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According to a new report, Apple has maintained a strong lead in the true wireless headset market in 2020, with its most popular air pods accounting for more than a quarter of all shipments. In the third quarter of 2020, Apple products accounted for 29% of true wireless stereo (TWS) headset shipments, while its apple watch accounted for 28% of all smart watches, according to counterpoint research.

The wearable device market can be divided into five segments, in which ear and wrist wear devices account for the majority. Apple’s performance is always better than that of its competitors, although the purchase cost of its products is usually higher than that of its competitors.

“Apple’s strong IOS ecosystem, usually made up of consumers with more disposable income, has been a major driver of growth – especially in terms of income,” said sujeong Lim, senior analyst at counterpoint Samsung, an old high-end company, also performed stably. “

Despite this, budget grade products still show great potential. Xiaomi has consolidated its second place with 13% market share, while half of the top ten are budget grade brands, and its products are generally priced below $50 or even $20.

Counterpoint research expects the wireless headset industry to grow 83% this year to 238 million units, in part because of the lack of headphone jack on smartphones and the fact that earplugs are no longer included when they are sold, all of which are trends initiated by apple.

“The trend around the removal of jacks and headphones from devices and boxes is becoming a major driver of TWS growth,” said Liz Lee, senior analyst at counterpoint research This will also contribute to the continuous growth of mobile media consumption, making TWS the next necessary accessory. “

Counterpoint believes that the global health crisis has increased consumer interest in health and fitness, which may contribute to the further growth of the smart watch market. ” We expect to achieve double-digit low growth in the medium term – and possibly higher if the average price falls rapidly. ” Lim said.

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