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Ten trends of TWS headphones in 2021

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At present, the TWS headset market has developed from a dark horse to a golden horse. The steady growth of market and sales year by year has promoted the rapid development of Bluetooth headset market and brought many new opportunities. At the beginning of all this, Apple will officially cancel the 3.5mm audio interface on the iPhone 7 Series in 2016 and launch a new product line, Apple’s airpods true wireless headset.

As soon as irpods was launched, this solution with dual channel transmission technology and charging bin quickly led the market. Android and audio manufacturers followed suit one after another, and new brands continued to join. After more than four years of development, TWS wireless headset has become the fastest growing consumer electronics products.

I love audio network database shows that in the past four years, worldwide, the sales volume of brand real wireless headphones in 2018 is 46 million units, and that in 2019 is 90 million units, an increase of 96% compared with that in 2018. However, in the difficult year of 2020, the sales of brand TWS headphones will continue to grow, reaching 300 million units, with a year-on-year growth of 230%.

Among them, the mobile phone brand based on the huge mobile phone market user groups, as well as the more comprehensive use experience brought by the two terminal optimization, occupies a major position in the current TWS headset market. Although Apple’s market share is declining, it still occupies 40% of the market share and is in the leading position. Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, realme, oppo and so on followed.

The rapid development of TWS wireless headphones has also led to the industrial upgrading of relevant supply chain manufacturers. The technological progress of the main control chip, power management IC, wireless charging receiver chip, charging box battery, earplug battery, touch control and so on has improved the performance and function of TWS headphones and brought better user experience. The formation of a virtuous circle promotes the stable and healthy development of TWS wireless headphones.

With the launch of the new year in 2021, I love audio network has made many reports on the major changes in the audio market that has become history, and analyzed the market development in 2020 from many aspects.

This time, let’s look forward to the future together, and explore the future development trend from more than ten aspects, such as TWS headset product form, Bluetooth technology standard, special sound effect, intelligent interaction, human health application, active noise reduction, main control chip, sensor, speaker, power management chip and battery.

1、 TWS earphone product form: bean type, Bing type, sports ear

At present, although TWS wireless earphone products have their own characteristics in appearance, they are mainly divided into “handle” and “bean” forms, as well as in ear type with earplug and half in ear type without earplug. There is also a kind of ear hanging product which mainly focuses on the sports market, which can provide more stable wearing.

Among them, the semi in ear earphone can bring a comfortable wearing experience, and the music field is relatively comfortable, which will not produce a stuffy sense of pressure and brain thumping; because of the existence of earplug, the in ear earphone fits closely with the ear canal, and has a strong tightness, which is more conducive to the active noise reduction function; while the “bean” earphone is small and light, which is more comfortable and beautiful to wear.

In 2020, the active noise reduction function is popular all over the world, and the new high-end flagship products of various brands are equipped with this function. And in 2021, the price of products supporting active noise reduction function will continue to be close to the people, and the era of standard active noise reduction function is coming.

For example, the recently released 1More comfobuds pro, Huawei freebugs 4I, soundcore noise reduction cabin, Samsung Galaxy bugs pro, bird libratone air + 2nd generation and other products all support active noise reduction function and adopt in ear design. Among them, only the Samsung one has a bean like appearance, and the rest are in the shape of stalks.

Although each brand has its own design style in appearance design, many new forms of TWS earphones gradually tend to handle like in ear design. From the product itself, this structure is more convenient for signal stability and sound transmission. At the same time, a large number of consumers’ positive feedback also shows their recognition of handle like structure.

In addition to the active noise reduction function mentioned above, the addition of voice noise reduction, bone conduction, space audio and other functions also needs more space for firmware support. Therefore, the handle shaped in ear design may still be the mainstream form of TWS headphones in recent years.

2、 Bluetooth audio technology standard: Bluetooth 5.2, leaudio

Bluetooth technology can be said to be a major turning point in the development process of headphones. It effectively reduces the constraints of wire for the use of headphones, and lays the foundation for the explosion of TWS real wireless headphones. It is one of the most important technologies in TWS real wireless headphones.

In 2020, Bluetooth SIG launched a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard Le audio. Based on Bluetooth 5.2 standard, it adopts a new “LC3” audio decoder with high sound quality and low power consumption, expands the application of Bluetooth technology, supports multi stream audio and broadcast audio technology, and provides strong support for hearing aids, which provides many new development directions for the future TWS headset function.

