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In 2020, the global sales volume of true wireless stereo (TWS) Bluetooth headset will exceed 300 million, with an increase of nearly 90% From Strategy Analytics is a website that focuses on future technologies, markets and user trends. We are responsible for collecting the latest research data, authority data, industry research and analysis reports. We are committed to becoming a data and report sharing platform for professionals and decision makers. We look forward to working with you to record the development trends of today’s economy, technology, industrial chain and business model.Welcome to follow, comment and bookmark us, and hope to share the future with you, and look forward to your success with our help.

The following is the In 2020, the global sales volume of true wireless stereo (TWS) Bluetooth headset will exceed 300 million, with an increase of nearly 90% From Strategy Analytics recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Strategy Analytics, Intelligent hardware.

According to a new report from strategy analytics, airpods will occupy a disproportionate share of the global wireless headset market in 2020, foreign media reported. Last year, real wireless stereo (TWS) Bluetooth headset sales exceeded 300 million, an increase of nearly 90%. Apple’s airpods accounts for nearly half of the total market share, and the rest is made up of a large number of companies that hold a small share alone.

Despite Apple’s dominance, strategy analytics points out that Apple’s lead is shrinking as competition intensifies. “Apple will remain the absolute leader in TWS in 2020, but its dominant share is shrinking as competition intensifies. It is expected that there will be fierce competition from Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei in 2021, “said Ken Hyers, director of strategy analytcis.” the market of TWS headphones has been extremely crowded. Although the sales prospect is strong, there will inevitably be integration in the next few years. “

Due to the low penetration rate and very small installation technology, it is expected that there is still great development potential in the broader Bluetooth headset market. In response, Ville petteri ukonaho, deputy director of strategy analytics, pointed out: “less than 1 / 10 people in the world have Bluetooth headsets, so there is still a lot of room for growth.” In addition, as manufacturers no longer bundle wired headphones with new smartphones, strategy analytics expects the market to have considerable growth potential.

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