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The prolonged expansion of COVID-19, especially the large number of casualties caused by the second wave of 2021, has brought about a sharp change in India’s digitalization. According to a survey of consumers by market lens of counter point research, more than half of the country’s smartphone consumers chose to buy online this year, compared with only about one-third last year. At the same time, counter point has also obtained similar data from its analysis of smartphone shipments so far this year. In addition, according to the data of market lens, the entry-level flagship and high-end segments became more active in 2021. 15% of the respondents came from the price range of 30000 Indian rupees (about 2524 yuan) and above, compared with only 7% in 2020.

Covid-19 not only makes smart phones an indispensable part of life, but also pushes many offline consumers to online platforms due to activity restrictions. In addition, the reverse migration of knowledge workers from big cities to small towns has also played a key role in the popularization of online channels. In addition to new consumers, there is also strong stickiness among consumers who have used online channels.

The transition to a digital platform requires people to go out of a comfort zone. However, this anxiety has been relegated to secondary consideration. With the impact of COVID-19 on the offline market, online shopping is obviously a safer (and sometimes the only) alternative. Of course, in addition to the causes of the epidemic, there are more reasons to choose online rather than offline. Respondents said that unique discounts, multiple choices and prices are the main reasons why they prefer to buy smartphones online. We call this shift online digitization because, in addition to their online channel preferences, people also rely on YouTube anchors and online opinion leaders to obtain smartphone purchase information. The survey results show that there is a significant change in the views of opinion leaders who rely heavily on word-of-mouth and smart phones recommended by friends / family in 2020 to youtube video and technology in 2021. This change is catalyzed by social distance and work at home scenarios triggered by covod-19.

Market lens consumer research in 2020 and 2021

Source: counterpoint research

COVID-19’s impact on the budget of consumer mobile phone purchases is fast.

In 2020, many respondents who buy 20000 Indian rupees (about 1682 yuan) or above plan to reduce the budget of their next smartphone.

In 2021, entry-level flagship and high-end market segments will become more prominent.

According to the survey results, from 2020 to 2021, the share of smartphone users below INR 30000 (about RMB 2524) has decreased.

Because they work from home, respondents have more savings than usual. In addition, with more online virtual connections, smart phones have become an essential part of life. Therefore, the market has changed, and a large number of smartphone users will consider a higher price when buying the next smartphone. In the festival season in India in 2021, the consumer demand in the medium and high-end market is very high. In fact, from 2020 to 2021, the desire for high-end smartphone brands has been growing.

Although more and more respondents are considering entry-level flagship and high-end market segments, there are limited participants in the smartphone market competition. This makes the current OEM with small market share more prominent.

From: counter point

More reading: Counterpoint: India’s smartphone market shipped 150 million aifaner in 2020: Research on India’s smartphone market in 2017. The annual sales of India’s largest local mobile phone brand fell by 6% in 2016. Squeezed by Chinese manufacturers, the delivery volume and growth rate of India’s top 5 smartphone manufacturers in the second quarter of 2020 (attached with the original data table) Shipments of major smartphone manufacturers in India from Q1, 2019 to Q2, 2020 (original data sheet attached) Canalys: in the fourth quarter of 2019, the total shipment volume of Indian smartphone market was 39 million units. Canalys: in 2021, the shipment volume of Indian smartphone reached 37.1 million units in Q1. Canalys: in May 2017, the market share of Indian smartphone was ranked 10th by apple. Counterpoint: four of the top five Indian smartphones in Q4 in 2016 were Chinese brands. In Q2, the market share of major Indian smartphone manufacturers in 2021 (original data sheet attached) counterpoint: in 2021, the share of Xiaomi in Q2 Indian smartphone market will be upgraded to 20.5%. In 2020, the shipment volume and growth rate of major Indian smartphone manufacturers in Q2 (original data sheet attached) Counterpoint: in 2021, the proportion of Indian users purchasing smartphones through the Internet exceeded 50%. NK Goyal: it is estimated that the sales of smartphones in India will exceed that in China by 80 million in 2015. Bi Intelligence: it is estimated that the global shipment of smartphones will reach 2.1 billion in 2021

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