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It is estimated that the global shipment of true wireless earplugs will reach 310 million in 2021 From Counterpoint

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The upsurge in the production and marketing of true wireless stereo (TWS) headphones seen in the past few years is expected to continue this year. According to the latest report of counterpoint research, it is expected that the shipment volume of TWS headphones in 2021 will be about 310 million units, an increase of 33% compared with 233 million units in 2020. Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung are expected to remain the top three players in this field.

Despite the ongoing epidemic and reduced consumer spending, global TWS earplug shipments grew by 78% last year. According to past reports, 233 million wireless headphones will be shipped in 2020, far exceeding the initial expectation. In the past year, TWS headphones are still one of the most popular technology products, especially the medium and low-end products.

Last year, Apple was still in the leading position in this category, and it is expected to get the most shipments again in 2021, accounting for about 27% of the market share. Xiaomi is expected to stay in the distant second place with a 9% market share, while Samsung is likely to be in the top three with a 7% market share. The quarter from July to September is expected to be the peak of the market. Around the launch of Apple’s next airpods, many people will be interested in it and further drive the overall sales of the industry. Apple’s new TWS headset is expected to arrive this autumn.

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