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China Mobile recently released the 2020 intelligent hardware quality report (phase II). The report focuses on technology evolution, quality improvement and experience improvement brought by rich business. It includes not only new technology related topics such as 5g chip, WiFi 6 router and WiFi 6 performance of mobile phone, but also terminal quality topics such as 5g mobile phone, mobile camera and mobile game, as well as VR head display and UAV , Beidou Positioning and other hot business and product topics.

After the development of the past year, 5g technology, terminal and application are becoming more and more mature, and 5g industry is booming. In terms of terminal models, in November 2020, the number of 5g mobile phone models reached 228, and the shipment volume exceeded 20 million units, and the proportion of shipment volume increased from 17.8% to 68.1%.

Comprehensive evaluation of 5g mobile phone

Since 5g was put into commercial use, the competitiveness and maturity of mobile phones have been continuously improved, which has effectively supported the development of 5g. In order to better evaluate the quality of 5g mobile phones, this issue of intelligent hardware quality report starts from the user experience, and builds a 5g mobile phone evaluation system v2.1 with four characteristics of technology, scene, experience and word-of-mouth. Around the four dimensions of communication ability, multimedia ability, product availability and user reputation, it invests a lot of resources to the 5g mobile phones (involving 12 brands and 41 handsets) that will be launched from June to the end of November 2020 The comprehensive ability was evaluated in four stages.

Huawei’s mate40 pro, Xiaomi 10 premium and Samsung’s note20 series ranked the top three for more than 4000 yuan; vivo iqoo5, oppo reno4 pro and one plus 8t ranked the top three for 3000-4000 yuan; oppo reno4, glory PLAY4 pro and Huawei Changxiang 20 plus ranked the top three for 2000-3000 yuan; redmi K30 premium, redmi note9 pro and Huawei Changxiang 20 Pro ranked the top three for less than 2000 yuan.

Among them, the communication capabilities of Samsung, Xiaomi and redmi have been greatly improved, especially the antenna performance; the AI capabilities of Huawei mobile phone cameras have been significantly improved, and the software and hardware of Xiaomi mobile phone cameras have been comprehensively optimized.

Mobile camera evaluation

Mobile phone camera is a light and shadow magician, integrating various technological innovations to produce different sparks in the hands of users. This issue of intelligent hardware quality report starts from the two dimensions of taking photos and shooting vlog, and selects 11 models at two prices for evaluation.

In camera photographing evaluation, multi camera, micro PTZ anti shake, high pixel, night scene, zoom, HDR, wide angle, macro, AI, scene recognition and other technologies are widely used, popularized and optimized, and mobile camera technology innovation is hot. Among them, Huawei mate40 Pro takes advantage of night scene, zoom, anti shake and dynamic capture, with clear shooting picture, more stable shooting process and excellent comprehensive shooting ability of various scenes; Xiaomi 10 supreme focuses on improving the camera resolution level, optimizing the shooting effect of high dynamic scene, micro range and zoom scene, with obvious improvement in shooting ability; Samsung note20 The ultra wide-angle HDR and portrait scenes are outstanding, the color rendering is pleasant, and the camera performance is stable and improved.

In the evaluation of camera shooting vlog, manufacturers continue to increase technological innovation for vlog video shooting, and micro PTZ anti shake, AI tracking, and improving frame rate continue to improve the shooting video quality and user experience. It’s difficult to shoot backlight scenes around people with mobile phones. The best effect is to shoot people’s faces with prominent details and natural background exposure with iPhone 12 Pro; more mobile phone manufacturers pay attention to mobile phone zoom shooting, and the 10 times zoom backlight shooting effect of Xiaomi 10 supreme edition is good, with low noise level and clear building details; Huawei mate 40 The super slow frame video function of Pro extends the time dimension of users’ visual appreciation.

Performance evaluation of mobile games

In the face of the popularity of 5g and 90 frame game configuration, this issue of intelligent hardware quality report selects popular game to evaluate from five dimensions: Fluency, endurance, fever, reaction speed and multimedia effect.

Compared with the previous issue, the overall experience of the latest flagship and E-sports mobile games is a step closer, including significant improvement in key indicators such as game endurance, frame rate fluency and sound effect. Among them, Huawei’s mate40 Pro has balanced overall performance, leading in fluency and touch response, and significant improvement in game sound effect; Xiaomi 10’s supreme version has fast touch response and the best heat dissipation experience; asus’s Rog game phone 3 has greatly improved fluency under certain temperature rise, and large capacity battery guarantees long-term experience. In addition, some mobile phones have poor performance in frame rate stability, endurance and heating, which need further optimization. It is recommended that manufacturers pay attention to this.

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