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The following is the Huawei takes the lead in 2020 mobile phone recommendation ranking From Chnbrand recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Intelligent mobile phone.

Recently, brand rating authority chnbrand released the mobile phone recommendation ranking, and Huawei ranked first with a c-nps score of 27.8. Apple ranked second with a c-nps score of 16.5, two places higher than last year’s ranking; Xiaomi ranked top three with a c-nps score of 12.8, two places higher than last year’s ranking.

Vivo and oppo ranked fourth and fifth respectively, Samsung ranked sixth, and glory ranked seventh.

In the list of mobile phone brands, Sony ranked at the end, with a score of – 45.2.

China Net Promoter Score (c-nps) is the first customer recommendation evaluation system in China.

C-nps reflects the degree to which consumers with consumption experience are willing to recommend enterprise products or services to others. It is the proportion of active recommenders among existing customers of enterprise products or services minus the proportion of derogators, so as to get the net recommendation value.

It is understood that the score of c-nps is between – 100 and 100. C-nps asks consumers about their “intention to recommend to others” and sets 11 subscales (0-11 points). It defines 9-10 points as promoters, 7-8 points as negatives, and 0-6 points as detractors. The higher the score, the more popular it is .

China’s brand power index announced that Apple surpassed Samsung to become the first in mobile industry & MIIT Net applications: in August 2014, windows phone network traffic accounted for 2.69% more than Symbian net applications: in June 2014, the global IOS traffic share dropped to 45.61% net applications: Android mobile network market share surpassed IOS for the first time Share of 45% SunYu optics: revenue increased by 53% year on year in 2017, demand for dual camera and car lens has broad prospects. Net applications: Windows phone market share exceeded 4% in April 2016. Net applications: IOS user activity was 700% higher than Android user in July 2014. Wmpu: Windows Phone market share exceeded 3% in November 2015. Net applications: Windows phone market share exceeded 3% in January 2016 Global market share of phone is close to 3% net applications: WP market share dropped to 2.30% in August 2016

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