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On February 2, the white paper of recycle treasure mobile phone value index 2020 was officially released, and the list of mobile phone value preservation in 2020 was freshly released. Huawei’s mate 40 RS and Porsche Design were selected as the most valuable mobile phones of the year, while iPhone 12 pro and Huawei’s mate 40 Pro ranked second and third respectively.

According to the list, Huawei’s mate 40 RS Porsche Design hedge index is as high as 92.63, ranking first. IPhone 12 Pro ranked second with a hedge index of 91.56, while Huawei mate 40 Pro ranked third with a hedge index of 88.37.

In addition, Hongmi K30 supreme commemorative edition, Huawei mate XS, iPhone 12, Huawei 40 pro, Xiaomi 10, Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition and Hongmi k30i 5g ranked among the top ten.

Data research shows that the depreciation rate of Android flagship is significantly higher than that of iPhone, which is about twice that of apple.

The average Android flagship hedge index was 50.8 six months after the launch, lower than the average iPhone hedge index of 54.38 12 months after the launch.

The average hedge index of Android flagship was 28.15 at 18 months of sale, which was the same as the average hedge index of iPhone at 36 months of sale, which was 28.41.

Recycle treasure mobile phone Value Research Institute believes that “value index” is a popular way for domestic mobile phones to enter the high-end market. Recycle treasure suggests that it is more cost-effective to give priority to the purchase of high value preserved mobile phones.

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