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In Q1 of 2021, China’s smartphone shipment increased by 36% year on year From Counterpoint

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According to the latest data from counterpoint, China’s smartphone shipments achieved a positive growth in the first quarter of 2021, up 36% compared with the first quarter affected by cowid last year, reaching 90.7 million units.

This quarter marks the loss of Huawei’s leadership (excluding glory), with vivo and oppo becoming clear leaders, accounting for nearly half of total smartphone shipments in the same period.

Commenting on the market recovery, Yang Wang, a senior analyst, said: “it should be noted that last year was abnormal. 5g is the main driver of growth, especially during the Lunar New Year shopping season. Suppliers with the right product mix do well. In this regard, vivo and oppo have managed to expand both in volume and sales. “

In the first quarter, several suppliers launched new flagship models. With the support of the new generation 5g chipset, smart phones have better imaging, display, connectivity and charging standards. Wang added: “vivo’s strategic partnership with Carl Zeiss and the launch of its flagship X60 Series in December have helped to enhance its brand image ahead of the important first quarter. Oppo also started very fast, which is mainly due to the successful repositioning of its Reno series. In general, 5g devices with higher specifications at lower prices have been well received by consumers. “

In the first quarter, vivo and oppo are expected to rank first in the Chinese market. Wang observed: “at present, nearly three-quarters of the product portfolio is made up of 5g devices, which focus on powerful camera functions and achieve a good balance between specifications and costs. Therefore, vivo has made full use of Huawei’s disadvantages and expanded its share in the domestic high-end market.”

Looking to the future, in the second quarter and the second half of the year, due to the continuous shortage of key components such as screens and power management chips, it is expected that supply may become a problem. Brands that can best manage their supply chain can take advantage of this growth opportunity. From the inventory level of the past two quarters, vivo and oppo still have advantages.

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