Recently, Qualcomm released a report “answers to questions about Le audio”, which explains in detail what is Le audio, why it launched Le audio, what are the advantages of Le audio and what new use cases it has given, as well as the impact of Le audio on future audio products and technologies of Qualcomm. At present, at least nine brands have launched 16 new Bluetooth 5.2-enabled headphones on the market. In the future, these two technologies will be popularized rapidly to improve the user experience of TWS headphones.

3、 Special audio function: space audio, 360 degree surround sound

The special sound effect of TWS real wireless headset is also a function with high user attention. At present, the applications of TWS headphones mainly include Apple’s space audio, Sony’s 360 live sound and Samsung’s latest 360 degree sound. The main similarity is that it can provide an on-the-spot sound experience in video viewing.

Space audio is a function launched by Apple at the wwdc20 global Developers Conference. The first product to support this function is Apple’s airpods Pro “true wireless headset. In 2020, Apple’s airpods Max headset will be released, which also supports space audio function. According to the information of I love audio network, Apple’s new air pods4, which will be released soon, may also be equipped with this function.

Space audio is mainly through adding directional audio filter, and fine-tuning the frequency received by each ear, and using acceleration sensor and gyroscope to track the head movement. According to the movement data of the head relative to the screen, it analyzes the use scenes such as vehicle turning, aircraft tilting fuselage and so on, and constantly re maps the sound field position, so as to realize the sinking Immersive audio experience.

360 on the spot sound effect is an audio technology introduced by Sony at CES International Consumer Electronics Exhibition. By integrating concert like live musical instruments into a 360 degree spherical space, and reproducing them in the music of earphones according to the determined distance and angle information, it makes them feel the music experience of the scene.

360 degree sound function is a new function launched by Samsung in Galaxy buses pro, which can give sound a sense of direction and distance. Samsung Galaxy buses Pro adopts Dolby head tracking technology. When users watch videos, movies or TV programs, the intelligent motion tracking sensor (six axis acceleration sensor) will accurately locate the direction of sound in real time with the movement of the head.

The space sound function effectively enriches the functions of TWS headphones and gives users a new audio experience. But it also needs the support of sensors and complex software algorithms, so only apple, Sony, Samsung and other head brands support this function.

But in the future, this function will become a trend, more brands will be equipped with this function to enhance the competitiveness of their products. At the same time, the industry generally believes that this technology is to pave the way for future AR / VR and other functions, and has a good application prospect.

4、 Intelligent interaction mode: voice interaction, gesture control, pressure sensing, translation function

At present, the interactive experience of TWS real wireless headset mainly includes physical keys, touch keys, pressure sensitive keys and the control mode of combination of touch and pressure.

The pressure sensing button combines many advantages of the former. It can realize the control mode similar to the physical button without damaging the appearance integrity of the headset. It has high sensitivity and accuracy, and avoids the problem of false touch. It may become the main operation mode of TWS real wireless headset in the future.

Intelligent voice assistant

Intelligent voice interaction is a way to control the TWS real wireless headset, but at present, the voice interaction of the TWS headset is mainly carried out through the voice assistant of the connected terminal device, so it needs the support of the connected device, and it can only be used after waking up by pressing the key.

However, I love the audio network. At present, there are products with built-in intelligent voice, such as 360 playbuses pro, which can search the mobile phone, check the translation, set the navigation, set the alarm clock, send wechat and other operations after waking up by wake-up words. Moreover, in the high frequency operation, the operation can be carried out without wake-up words, which liberates both hands and improves the user experience.

Gesture control

Gesture control is a new interactive way which has been successfully applied in smart phones and smart speaker with screen. It can operate the device through different gestures. On TWS real wireless headset, this kind of space isolation interaction needs to rely on the addition of gyroscope, accelerometer and other sensors, and then cooperate with relevant algorithms to achieve this function.

Gesture control is also a major development direction of real wireless headphones in the future. At present, audio manufacturers are conducting relevant research. In 2020, apple applied for a patent of “wearable interactive audio device”, which shows that apple is also actively studying how to add new sensors to realize the function of space isolation interaction, so as to provide more choices for future air pods users.

Translation function

Translation function is a new application of intelligent voice interaction. At present, the better products in the market are xpods and iFLYTEK Iflybuds, two products are through the corresponding app to realize the function of voice translation during the call, and the mobile phone interface will record the English and translation content in real time for reference. This function is mainly for specific scenarios, and may not be widely used in the future development of TWS headphones, but it is an important development direction of TWS headphones.

