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In 2020, the second phase of 5g terminal consumption trend report, the replacement cycle of Chinese mobile phone users has reached 25.3 months From China mobile terminal Laboratory

The following is the In 2020, the second phase of 5g terminal consumption trend report, the replacement cycle of Chinese mobile phone users has reached 25.3 months From China mobile terminal Laboratory recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Intelligent mobile phone.

How often do you change your cell phone? Recently, China mobile terminal laboratory released the second issue of 5g terminal consumption trend report in 2020, which gives some interesting data. The report shows that the replacement cycle of mobile phone users in China is further extended, reaching 25.3 months on average, 0.7 months longer than the last report in October last year, and a full month longer than the first report in 2019.

In terms of brand, Apple iPhone users are the most calm, with an average of 27.1 months to change, while Xiaomi users are the most frequent, with an average of 22.8 months. In addition, glory is 26.4 months, oppo is 26.3 months, Huawei is 25.6 months, and vivo is 26.4 months   25.5 months, Samsung 24.5 months.

According to the report, the hardware configuration and software experience of mobile phones have been continuously improved, and the comprehensive performance of mobile phones is significantly better than before, which is the main reason for consumers to extend the replacement cycle.

In terms of price, there is also an interesting phenomenon. The low-end and high-end replacement cycle is too long, which is basically more than 26 months, while the middle end and flagship are much shorter, especially the top flagship with more than 10000 yuan, which is only 21.0 months at the shortest.

The reason is not difficult to explain: the low price users below 3000 yuan pay more attention to the price, so the replacement cycle is bound to be relatively longer; Customers with high price above 8000 yuan have sufficient budget, like to taste fresh food, and the replacement cycle is obviously short.

From the last mobile phone to this one, in terms of brand change, that is, the so-called “replacement loyalty rate”, iPhone users are really loyal, with 76.3% still using the iPhone.

Oppo’s 55.6% and vivo’s 48.9% are not low, which may exceed many people’s expectations. Xiaomi’s 40.6% is in line, while Huawei’s 35.7% and glory’s 21.7% are in the bottom two.

As for the next mobile phone in the future, that is, the repurchase rate in the future, Huawei is the most attractive with 74.6%, of which 45% comes from Huawei brand users, 20% from Samsung and 18% from glory.

The proportion of iPhone users is only 72.7%. Most of them are old iPhone users.

In addition, Xiaomi 52.5%, oppo 48.1%, and glory only 23.9%.

So why do people change their cell phones?

Mobile phone damage, cell phone stuck slow are the big head, accounting for 25.6%, 25.1% respectively, another 15.5% are like to try fresh, regular replacement of fever enthusiasts.

In addition, the lack of storage space, battery life or durability of mobile phones are also important factors.

China mobile terminal laboratory: a survey of terminal quality report in 2017 shows that 1 / 4 people suffer from “low power anxiety disorder”. SunYu optics: the revenue in 2017 increased by 53% year on year, Dual camera and car lens have a bright future. Canalys: in Q1 2021, India’s smartphone shipment will reach 37.1 million units. IDC: in Q1 2021, the global smartphone shipment will reach 346 million units, with a year-on-year growth of 25.5%. China the survey shows that more than 60% of primary and secondary school students have exclusive mobile electronic products. Omdia: it is estimated that Apple’s OLED panel procurement will reach 169 million units in 2021, becoming the world’s largest buyer China Academy of information technology: in March 2021, China’s 5g mobile phone shipment increased to 27.498 million units, accounting for 76.2% app Annie: global consumers spend more than 4 hours on mobile phones on average All Android phones counterpoint: in 2020, vivo and apple in Q4 Asian smartphone market are tied for the first place omdia: in 2020, the global iPhone 11 shipment will reach 64.8 million trendforce: in 2020, the global iPhone shipment of Q4 Apple will reach 77.6 million, becoming the best-selling mobile phone company

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