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In 2021, 71% of all smartphones sold worldwide will have device AI From Strategy Analytics

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According to the Research Report “smart phones: Global AI technology forecast to 2025” recently released by strategy analytics, smart phone manufacturers are rapidly adopting on-device AI. AI can be used for various functions inside smart phones, such as smart power optimization, imaging, virtual assistant, and improving device performance. The report highlights the fact that AI has become the most important technology in modern smart phones. For smart phones and chipset suppliers, it is imperative to promote the increase of computing power of AI on the device side so as to realize edge AI computing.

“We predict that by 2021, 71% of all smartphones sold worldwide will have device side AI,” said Ville petteri ukonaho, deputy director of strategy analytics. The advantages of AI computing on the device side include lower latency, better data privacy and lower overall power consumption. “

Artificial intelligence (AI) smart phone is a kind of smart phone that uses AI kernel / processor for machine learning and deep learning tasks. AI smart phones run AI tasks locally on the device side with the help of special AI kernel and AI coprocessor, and almost no data is transmitted to the cloud. Examples of AI smartphones include Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max and Samsung’s Galaxy S21 ultra 5g.

“AI has become a key technology in high-end smartphones,” said Ken Hyers, director of strategy analytics. Smart phones equipped with device AI can significantly improve the performance of mobile phones, such as helping users take better photos, extending battery life through effective power management, improving the response speed of digital assistant and driving augmented reality functions. This makes smartphones a more useful tool for users. “

Ville petteri ukonaho continued: “contemporary smartphones enable consumers to experience personal AI driven supercomputers. With the help of AI on the device side, virtual assistants such as Siri and Google assistant become more intelligent and can recognize the surrounding environment. ” The strategy analytics report estimates that by 2021, more than 80% of the world’s smartphones will be equipped with virtual assistants, and by 2025, this share will grow to 97%; Google assistant will become the number one virtual assistant with more than 60% of the market share, followed by Apple’s Siri.

Device side AI is driven by physical silicon kernel, such as Apple’s neural engine or distributed software framework, such as Qualcomm’s neural processing engine (NPE). They use algorithms to distribute AI computing to multiple processors (CPU, GPU and DSP). “The physical AI kernel has greater ability to handle complex AI computing, so all major chip vendors (such as MediaTek, Samsung and Hisilicon) have introduced the technology,” said Ville petteri ukonaho

Ken Hyers continued: “camera AI has become one of the main selling points of imaging focused smartphones. Artificial intelligence functions such as object recognition or motion detection are becoming more and more important in high-end smart phones. ” Strategy analytics concluded in the report that more than 30% of smartphones already have AI enhanced camera capabilities.

The report also points out that technologies such as 5g will benefit from new features improved by AI, and vice versa. With 5g and AI, smart phones can share data and communicate with each other, and become an indispensable part of the large-scale device ecosystem. More reading: strategy Analytics: Q2 global tablet market share in 2019 strategy Analytics: Q3 Samsung’s smartphone market share in South Korea will reach 72.3% in 2020, a record high Analysis: the world’s best-selling mobile phone in the second half of 2020 is expected to be iPhone 12strategy analysis: in Q2 of 2018, the global shipment of smart phones will be 350 million, down 3% year on year Strategy Analytics: in the first half of 2020, the star Galaxy S20 + 5g is the world’s best-selling 5g model (by revenue). Strategy Analytics: it is estimated that the global smartphone online sales will reach 28% in 2020. Strategy Analytics: it is estimated that the global smartphone online sales will account for 28% of the total sales in 2020 Analysis: the average usage time of smartphone app increases nearly 20 minutes per day year on year

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