Combination of pressure sensing

To say the best interactive operation solution, the combination of multiple ways must be the best way to improve the user experience. It can not only further enrich the control options, but also give users free choice and enhance the personalized use demand.

For the function of pressure sensing, there are two well received TWS headphones, Apple’s airpods and Huawei’s freebuds pro. Among them, Huawei freebuses Pro real wireless noise reduction earphone is the most perfect product in the market with various interaction modes. It not only integrates two control modes of touch control and pressure sensing, but also supports bone voiceprint recognition.

Find Huawei freebuses in Bluetooth settings of mobile phone Mobile phone headset mobile phone can be used to identify the use of bone voiceprint, including the “small art” device to remove the headset. The WeChat payment can be transferred to the WeChat payment interface. The “Alipay payment” or “Alipay scan” will also jump to the corresponding interface. No matter whether the phone is on the screen or the screen, it does not need to wake up the earphone’s voice assistant to use it, so it is very Pro. quick.

5、 Application of human health detection: heart rate, hearing aid

With the rapid development of Bluetooth headsets and related technologies, the functions of TWS wireless headsets have been greatly expanded. Constantly enrich the application of products, improve the overall user experience. Among them, hearing aids, health detection and other functions have always been a key point for brand products and users. So at present, many manufacturers are doing active exploration in this area, combining headphones with health monitoring, auxiliary and other functions.

Auxiliary hearing aid

At present, in the Bluetooth headset market, hearing aid Bluetooth headset products are mainly used in neck mounted Bluetooth headset products, such as behear now hearing aid neck mounted Bluetooth headset abh-101b, 1More / million magic ehd9001b, etc.

I love audio. Com has learned that after updating the system, Apple’s iPhone has added a “hearing” function, which can directly make your mobile phone become a microphone with airpods as a receiver. It can effectively help people with hearing loss to learn the surrounding sound. And this function can also provide long-distance radio for normal people.

Health testing

Health monitoring function has always been an important development direction for intelligent wearable devices. Previously, it has been more mature in bracelets and watches. TWS headset also has the characteristics of close contact with human body and easy to wear, which can be a good application for health detection function.

The amazfit zenbugs sleep earplug of huami technology is such a product. The earplug can play the sleep rhythm to help users fall asleep. During sleep, it can monitor the heart rate, record the sleep status and stages, and users can view the sleep quality report in the app. The contents include the proportion of deep sleep, the proportion of light sleep, the times of waking up, the average sleep heart rate, the times of turning over and the common sleeping posture. In the future, more TWS headphones may be equipped with the health detection function to improve the user experience.

6、 Intelligent active noise reduction

The function of active noise reduction was initially applied to the headset products, because the headset has a good earmuff, which can achieve physical passive noise reduction. At the same time, the earmuff also has enough space, which can provide the possibility for the realization of excellent active noise reduction. The most representative manufacturers are Bose and Sony.

Active noise reduction

When Apple’s airpods Pro combines active noise reduction with TWS real wireless headphones, the market is booming rapidly, and active noise reduction also leaps into the mass market from the original niche function.

In 2020, all brands began to gradually launch earphone products that support active noise reduction function, layout the market, and enhance the competitiveness of their products. In the 2020 annual summary, I love audio network made a detailed summary and analysis report on the disassembly of 24 active noise reduction true wireless earphones.

By 2021, the competition of TWS noise reduction earphones will be even more fierce. Many new products at the beginning of the new year support the active noise reduction mode. Huawei also launched a relatively more people friendly Huawei freebuses 4I wireless noise reduction headset to compete in the low-end market. All these show that the active noise reduction function is still the trend in the next few years.

Although the current active noise reduction earphones need in ear shape to achieve better noise reduction effect, and the noise reduction function brings ear pressure and discomfort to some sensitive people, so the wearing comfort is not as good as the semi in ear earphones with open ear canal. In the future, with the progress of intelligent adaptive noise reduction technology and the emergence of open noise reduction earphones, the comfort of noise reduction earphones will be improved To continuously improve, so as to meet the noise reduction needs of different groups of people.

AI intelligent call noise reduction

According to the consumer research of I love audio network, the function of making a phone call is the most widely used function after most consumers buy TWS headphones. In our daily life, the scene of our phone calls is very rich and complex. Subway, bus, roadside, restaurant, office, study room and other scenes will bring great challenges to the call function of headphones.

