

Zhaoyang at the critical moment. Lenovo adheres to scientific and technological innovation, helps Qianxing and Baiye to release their digital potential, and accompanies the pioneering Chinese youth with strong strength and self-confidence to grasp every highlight moment. Read more: 25 years of self-improvement, Lenovo Zhaoyang embraces the new journey of pursuing dreams in the 14th five year plan CCFA: in 2019, China’s supermarket top 100 Lepu medical new coronavirus antibody colloidal gold detection kit, infrared thermometer and other products have been provided to dozens of countries for RPA product release | cloud expansion workbench: break man-machine barriers, customize your business scene, 8 things worth knowing in the digital age, retail industry, top-level planning of smart city To operation: Huawei’s smart city practice shares iote 2021 15th International Internet of things exhibition Shanghai station’s report on China’s game industry in 2020: market revenue of 278.6 billion yuan increases by 20%, overseas first breaks 100 billion yuan, 2020 shopping center’s experience of stable operation in preparation period -Ppt version the 11th China International Software Quality Engineering (isqe) summit will be held in 2020. Medtrend medical trend: after masks and ventilators, Xinguan is short of dialysis products! Sano: Spring quarterly report of China’s third party mobile phone input method in 2020

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