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It is estimated that the shipment of mobile phone lens will exceed 5 billion in 2021 From TrendForce

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According to trendforce consulting research, in recent years, the shooting function of smart phones has become one of the key points for consumers to buy mobile phones. Therefore, many brand factories have launched multi lens products in succession, in order to enhance consumers’ purchase intention, and strive for more market share in the saturated market, so as to further boost the shipment of mobile phone lenses. Despite the impact of the epidemic on the smartphone market in 2020, the number of lenses carried by the brand manufacturers continues to increase under the hardware specification war, and the annual growth rate of the overall shipment last year is still 3%. The growth rate of mobile phone shipment is expected to reach 1.1 billion in 2027.

Brand manufacturers not only increase the number of mobile phone lenses, but also continue to improve their lens specifications. First of all, from the perspective of main lens pixels, some Android models will be equipped with 64 million pixels, and its penetration rate will exceed 20% in 2021, which is the fastest growing pixel specification in the main lens; while IOS will maintain the 12MP main lens, mainly focusing on the overall imaging quality. Secondly, from the perspective of CMOS image sensors, brand factories such as apple, Huawei and Xiaomi are also expected to increase cis to 1 inch, so as to improve the shooting effect in dark light or night scene environment.

Third, from the perspective of ultra wide angle lens, it is expected that Apple iPhone 13 pro and pro Max will be equipped with VCM (voice coil motor) this year to strengthen the auto focusing function; Huawei and oppo will also use freeform lens to solve the edge distortion problem of ultra wide angle lens.

Finally, from the perspective of periscope lens, due to the substantial adoption of Android camp in 2020, its annual growth rate of shipment is as high as 429%. Compared with Apple’s optical zoom, which is only 2.5 times, periscope’s optical zoom rate can reach at least five times, which means better clarity when shooting remote position. However, Huawei and glory, which are most actively adopted, will also be affected by the decrease of mobile phone shipments in 2021. Trendforce Jibang consulting believes that the product is not expected to see substantial growth again until the continuous zoom periscope lens is successfully mass produced and the mobile phone manufacturers decide to import it.

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