Therefore, the function of call noise reduction has directly become the rigid demand of TWS earphones. At present, TWS earphones on the market mainly carry out call noise reduction in three ways: single microphone scheme, dual microphone array scheme, and assisted by acceleration sensor, Vpu and in ear microphone.

However, most of the traditional call noise reduction schemes use multi-channel array, which is difficult, high cost, and the noise reduction scene is very limited. Therefore, we have also seen AI intelligent call noise reduction solution suppliers in the market, and there are many well-known applications of TWS earphone products, which are from sound processing technology and elephant sound technology. In the future, the demand for the function of AI call noise reduction will be significantly improved, and more players are expected to enter.

7、 Main control chip

In TWS true wireless headset, the importance of master chip is self-evident. At present, there are dozens of manufacturers in the TWS master chip market. Bluetooth audio SOC with comprehensive functions and high integration provides a strong guarantee for TWS headset to realize many functions.

Unlike mobile phones and headphones, which have relatively large volume, TWS headphones have higher requirements for the size and integration of the main control chip due to the portability requirements. And with the addition of many new configurations such as noise reduction, functional sensors and so on, higher requirements are put forward for the space utilization in the cavity and the high integration of the chip.

Integrated ANC

In the TWS wireless headset supporting active noise reduction, in order to achieve better noise reduction effect, in addition to the reasons for the external headset shape mentioned above, the core factor is ANC noise reduction chip and noise reduction algorithm. However, most of the current TWS headphones still use special ANC noise reduction chip in addition to the Bluetooth main control SOC to achieve better noise reduction function.

With the development of TWS earphones, there are 233621 Zen, oppo enco x, oppo enco W51, TWS Nb2, urbanista Aiban London The Bluetooth audio SOC integrated with ANC noise reduction technology is used in the wireless noise reduction earphone products, such as qcc5124, hengxuan bes2500y, Zhongke Lanxun bt889x and so on. Previously, I love audio network summarized the top Bluetooth audio master chip integrated with ANC.

In reducing the motherboard space at the same time, it also brings good noise performance. Therefore, in the next few years, the main control chip market integrating ANC noise reduction function may continue to improve and occupy a major position.

Smaller size

The relationship between high integration and chip size is interactive. With the improvement of master chip integration, the chip size becomes larger. The future development direction of TWS true wireless headphones is bound to be more compact and lightweight, so as to improve the wearing comfort and full scene applications. This requires the addition of higher chip manufacturing technology to reduce the chip size, so as to make efficient use of the internal space of the headphones and reduce the size of the headphones. Therefore, the smaller size of the main control chip will also be the future development trend.

Higher computing power

With the increasing use of TWS headphones and the increasing use of scenarios, there is a demand for more functional applications. How to realize the functions mentioned in the TWS ten development trend forecast of I love audio network in this article: characteristic audio, intelligent interaction, hearing aid and auxiliary hearing health monitoring, active noise reduction and so on, all require Bluetooth chip manufacturers to continuously pursue higher computing power .

SIP package

Apple is the first to use the system in package (SIP) H1 chip in the airpods pro. The main control chip of Samsung Galaxy buses Pro released recently also uses this package.

SIP packaging can greatly reduce the area of the circuit board, but the process is also more complex, which has higher requirements for the layout, stacking, heat dissipation of the chip. However, with the growing demand for small intelligent devices represented by TWS earphones and the increasing demand for multi-functional integration and low-power master chip, SIP technology will provide an ideal solution.

8、 Sensors

Many functions of TWS wireless earphone need corresponding sensors to provide hardware support. At present, the main sensor units of TWS earphones include loudspeaker for playing music, MEMS microphone for active noise reduction and communication, optical sensor for in ear detection, bone voiceprint sensor for communication noise reduction, six axis sensor for 360 degree surround sound, etc.

MEMS microphone

In TWS earphones, the previous microphone is mainly used for voice call function. With the development of ANC and enc noise reduction technology in TWS earphones, in order to achieve better noise reduction effect, multi microphone collaborative scheme is widely used, and the performance demand for microphone is also increasing. MEMS silicon chip has become the mainstream because of its small size, SMT, strong stability and many other advantages.

