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The following is the Huawei is expected to fall to the seventh place in the global smartphone rankings in 2021 From TrendForce recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: TrendForce, Intelligent mobile phone.

According to the news on January 4, the global smartphone market in 2020 will be impacted by the epidemic. The total annual production is only 1.25 billion units, with an annual decrease of 11%, which is the largest decline in the past years. The top six brands in the world are Samsung, apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo and vivo. According to the latest forecast report released by the semiconductor research office of trendforce, the ranking of the world’s top seven smart phones will be reshuffled in 2021, and the biggest difference will be the change of Huawei’s market share.

In terms of ranking, Samsung, apple and Xiaomi ranked in the top three, oppo ranked fourth and vivo ranked fifth. Transition ranked sixth, while Huawei fell to seventh.

Based on the current situation, trendforce estimates that the top six seats in 2021 will be Samsung, apple, millet, oppo, vivo and transition, which will cover nearly 80% of the world’s market share. However, due to the uncertainty of the epidemic situation and the international situation, and the shortage of wafer foundry capacity, there are still variables in the future direction of the industry.

Huawei’s annual production performance fell to the seventh place due to the ban and the new glory split.

Trendforce further pointed out that from the beginning of 2021, glory will be officially separated from Huawei. If Huawei’s ban is lifted, it will compete with new glory, and Huawei will not be able to return to its former market share.

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