In ear detection

In ear detection is an innovative function in the rapid development of TWS headphones, which is deeply loved by users. It relies on the optical sensor to realize the automatic pause of playing when picking up the headphones and the automatic resume of playing when wearing back the headphones. It can effectively improve the user experience and avoid the power consumption when not in use, so as to achieve the effect of power saving. At present, in the entry-level market of TWS earphones, many products have not been equipped with in ear detection function. In the future, in ear detection will become the standard function of TWS earphones.

Bone vibration sensor

The bone vibration sensor only collects the vibration information of vocal cords and converts it into audio signal, without ambient noise in the air; the two-way voice information received by earphone (one is picked up by microphone through air transmission, and the other is transmitted by bone vibration) is analyzed and attenuated by noise reduction algorithm, so as to achieve better voice communication effect. Compared with the traditional dual microphone scheme, the wind noise and environmental noise suppression is also better.

At present, apple, Samsung, rambler and other brands of real wireless have adopted the voice noise reduction scheme of bone vibration sensor + multi microphone; in addition, this kind of sensor can also be used for bone voiceprint recognition technology, such as freebuds3 and freebuds pro of Huawei, which support bone voiceprint unlocking and bone voiceprint payment, expand the function of TWS headset and improve the user experience.

Six axis sensor

Six axis sensor, integrated with acceleration and gyroscope, is mainly used for percussion function and head rotation tracking, providing richer interactive design supplement, head control, answering rejected calls, head delicate motion tracking, which is used to realize 360 degree sound effect function of earphone.


In the headset headset of TWS, the sound quality of earphone has been a lot of users make complaints about the limitation of Bluetooth transmission. With the development of Bluetooth technologies such as Bluetooth 5.2 and Le audio mentioned above, the limitation of Bluetooth audio transmission is rapidly reducing.

On the other hand, it is the loudspeaker unit that affects the sound quality. As a headphone product, speaker is the most basic configuration. At present, the main application of TWS headphones is the moving coil unit, which has good low-frequency performance, but due to the size limitation, it can not take into account the excellent medium and high-frequency effect.

Moving iron unit has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and high sensitivity, which has been widely used in hearing aids. However, with the rapid development of TWS earphones, the dynamic iron unit has also been applied to some high-end products to improve the sound quality. And some products also use a double acting iron unit to further improve the sound quality.

Compared with the moving coil unit, the moving iron unit is superior in the performance of medium and high frequency, which can provide higher analytical power and detail performance, but it can not achieve the shaking power of the moving coil unit in the low frequency. Therefore, the coil iron unit appears. Through the combination of moving coil and moving iron, different audio can be processed to achieve better results. The disadvantage is that the size of the ring iron unit is relatively larger, which has higher requirements for the structural design of the product.

In the future TWS earphones, the combination of moving coil, moving iron, ring iron and double moving coil will exist. It will continue to maintain diversified development and leave the demand for sound quality to consumers. In order to adapt to the volume of real wireless earphones, the miniaturization of unit is also a trend.

9、 TWS headset power management chip

The power management chip also plays an important role in the TWS headset, which guarantees the battery life of the headset. The power management chip is mainly used for earphone charging and discharging, as well as real-time battery overcharge, over discharge, over-current, over temperature, short circuit protection during charging and discharging.

At present, the suppliers of new power management products are very mature, and they can meet the needs of all kinds of TWS earphone products in the market. I love audio network often sees in dismantling, such as Yutai, Siyuan semiconductor, micro source semiconductor, shengshengwei, etc.

Although the power of charge and discharge of power management chip is relatively small compared with traditional equipment, for TWS headset, which has high requirements for portability, it has relatively high requirements for safety, low power consumption, high voltage withstand, high integration and high efficiency.

With the rapid development of TWS earphones, power management chip also has a high degree of integration of SOC single chip, integrated MCU function, charging management two in one, three in one and even six in one power solutions for TWS earphones. By 2021, this trend may be further amplified, and various manufacturers will launch more excellent power management chip products.

10、 TWS earphone, charging chamber battery life

The development of TWS real wireless headphones is inseparable from the progress of battery technology. Before Apple’s airpods release, the main reason why Bluetooth headphones were not widely used was the problem of battery life. Apple’s air pods has changed lanes to overtake in terms of driving range, and the solution of combining headphones with charging bin has rapidly led the development of the industry.

With the development of TWS earphones, in order to adapt to the different forms produced in the development process, the earphone batteries of TWS are mainly divided into three types, namely, polymer soft pack battery, button battery and needle battery. I love audio has collected 145 TWS charging box batteries of 33 brands, 210 TWS headset batteries of 30 brands and 103 TWS headset button batteries of 17 brands.

Among them, polymer soft pack battery technology is relatively more mature and its price is relatively low. Due to the need to adapt to different shapes of earphone, it has formed square, strip, button and other shapes. Button battery benefits from its small size, which can make efficient use of the internal space of earphone and facilitate the welding of positive and negative electrodes. It is gradually popular in the earphone battery of TWS. Needle type is mainly used in handle Bluetooth earphone , occupying a small market.

Fast charging and wireless charging

For the limitation of battery technology development, in addition to the solution of charging chamber, another one is the development of fast charging technology. Through fast charging, it can quickly replenish the power, reduce the impact of short single endurance, and effectively improve the use experience of TWS headset products.

The application of wireless charging technology in TWS earphone is to improve the charging convenience of the earphone. When the earphone is not used, the charging box is placed on the charging board, charging and discharging at the same time to supplement energy in real time. According to incomplete statistics of I love audio network, there are more than 10 TWS wireless headphones supporting wireless charging on the market.

Mobile phone products have gradually adopted the wireless charging function, so in order to match with the surrounding audio accessories and charging accessories perfectly, the convenient function of charging TWS real wireless headphones by mobile phone is also introduced.

I love the summary of audio network

TWS headset market after more than four years of time still maintains a rapid and stable development, the current market is still showing a flourishing situation. But from the product form, brand share, industry chain suppliers and other aspects, have begun to tend to stability. Mobile phone brands gradually occupy the dominant position, the main control chip, battery and other important accessories head enterprises occupy a large number of markets, and the headset function is gradually improved.

From the current development of the TWS headset market to explore the development trend in the next few years, the popularity of active noise reduction function will make the mainstream TWS headphones present handle like in ear design in form; the new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard Le audio launched in 2020 will usher in rapid popularization and application in 2021.

In terms of functions, in intelligent interaction, the built-in intelligent voice assistant may usher in a breakthrough. The ultra-low power standby voice wake-up function liberates both hands, and does not need to realize various operations through the mobile phone. Intelligent voice translation will be applied to more products. Gesture control provides a new control experience, but the technology is difficult, and it will take a while to apply. Before that, the pressure and sense of freedom will increase Should be a combination of solutions or the best solution.

As for other functions, featured audio function, human health detection, hearing aid, bone conduction application and other aspects are the new functional directions of TWS headphones that may have great development in recent years, so as to further enrich the product functions and improve the use experience. The speaker unit may gradually turn to the dynamic iron unit, and the coil iron unit which can bring better sound quality, so as to improve the music experience.

In terms of configuration, with the increasing functionality of TWS headphones, more firmware support is needed, and higher requirements will be put forward for the internal space of the headphones. And with the continuous development of chip technology and the application of higher technology, the main control chip and power management chip will continue to improve in integration and performance, so as to meet the demand of the rapid development of TWS headphones. In terms of battery life, button battery will be widely used in the headphone battery of TWS with its smaller volume, and fast charging and lower power consumption will also be the key to improve the endurance experience of headphones The best solution.

Guosheng Securities: TWS (real wireless stereo) earphone Industry Research Report in 2019 (with download) counterpoint: Apple’s market share of airpods will drop to 35% in Q2 in 2020. It is estimated that the shipment of Shanzhai airpods will reach 600 million units in 2020. IDC: the shipment of China’s wearable device Market will reach 14.5 million units in Q3 in 2018 12.5% year on year growth IDC: in Q2 of 2016, China’s wearable device shipment was 9.54 million, with a year-on-year growth of 81.4% srida media: a list of global wearable device market data in 2015, the latest direction of smart Watch: female consumers become the main audience Gartner: health bracelet will give way to smart watch in 2015 Tencent isux: 2015 Counterpoint: Q2 global true wireless headset market tracking report in 2020 Apple’s market share drops to 35% counterpoint: Q2 mobile phone AP market report in 2020 Huawei Hisilicon’s shipping share rises to 16% IDC: China’s wireless headset market shipping volume reaches 42.56 million units in the first half of 2020 Year on year growth of 24% IDC: in Q2 of 2020, China’s wearable device Market shipment will reach 26.58 million units, with a year-on-year growth of 4.1%. It is expected that the shipment of airpods Pro will be the same as that of airpods 2 by the end of 2020. IDC: in Q2, apple’s wearable device shipment will reach 29.4 million units, with a year-on-year growth of 25.3%

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